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Eastlake Baseball League

Free Baseball Clinic

REGISTER TODAY for a FREE Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic!

Chevrolet is hosting three FREE youth baseball instructional clinics in your area for boys and girls ages 6-14. Instruction will be provided by the experienced staff and players of Lake County Captains, Lake Erie Crushers and Akron Rubber Ducks!

Players will break out into age groups and rotate through stations to learn the essentials of hitting, fielding, throwing and more!

Spots are available on a first come, first serve basis – register NOW to secure your spot!

Monday, July 21, 2015 11:00AM-1:00PM
Check In: 10:00AM-11:00AM
Classic Park
Home of the Lake County Captains
35300 Vine St.
Eastlake, OH 44095

Online Registration is Easy!

1.       Go to www.youthsportsclinics.com
2.       Click the blue "Register Now" button
3.    Select "Cleveland" in the drop-down menu
4.    Enter the password "playball" (all lowercase, no spaces) and click "Submit"
5.    Click "Register Now" for desired session and enter registration information. Click "Add Attendee" on the next screen to add players.
6.     Click the blue "Complete Registration" button at the end of the page to submit your registration!
7.    Don't forget to download the waiver (from the website OR your confirmation e-mail!). Each child must have a completed waiver to participate!

Check out what parents and coaches have to say about Chevy Youth Baseball clinics!
•         "This was top quality instruction that can benefit my son for years to come." – Charleston, WV Parent
•         "I enjoyed learning tips and techniques so I could incorporate it with my practices in all ages.  As for my son, he enjoyed listening and utilizing their expertise in all positions." – Honolulu, HI Coach
•         "We paid $100 for a 2 day camp with another organization. The Chevy Youth Baseball clinic was better by far!"  – Davenport, IA  Parent
•         "My son looks forward to this event every year. Thank you for sponsoring this."–  Fayetteville, AR Parent
If you have any questions, please contact Branden Roane at 678-672-1678 or broane@gmdealerprograms.com

Get League and Game Updates Texted To Your Phone

Have information such as game status and league updates sent to your cell phone.
  1. Go to www.rainedout.com and enter Eastlake Baseball League in the search bar
  2. Click on Eastlake Baseball League under the "Prefered Results"
  3. Enter your 10-digit phone number or email address at which you would like to be notified
  4. Wait for the validation code to be sent to your chosen location 
  5. Enter the validation code in the space provided on the rainedout website
  6. You are finished! you will be updated with the latest news from Eastlake Baseball!

You may also text the keyword "eblinfo" to 84483 to receive updates via text message.

Follow us on Facebook!

You can now follow us on Facebook. Our page is up and running and soon will have pictures from opening day. The page will provide another means by which our families can receive information about league news and events.
Our page can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/Eastlake.Baseball.League visit the page and Like us today!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Jul 5
Black's Legal Eagles-MI5 @ 3-1 Wolf/Moore 12:00pm EBL Field #3
10U Fastpitch
10-1 Augusta @ Legends Photography-Fastpitch2 12:00pm Todd Field #4
Monday,  Jul 6
1-1 Schreiber @ 1-3 Marsch 6:00pm EBL Field #6
1-4 Grinstead @ 1-5 Luzier 7:15pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
2-1 Grinstead @ 2-4 Vargo 6:00pm EBL Field #4
2-1 Grinstead @ 2-4 Vargo 7:15pm EBL Field #4
Quaker Steak & Lube-MI4 @ 3-2 Rummel 6:15pm EBL Field #3
3-3 Kern @ Willoughby Kiwanis-MI3 6:15pm Lincoln (Willoughby)
4-3 Latkovic @ 4-1 Nelson 6:15pm EBL Field #1
4-2 Davis @ Willoughby Lion's Club-MA3 8:15pm Todd Field #2
5-2 Seagroves @ 5-1 Iacobucci 6:15pm EBL Field #5
Willoughby Kiwanis-PO4 @ A.L. Cabinets-PO2 8:15pm Todd Field #1
12U Fastpitch
RCL Homes, LLC Fastpitch3 @ 12-1 Grinstead 6:15pm EBL Field #2
Tuesday,  Jul 7
1-5 Luzier @ 1-2 Kasunic 6:15pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
2-4 Vargo @ 2-2 Lishinsky 6:15pm EBL Field #3
2-1 Grinstead @ 2-5 Barzal 6:15pm EBL Field #4
3-1 Wolf/Moore @ Joe's Music-MI06:15 PM 8:15pm Gilson #2
Willoughby Lion's Club-MA3 @ 4-2 Davis 6:15pm EBL Field #1
Sports Clips-PO5 @ 5-2 Seagroves 6:15pm Bruce Yee
12U Fastpitch
Hudco Mgf. - Andrews School-Fastpitch1 @ 12-1 Grinstead 6:15pm EBL Field #2
Wednesday,  Jul 8
1-1 Schreiber @ 1-5 Luzier 6:15pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
2-1 Grinstead @ 2-3 Iannetta 6:15pm EBL Field #4
3-1 Wolf/Moore @ 3-3 Kern 6:15pm EBL Field #3
Elm Street Garage-MA2 @ 4-2 Davis 6:15pm EBL Field #1
4-1 Nelson @ 4-3 Latkovic 6:15pm EBL Field #2
Legends Sports Photography-PO1 @ 5-1 Iacobucci 6:15pm Gilson #1
A.L. Cabinets-PO2 @ Sports Clips-PO5 6:15pm Todd Field #1
5-2 Seagroves @ Firenza Stone-PO3 8:15pm Todd Field #1
Thursday,  Jul 9
1-2 Kasunic @ 1-4 Grinstead 6:15pm EBL Field #6
Willoughby Kiwanis-MA4 @ 4-2 Davis 6:15am EBL Field #1
Cleveland Speciality Inspection Services-MA1 @ 4-1 Nelson 6:15pm EBL Field #2
Willoughby Kiwanis-PO4 @ 5-1 Iacobucci 6:15pm EBL Field #5
Friday,  Jul 10
1-2 Kasunic @ 1-1 Schreiber 6:15pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
2-3 Iannetta @ 2-4 Vargo 6:15pm EBL Field #4
3-2 Rummel @ 3-3 Kern 6:15pm EBL Field #3
4-2 Davis @ Willoughby Kiwanis-MA4 6:00pm EBL Field #2
Willoughby Lion's Club-MA3 @ 4-1 Nelson 6:15pm EBL Field #1
Willoughby Kiwanis-MA4 @ 4-2 Davis 6:15pm EBL Field #2
Saturday,  Jul 11
1-4 Grinstead @ 1-3 Marsch 10:00am EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
2-5 Barzal @ 2-4 Vargo 9:00am EBL Field #3
2-3 Iannetta @ 2-2 Lishinsky 9:00am EBL Field #4
2-5 Barzal @ 2-4 Vargo 11:00am EBL Field #3
2-2 Lishinsky @ 2-3 Iannetta 11:00am EBL Field #4
4-2 Davis @ 4-3 Latkovic 6:15pm EBL Field #1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Friday,  Jul 17
Tyler Cole Memorial Tournament 1:00pm
Saturday,  Jul 18
Tyler Cole Memorial Tournament 1:00pm
Sunday,  Jul 19
Tyler Cole Memorial Tournament 1:00pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!