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Derry Parks and Rec now requires the gate to the infield to be locked after the last game of each day. There is a new lock/chain on the gate and it requires the same key that opens the box to the lights. All coaches should bring thier keys to each game to ensure we stay up to par with this new requirement.

Any questions or concerns please contact Steve Staples.

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Everyone please hand in your FINAL rosters to either Steve Staples or Walt Carroll (coach of Goodhues)


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Attention USSSA Derry Coaches.

2nd half League Fee is now due. Please see Steve Staples ASAP with cash or make out check to "Derry Mens Softball"

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Derry Men's Slow-Pitch Softball League By-Laws


Article 1 Name
The name of the league shall be the Derry Men's Slow Pitch Softball League.


Article 2 USSSA

The Derry Men's Slow Pitch Softball League shall be governed by the USSSA Slow-pitch rules of via standing rule-article 6.


Article 3 Membership and Teams
Section 1.
A) There will be a total of 11 teams in the league.
B) Only one representative from each team will be allowed to vote. Officers, if on teams may vote as their teams representative if no other representative is present.

Section 2.
The members of the league must be 18 years or older.


Section 3. Dues
A) All teams must give a $250 deposit at the first meeting in the fall. If the deposit is not received by the 1st of the year, the team's spot will be opened to any new team approved by the league.
B) 50% of the entrance fee must be paid into the league by the end of January or your spot shall be considered vacant and the league will vote to keep your team in place.
C) 75% of the entrance fee must be paid into the league by the first Monday in April or your practice times will be withheld until payment is made.
D) Final payment is due before your first scheduled game in June with your final roster or forfeits shall follow until the balance is paid in full.


Article 4 Officers
Section 1.
The office of the league shall consist of a President, Vice President and a Treasurer.

Section 2. Nominations for league officers shall be turned into the league president no later than the first Monday in October. Elections shall be held prior to the second Monday in October. A manager or a team representative must be present with seven constituting a quorum.

Section 3. A checking account will be maintained in the Derry Slow-Pitch softball league. All checks must have atleast two officers signatures.


Article 5 Meetings
Meetings shall be called by the president or other league officers and shall call upon the request of four other managers of the league. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.


Article 6 Game Rules
Section 1. All games are scheduled for 6:30, 7:45 and 9:00 pm at Veterans Field on Monday thru Thursday. Rain make-ups will be alternated at the available slots with possible double headers. The off week of July 4th will also be used for make-ups if needed.

Section 2. Forfeits
A) There will be a $40 fine for each forfeit. All fines will be paid before the start of the next game or a second forfeit will be issued. Only players present at the time will be credited with the game. The $40 represents the umpire's costs, the league will not be responsible for a teams lack of participation.
B) If both teams forfeit, both teams will take the loss and pay the fine.
C) The umpires will be informed who owes money before the game is played.
D) If a team cannot field 9 players at any time (unless there is an injury then 8 is allowed with the automatic out rule in place), a forfeit shall be awarded.
E) At no time shall a team play with 8 players, nor shall this be allowed by the opposing team. If the opposing team allows this, they also will be credited with a forfeit and fined.
F) At no time shall a team pick up a player to meet the 9 person minimum who is not on their approved roster, It shall be ruled a forfeit.
G) A team that starts with 9 players must finish with atleast 9 players unless there is an injury during the game, then 8 would be the absolute minimum. The missing spot will be an automatic out each time his spot comes to bat in the line-up.
H) If a team cannot field 9 players due to an ejection, it will be ruled a forfeit.
I) If a player leaves the game for any reason other than an injury and the spot cannot be filled, his spot will automatically be ruled an automatic out.
J) As a courtesy any coach may call another coach ahead of time to declare a forfeit in the event they cannot field a team.


Section 3. Length of Games
A) Each game will be seven innings in length except for ties.
B) Each game must be atleast five innings or four ½ if the home team is winning.
C) If a game cannot be played due to cancellation, league officials and umpires will schedule the next available date. Double Headers may be played for rain make-ups.
D) The umpire in chief has the authority to postpone any game due to field conditions or weather.


Section 4. Mercy Rule
If a team is winning by 15 or more runs after five full innings the game will be called. If a team is winning by 20 or more runs after four full innings, the game will be called.
Note: The run rule is in effect until after the first round of the playoffs.


Section 5. Lights
The umpire will determine when the lights will be turned on during the game.

Section 6. Disputed Plays
On a disputed play, only the opposing managers will be allowed to question a call. Managers will need to emphasize this point to all players.


Section 7. Ejections
A) If a player is ejected from a game, at a minimum he will be unable to play in his next game including playoffs.
B) If a player is ejected from the game, he must leave the playing field, bench area and may also be asked to leave the parking lot area as well. If a player is asked to leave the parking lot area he may not return to this area in or around the field until any suspension has been fulfilled. If the player in question does not comply with this rule further action may be taken by league officials.
C) Any player or coach ejected for a second time will be suspended for the following two games playoffs included.
D) A third ejection for the same coach or player will result in suspension for the remainder of the season. It will be up to league officials and umpires to decide if the player or coach will be allowed to participate in the playoffs.
E) The officers of the league will enforce the $5.00 profanity rule.
F) Any harassment toward umpires on and off the field will result in said player or players not being allowed to play in the next game including playoffs.


Section 8. Uniforms
All teams must be in full uniform with 8" numbers on the back of jerseys with matching colors, style and trim according to USSSA rules. Players may wear shorts or pants of matching colors. Caps if worn must be worn visor forward not backwards.


Section 9. Rosters
A) Preliminary rosters (minimum 12 players) are due the first game of the season.
B) Teams will have until June 1st to add up to 20 players. After June 1st you may not add players until you go below 15 players, at that point you may only add up to the 15th spot.
C) Coaches will make legible lineups (First and Last Names) and turn them into the drop box located upstairs in the clubhouse with the opposing coaches signature. Lineup cards are due the night of the game, no later than weeks end. They will be picked up on Friday's. If lineup cards are missing, teams with missing cards will lose roster eligibility for all players in that game.
D) If a player is added to a line-up it will be posted on the score sheet along with both coach's signatures.
E) Home teams book will be considered the official score. In the case the home team does not have someone to keep score, the visitors book will be considered official.
F) A player must compete in a minimum of 14 games to be eligible for the playoffs.


Section 10. Pitching
The arc for the pitches will be 3' from release and a maximum of 10' in conjunction with USSSA rules. For safety purposes, the pitcher will be allowed to stand up to 6' behind the pitching rubber to create more distance between the batter and himself.


Section 11. Safety
A) To avoid injury a safety base will be used at first base. On ground balls to the infield the batter must touch the orange part of the base, failing to do so will result in the batter being called out. The first base player must touch the white portion of the base or the base runner will be ruled safe.
B) Base runners going into 2nd, 3rd or home plate must slide if there is going to be a play made on them. Failure to do so can result in an automatic out and ejection.


Section 12. Field Prep
A) Home team will take 3rd base side for all games.
B) 1st game: Home team drags the field and fills in holes around home plate, visitors line the field. NOTE: On Monday lines need to be done all the way to fence. Only on Monday.
C) 2nd game home team drags the field.
D) 3rd game home team drags the field.
Failure to do so will result in a $20 fine and the team will forfeit all upcoming games until paid.


Section 13. Line-ups
A) Roster batting shall be allowed but not mandatory.
B) Once a team goes through the batting order for the first time, no players shall be added. A player may only be added as a substitute.
C) If a player is ejected or leaves and that spot cannot be filled, it shall be an automatic out each time it comes up to bat.
D) An EH cannot be added once the line-up has gone through one complete at bat.

Section 14. Emergency Umpire
League players may umpire games that they are not involved with if it is not a playoff game.

Section 15. Drinking
No drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during the game. Umpires can eject players who break this rule.

Section 16. Playoffs
The top eight teams will make the playoffs and will be seeded 1-8 according to their final regular season record.
A) A playoff schedule will be posted before the end of the regular season.
B) 1st Round: 1st seed vs. 8th seed, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th, and 4th vs. 5th.
C) 2nd Round: Remaining teams will be re-seeded according to their regular season record.
D) All playoff rounds will be the best 2 out of 3 with the exception of the finals, which will be best 3 out of 5.
E) In each series the team with the better record is the home team in the first game of the round, then it will alternate.


Section 17. Substitution
A) Any starting player may be withdrawn from the game and then re-entered once, providing the player occupies the same spot in the batting order.
B) If a team starting with atleast 16 players and up to 20 loses any players due to unforeseen circumstances such as a change of work obligation, change of residence or an injury and their active roster drops below 15, they may substitute a new player onto their roster to get them back up to a new maximum of 15 players. The original player dropped may not return to their original or any other team for the remainder of the entire season including playoffs. The new substitute player must qualify for the playoffs with a minimum of 14 games played like everyone else.


Section 18. Trophy
A sponsor's trophy will be awarded to the team with the best final regular season record. A second trophy will be awarded to the playoff champion.


Section 19. Umpire Compensation
Umpires will be paid for all games which they officiate, even partial and make-ups. No payment will be made for deleted or cancelled games. No game shall be cancelled unless both teams agree. If games are called due to rain between 5:30-6:30, the umps will receive half money due for the games.


Section 20. Courtesy Runner
A) A coach may request to the opposing coach before the start of the game to get a courtesy runner for one individual throughout the game.
B) Umpires must be notified for approval.
C) The runner must be the player who made the last out in the previous inning.


Section 21. Housekeeping
A) There will be a porta potty that should always be used.
B) Each team will be required to clean out their respective dugouts of trash following their game.
C) All leftover trash in and around field should be thrown in dumpster.
D) Any players violating these rules may be suspended for the next two games and further incidents could lead to a suspension for the remainder of the season.


Section 22. Bat Restrictions
A) All bats must be 34" long, 2 ¼ at barrels end.
B) All bats must be stamped 1.20bpf.
C) No titanium or titanium fibered bats per request of the town of Derry.
D) All USSSA sanctioned bats are allowed minus the titanium bats mentioned in above line.


Section 23. Balls
A) Each team will receive one new ball for each game of the season, plus one extra ball for the first game to be used as a back up.
B) Every game each team provides one new and one old game ball. If all balls are used up a prior game ball may be used.
C) All balls must be league issued .44cor 375 compression balls.
D) If any team runs out of balls they will be able to purchase balls from the league @ $5.00 per ball.
E) Each team must retrieve foul balls whenever possible by their respective benches.


Section 24. Protested Games
All protested games must be signed in the official book. If it cannot be resolved by the umpires the league officials will vote on the final decision.


Section 25. Flip Flop Rule
There will be no flip flop rule where innings are swapped to expedite a game due to mercy rule.


Section 26. Scoreboard Operation
It will be the responsibility of the visiting team to operate and maintain the game score on the electronic scoreboard.


Section 27. Labor Day Game exception. A vote was taken and the preceding Wednesday and Thursday before Labor Day will not have any games played. This will allow affected teams and players to compete in an annual tournment out of town.

Section 28. Rain Out Announcements
In the even of rain, postponement of games will be announced and communicated at 5:00PM on that day.


Section 29. Home Run Rule
There will be a three home run limit per game for each team. After that each home run will be treated as a single and no other runners on base can advance unless forced. The only exception to this rule is if both teams already have reached the three homerun limit, either team may hit an additional home run to go one up on the homerun total. This can be continued with no limit as long as no team goes ahead by more than one homerun on the homerun total.