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  • Practice Hard, Play Harder
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Danville Warriors Win Westside Classic Tourney!

Coach Armstrong's Philosophy "NEXT PITCH"

1. The CODE of excellence:

  • Christ honoring-live Him 24/7 (They will do what you do, not what you say)
  • Organized-take the time to give your kids the opportunity for success
  • Discipline-hold 'em to a high standard
  • Enthusiastic-be positive 85% of the time

2. Work Ethic - Lead by your example (show up on time and work hard!)

3. Flexible - Be a learner; not stuck in your ways, quick to listen...

4. It's all about the kids, not us…our playing days are over

5. Program first, individuals second - Players move on, tradition continues

6. Loyalty to one another, must have one another's back, no gossip or back-biting

7.  Fundamentals - basic before cute



Warrior Dozen

1. Humility…understand what you've been given, and maximize those gifts

2. Family…Band of Brothers (Curahee)

3. Team 1st, Me 2nd…What can I do to help my team compete to win?

4. Disciplined…"Yes, Coach" - "No, Coach" looking in coaches eyes

5. Fertile Soil…Be a learner, "soak it up"

6. Effort…Let no one out hustle you, i.e., sprint between drills in practice

7. Commitment…Quitting is not an option in this program

8. Work Ethic…Opponent may "out-talent" you, but never "out-work" you

9. Enthusiastic…Don't suck energy…give it

10. Aggressive…Make the breaks go our way

11. Fundamentals…Basic before cute

12. Little things…are the BIG things

Reece Jensen & John Fuson named to All Conference Teams

June 5, 2014

Congratulations to Reece Jensen for making First Team All Conference and John Fuson for making Second Team All Conference!

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