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Welcome to the home of the

Eastlake Baseball League

All Star Tryouts Are Coming!!!!

Tryouts for the Major division will be held on the following dates:

Thursday, April 16, 2015 @ 6:00 pm Field TBD

Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 1:00 pm Field #1

Thursday, April 23, 2015 @ 6:00 pm TBD

Players will be required to attend at least 2 tryouts to be considered for the roster

For any questions please contact:

Manager Bob Nelson- (440) 537-3467

Coach Jon Gibbs- (440) 856-3512

Mighty Mite Tryouts

Mighty Mite All Star tryouts have been scheduled for all Sundays in May with the exception of Mothers Day May 10. Practices will be held from 1:00 pm -2:30 pm on field #3. 

If you plan to attend tryouts with your child, please let your Mighty Mite coach know in advance of the tryout date, or contact Jim Grinstead at james.grinstead@sbgcglobal.net. Please email me with any questions. 

Online Registrations Still Being Accepted for the 2015 Season

Individuals wishing to register their children for the 2015 Eastlake Baseball/Fastpitch League may do so online.

Registration fees are now $125.00 for an individual player and $155.00 for families of two or more. 

Click on the Online Registration links in the upper right corner of the homepage to register for this coming season.

The following divisions still have openings for registrations:

Slugger (4,5,&6)- 2 positions available

Mighty Mite (7,8)- 1 position available

Minor (9,10)- CLOSED

Major (11,12)- 3 positions available

Pony (13,14)- 1 position available

12U Fastpitch (girls 11,12)- 3 positions available

10U Fastpitch- CLOSED

Get League and Game Updates Texted To Your Phone

Have information such as game status and league updates sent to your cell phone.
  1. Go to www.rainedout.com and enter Eastlake Baseball League in the search bar
  2. Click on Eastlake Baseball League under the "Prefered Results"
  3. Enter your 10-digit phone number or email address at which you would like to be notified
  4. Wait for the validation code to be sent to your chosen location 
  5. Enter the validation code in the space provided on the rainedout website
  6. You are finished! you will be updated with the latest news from Eastlake Baseball!

You may also text the keyword "eblinfo" to 84483 to receive updates via text message.

Follow us on Facebook!

You can now follow us on Facebook. Our page is up and running and soon will have pictures from opening day. The page will provide another means by which our families can receive information about league news and events.
Our page can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/Eastlake.Baseball.League visit the page and Like us today!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Apr 19
PRACTICE All Star Team 1:00pm EBL Field #1
Monday,  Apr 20
[Practice] @ 1-1 Schreiber 6:00pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
[Practice] @ 2-1 Grinstead 6:00pm EBL Field #3
[Practice] @ 2-2 Lishinsky 6:00pm EBL Field #4
[Practice] @ 3-2 Rummel 6:00pm EBL Field #1
[Practice] @ 3-3 Kern 6:00pm EBL Field #2
[Practice] @ 5-1 Iacobucci 6:00pm EBL Field #5
Tuesday,  Apr 21
[Practice] @ 1-4 Grinstead 6:00pm EBL Field #2
[Practice] @ 1-2 Kasunic 6:00pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
[Practice] @ 2-3 Iannetta 6:00pm EBL Field #3
[Practice] @ 2-4 Vargo 6:00pm EBL Field #4
[Practice] @ 4-1 Nelson 6:00pm EBL Field #1
[Practice] @ 5-2 Seagroves 6:00pm EBL Field #5
Wednesday,  Apr 22
[Practice] @ 1-3 Marsch 6:00pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
[Practice] @ 2-5 Barzal 6:00pm EBL Field #4
[Practice] @ 4-2 Davis 6:00pm EBL Field #1
[Practice] @ 5-1 Iacobucci 6:00pm EBL Field #5
Game @ North-coast River Bandits 6:00pm Bruce Yee
10U Fastpitch
[Practice] @ 10-1 Augusta 6:00pm EBL Field #3
12U Fastpitch
[Practice] @ 12-2 Guy 6:00pm EBL Field #2
Thursday,  Apr 23
[Practice] @ 1-4 Grinstead 6:00pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
[Practice] @ 2-2 Lishinsky 6:00pm EBL Field #3
[Practice] @ 2-1 Grinstead 6:00pm EBL Field #4
[Practice] @ 3-1 Wolf/Moore 6:00pm EBL Field #2
PRACTICE All Star Team 6:00pm Eastlake Zimmerman Fields
PRACTICE North-coast River Bandits 6:00pm EBL Field #1
PRACTICE Northern Ohio Rebels 13U 6:00pm EBL Field #5
PRACTICE Ohio Venom Green 6:00pm EBL Field #5
Friday,  Apr 24
[Practice] @ 1-5 Luzier 6:00pm EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
[Practice] @ 2-4 Vargo 6:00pm EBL Field #3
[Practice] @ 2-3 Iannetta 6:00pm EBL Field #4
[Practice] @ 3-2 Rummel 6:00pm EBL Field #2
[Practice] @ 4-3 Latkovic 6:00pm EBL Field #1
[Practice] @ 5-2 Seagroves 6:00pm EBL Field #5
Saturday,  Apr 25
1-1 Schreiber @ 1-2 Kasunic 10:00am EBL Field #6
Mighty Mite
2-2 Lishinsky @ 2-4 Vargo 10:00am EBL Field #3
3-1 Wolf/Moore @ 3-3 Kern 10:00am EBL Field #1
[Practice] @ 5-1 Iacobucci 10:00am EBL Field #5
PRACTICE Ohio Venom Green 2:00pm EBL Field #1
12U Fastpitch
12-1 Grinstead @ 12-2 Guy 10:00am EBL Field #2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  May 2
OPENING DAY!!!! 9:30am
Sunday,  May 3
GLBL Early Bird Tournament Eastlake Zimmerman Fields
Saturday,  May 23
GLBL Memorial Day Tournament
Sunday,  May 24
GLBL Memorial Day Tournament
Friday,  Jun 19
EBL 8U Tournament
Saturday,  Jun 20
EBL 8U Tournament
Sunday,  Jun 21
EBL 8U Tournament
Friday,  Jun 26
Littlest Heroes
Saturday,  Jun 27
Littlest Heroes
Sunday,  Jun 28
Littlest Heroes

For a complete calendar listing, click here!