Last Updated: May 19, 2015
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  • The DeepSouthEFL has kicked off it's pro season, teams are still available
  • We are back and larger than ever, stay tuned for more information!
  • DS Dolphins gets major uniform over haul
  • Teams are available

Welcome to the home of the DeepSouthElectricFootballLeague.

This site has been designed for everyone in mind. Within our site you will find it entertaining as well as informative. Electric football is the most exciting and realistic football game of all time, because you as the coach have hands on control of the action at all times.

Our mission is to unify by promoting electric football and provide a unified association which recognizes and supports all leagues.

This past weekend we played our first games in over two years, and it went over with a bang. New coaches, new teams, and a new attitude will make this the best league to be a part of. We currently have teams available, so make sure you reserve yours now!!!!!

The league will be split into two conferences, AFC and NFC. Each conference will have a representative whose responsibilities will be to serve as a contact person for that conference, assist in maintaining the rules and regulations within the league, and the promotion of such league. The league will have a weight limit per position of each player, with a max weight of 4.0.

Membership will be a one time $25.00 fee, which will go towards an end of the year gathering and offset the costs for trophies.

For more information contact Leonard Crawford (678) 920-3146 or email at

It's On

This weekends match up has soon real meaning to the word rivary. In what is called the Georiga Rumble puts those high flying Falcons, up against the Orange Crush known as the Bucs.

This game has the makings of being nothing short of a shoot out. In their last games, both teams managed to put up 28 points against their last opponents to totally shut them out. The Birds have a great balanced attack that can hit you at anytime, while the Bucs who travel mostly by air, can still surprise on the ground. I am dying to see the outcome on this one.

The Steelers and the Giants are up next, and although the Giants have a brand new rookie coach, this guy proved that he is far from being one. They got broken in good in their last match up and had to learn fast and hard, but they promised that they will be ready.

As far as the Steelers and their slow style of play keeps you guessing throughout the contest. The offense is top notch and the defense is even better, makes them one of the toughest teams in the league. this should still be a great match up.

Meanwhile in Dallas, the Cowboys coach is very confident about his game against the Dolphins. I built them, so I will take them he says. His defense is tough and offense will manage to put up points if given the opportunity to do so. The Dolphins on the other hand, promises that they will not make the same mistakes that they made aganist the Bucs. Marino threw 3 interceptions which caused this lost. The team has spent all week getting ready and are looking for revenge. both teams are 0-1, who will be 0-2?

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