Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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Congratulations to the 2014 U12 Capital Area Softball All Stars - District 2 Champions

Congratulations to the Thomson Lawn Care 2014 12U Baseball All Stars - Londonderry Invitational Champions

Concord Northeast Baseball and Softball is a member of the Cal Ripken Baseball organization.  CNE offers 4 divisions of baseball for any boy or girl ages 4-12.

ANY baseball player up to age 12 that resides in the city of Concord is able to play Cal Ripken Baseball for Concord Northeast regardless of where you played previously.  You will get the opportunity to play against several surrounding towns as part of your regular season.  The softball program still serves girls who live in Concord east of the Merrimack River.

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  May 25
Softball Majors 2015
MV Penacook Pharmacy @ Chichester Moses 5:45pm Carpenter
CNE Outfitters @ Bow Rowley 5:45pm Gordon
Hopkinton Weare Ortho @ CN Cimos 5:45pm Martin
CN Sanel @ MV Stone Hill 5:45pm Rolfe
CA MCSB @ Suncook South Main St 5:45pm Volunteer
Tuesday,  May 26
Baseball AAA 2015
Chen Yang Li Orioles @ Fratello's 5:45pm Sargent
Baseball Majors 2015
Concord Orhopaedics Pirates @ Pizza Man Nationals 5:45pm Briggs
BANKS CHEVROLET @ Constantly Pizza Mets 5:45pm Gergler
Softball AAA 2015
Hopkinton Winnepocket @ Hopkinton Banks Chevrolet 5:45pm Blood
MV Elektrisola @ Chichester RBC Wealth 5:45pm Carpenter
CNE Dick's Sporting Goods @ MV Franklin Savings Bank 5:45pm Rolfe
CN Claudia's Hair Salon @ CNE Outdoor Sports Center 5:45pm Towle
Bow Joe Kings @ Suncook Herbert Fuel 5:45pm Volunteer
Wednesday,  May 27
Baseball AAA 2015
Chen Yang Li Orioles @ Metzger-McGuire Sharks 5:45am Houston
Bow Auto Parts Royals @ Flag Works 5:45pm Al Field Jr Field
Audley Construction A's @ Bow Plumbing and Heating Phillies 5:45pm Briggs
Fratello's @ Allied Insurance Rockies 5:45pm Sargent
Baseball Majors 2015
Pizza Man Nationals @ Constantly Pizza Mets 5:45pm Gergler
Softball AA 2015
Suncook Advanced Excavation @ CNE Concord Ortho 5:45pm Towle
Softball Majors 2015
CN Sanel @ Hopkinton Weare Ortho 5:45pm Blood
MV Penacook Pharmacy @ CA MCSB 5:45pm Dillon
Chichester Moses @ Bow Rowley 5:45pm Gordon
Suncook South Main St @ CN Cimos 5:45pm Martin
CNE Outfitters @ MV Stone Hill 5:45pm Rolfe
Thursday,  May 28
Baseball Majors 2015
HR CLOUGH WHALES @ Pizza Man Nationals 5:45pm Gergler
Softball AA 2015
Bow Burton Outdoor Living @ Chichester Earth 5:45pm Carpenter
CNE CERT @ Hopkinton Cowan and Zellers 5:45pm Clarke Field
CNE Concord Ortho @ CA Joe King's 5:45pm Dillon
MV Infinite Health Chiropractic @ CN Vermette 5:45pm Martin
MV Fisherville Pharmacy @ MV Village Garage 5:45pm Rolfe
Suncook Petit's @ CNE Quality Cash 5:45pm Towle
CN Arnies @ Suncook Crossroads Chiropractic 5:45pm Volunteer
Softball AAA 2015
MV Franklin Savings Bank @ Hopkinton Winnepocket 5:45pm Blood
Hopkinton Banks Chevrolet @ Bow Joe Kings 5:45pm Gordon
Friday,  May 29
Baseball AA 2015
Constantly Pizza @ Everyday Cafe Hawks 5:45pm Houston
Baseball AAA 2015
Audley Construction A's @ J. Miller Law 5:45pm Al Field Jr Field
Baseball Majors 2015
Softball Majors 2015
Hopkinton Weare Ortho @ Bow Rowley 5:45pm Gordon
Softball Seniors 2015
CA Phoenix @ CN Beckett 5:45pm Martin
Chichester Rams @ MV Crossroads 5:45pm Rolfe
CNE Redlon @ Suncook Speedy 5:45pm Volunteer
Saturday,  May 30
TBall 2015
Lucky's Barbershop @ Splendore Family Chiropractic 8:00am Al Field Jr Field
Shaker Road School @ HR Partners 8:00am Briggs
Capital Physical Therapy @ Arnie's 8:00am Towle
Baseball A 2015
East Side Learning Center @ Hopkinton 9:15am Al Field Jr Field
McIntire Business Products @ Goddards's Automotive Repair 9:15am Briggs
Baseball AA 2015
J. Miller Law @ Everyday Cafe Hawks 10:30am Maple Street School
Baseball AAA 2015
Audley Construction A's @ Allied Insurance Rockies 9:00am Gergler
Bow Auto Parts Royals @ Bow Plumbing and Heating Phillies 11:30am Gergler
Metzger-McGuire Sharks @ Fratello's 1:00pm Al Field Jr Field
Baseball Majors 2015
Constantly Pizza Mets @ Pizza Man Nationals 3:30pm Gergler
Softball AA 2015
CNE Concord Ortho @ Chichester Earth 9:15am Carpenter
CNE CERT @ Bow Burton Outdoor Living 9:15am Gordon
Suncook Petit's @ CN Arnies 9:15am Martin
CN Vermette @ MV Fisherville Pharmacy 9:15am Rolfe
Suncook Crossroads Chiropractic @ CNE Quality Cash 9:15am Towle
MV Village Garage @ Suncook Advanced Excavation 9:15am Volunteer
Softball AAA 2015
Suncook Herbert Fuel @ Chichester RBC Wealth 11:30am Carpenter
MV Elektrisola @ CN Claudia's Hair Salon 11:30am Martin
CA Concord Family Vision @ CNE Outdoor Sports Center 11:30am Towle
Softball Majors 2015
Suncook South Main St @ Chichester Moses 2:00pm Carpenter
MV Penacook Pharmacy @ CN Sanel 2:00pm Martin
CN Cimos @ MV Stone Hill 2:00pm Rolfe
CA MCSB @ CNE Outfitters 2:00pm Towle
Sunday,  May 31
Softball Seniors 2015
Chichester Rams @ CNE Redlon 2:00pm Carpenter
MV Crossroads @ CA Phoenix 2:00pm Dillon
CN Beckett @ Suncook Speedy 2:00pm Volunteer
Baseball Misc 2015
Cannons @ Cannons 9:00am Al Field Jr Field
Cannons @ Cannons 9:00am Briggs
Cannons @ Cannons 11:00am Al Field Jr Field
Cannons @ Cannons 11:00am Briggs
Cannons @ Cannons 1:30pm Al Field Jr Field
Cannons @ Cannons 1:30pm Briggs
Cannons @ Cannons 3:00pm Al Field Jr Field
Cannons @ Cannons 3:00pm Briggs
Softball Misc 2015
U10 All Stars @ U10 All Stars 9:00am Towle
Comets @ Comets 1:00pm - 7:00pm Towle

For a complete schedule listing, click here!