Last Updated: July 25, 2015

2015 Deer Park Rams








Equipment Issue is Saturday, August 1!!!!!

Deer Park Community Center

10:00-10:30---Seniors Equip Issue---Team meeting @ 10:30

10:30-11:00--Juniors Equip Issue---Team meeting @ 11:00

11:00-11:30-Sophomore Equip Issue-Team meeting@11:30

11:30-12:00-Freshman Equip Issue--Team meeting @ 12:00

12:00-12:30--Pee Wee Equip Issue--Team meeting @ 12:30

Please note that all fees and fundraising money must be paid before equipment will be issued.

The Rams Raffle Fundraiser will begin at equipment issue.  If you have already purchased your raffle fundraiser, you will receive 20 $5 tickets.  If you have not already purchased your tickets, they will be purchased at equipment issue.  Raffle tickets will be returned on August 15 at the Meet the Team Party.

Raffle prizes will include:

Large screen televisions

Video Gaming Stations 

Cash Prizes


There are currently 18 cases of fundraising chocolate remaining.  If you would like to sell more chocolate, please contact Angela Medley at


Mark your calendar!!!!!   The Annual Meet the Team Party will be Saturday, August 15.  6:00-8:00 p.m. at South Main Baptist Church.

The Rams are needing someone to serve as a video scout.  The position requires someone to travel to the games of our next opponent and video recording their games.  The position pays $100 per day.  Contact Russell Medley at if you are interested.


The Rams are needing a team monitor to work during Rams games.  The monitor is required to be on the sideline counting the number of plays that each player gets during the game.  The position pays $100 per day.  Contact Russell Medley at if interested. 









Continue to check back to the website for more information as it comes out.