Last Updated: August 1, 2014
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BCBS presents Finest vs Bravest with $700
Finest vs Bravest Veterans Escort Announced

Finest vs Bravest doesn't happen without the support of many volunteers, supporters and sponsors. Above Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) representatives proudly presents organizers Jason Dunavan and Danielle Lewallen with a $700 donation for this years event. Finest vs Bravest 2014 will be Saturday August 23rd at the historic Danville Stadium. 

Fans are welcome to greet the players as they arrive via motorcade escort at 3pm. Opening ceremonies kick off at 5pm and closing ceremonies following the three game series feature a grand firework display. 

11th Annual Finest vs Bravest Charity Softball Event


This Year’s Event Recipient Is The Middle East Conflicts Memorial Fund.  

Located near other military memorials located at Hazel and Williams, the Middle East Conflicts Memorial will honor all Vermilion County veterans who served during Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Afghanistan conflict.  Unlike many memorials erected to remember the fallen, the Middle East Conflicts Memorial is an opportunity to remember those who served within the five branches of the United States Military. The Middle East Conflicts Memorial will commemorate soldiers’ services to their country and serve as a place for soldiers/veterans to share experiences with friends and family. This commemoration will be a source of pride for our community and demonstrate the commitment and support to the soldiers who have served.  

2014 Warrior 5K Results

2014 Warrior 5K Overall Winners!

Wyatt Cline & Danica Wrobel