Last Updated: August 11, 2015
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  • Contact Cory Abbe
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***E.A.S.A NEWS***
Well, Football season is finally upon us!!!
The last day for signups is August 13th so if you are still looking to do so
please contact the Football Commissioner, Cory Abbe.
There will be a sizing/fitting at the new EASA building on Wednesday
August 12th beginning at 6pm. You can take this time to signup.
We are proud to say that our helmets have been reconditioned and now meet
the current safety standards. Beside that, they look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
We look to be in full pads by the end of the week so PLEASE keep your
kiddos well hydrated, cool throughout the day and focused on what
will be expected at practice.
I am excited about how each of our teams look and the many opportunities
for our players during the season. I also hope to have roster shirt order forms put together and out to parents to place their order. Keep a look out for updates
and keep in contact with your coaches if your child cannot make
a practice.
As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns please contact
the team coach and, if you need to, the Football Commissioner.

E.A.S.A Commissioners



Cory Abbe




Deita Whiddon



The Eustace All Sports Association would like to extend a special THANK YOU to all our sponsors. This upcoming season couldn't be possible without your help.


Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 5
EASA Midget @ Kemp Midget 4:00pm Kemp High School
EASA PeeWee @ Kemp PeeWee 6:00pm Kemp High School
EASA Little League @ Kemp Little League 8:00pm Kemp High School
Saturday,  Sep 12
EASA Midget @ Royse City Midget 4:00pm Royse City Middle School
EASA PeeWee @ Royse City PeeWee 6:00pm Royse City Middle School
EASA Little League @ Royse City Little League 8:00pm Royse City Middle School
Saturday,  Sep 19
EASA Midget @ Crandall Midget 4:00pm Crandall High School
EASA PeeWee @ Crandall PeeWee 6:00pm Crandall High School
EASA Little League @ Crandall Little League 8:00pm Crandall High School
Saturday,  Sep 26
Mabank Midget @ EASA Midget 4:00pm Eustace
Mabank PeeWee @ EASA PeeWee 6:00pm Eustace
Mabank Little League @ EASA Little League 8:00pm Eustace
Saturday,  Oct 10
EASA Midget @ Quinlan Midget 4:00pm Quinlan Middle School
EASA PeeWee @ Quinlan PeeWee 6:00pm Quinlan Middle School
EASA Little League @ Quinlan Little League 8:00pm Quinlan Middle School
Saturday,  Oct 17
Kaufman Midget @ EASA Midget 4:00pm Eustace
Kaufman PeeWee @ EASA PeeWee 6:00pm Eustace
Kaufman Little League @ EASA Little League 8:00pm Eustace
Saturday,  Oct 24
Wills Point Midget @ EASA Midget 4:00pm Eustace
Wills Point PeeWee @ EASA PeeWee 6:00pm Eustace
Wills Point Little League @ EASA Little League 8:00pm Eustace
Saturday,  Oct 31
Scurry Midget @ EASA Midget 4:00pm Eustace
Scurry PeeWee @ EASA PeeWee 6:00pm Eustace
Scurry Little League @ EASA Little League 8:00pm Eustace

For a complete schedule listing, click here!