Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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2014 Fall Ball Registration (12 to 15 year-old division)



Practices for Fall Ball

We are having clinics/practices on Sunday 8/17 and 8/24 from 4:30 to 6 PM.  These will quick-moving clinics to prepare players for the upcoming games.  

We are still exploring the possibilities of weeknight practices over the next 2-3 weeks.  (It would just be one weeknight practice each week.)  

Once games start on Sunday, September 7th, each team will have it's own practice schedule, but expect one voluntary practice a week until the end of September.  

Fall Ball Season 2014

We will play games on Sundays, starting September 7th.  Each team will play either a single game or a double-header on each of those Sundays.

The season will run through Sunday, October 26.
The charge for the fall season will be $100.

We expect to field 2 or 3 teams this year, and will be playing games against David Douglas Babe Ruth, Clackamas Babe Ruth, and possibly West Linn Babe Ruth.  

The fall season is mostly about having fun and helping players develop their games. Our fall season is excellent preparation for players who will be playing on the full-sized diamond for the first time in spring 2015.
In the fall we expect players to always play their best, but to take pressure off and make sure everyone is comfortable working on new skills we play with the following rules:
  • There is a 5 run limit every inning, including the final inning.
  • To encourage teams to get as many pitchers on the mound as possible, teams can have one pitcher throw up to 3 innings in the game and all other pitchers are limited to a maximum of 2 innings. 
  • Teams will use the continuous batting order, meaning all players bat, not just the nine player lineup.
  • Coaches may call time out at any time to instruct a player on a situation the player is not familiar with. We are trusting our coaches not to abuse this to make extra mound visits or take extra offensive timeouts.  If limits are needed, then each team is limited to a maximum of 3 instructional timeouts per half inning and a maximum of 6 per game.  No timeout should take more than 60 seconds.  
  • There will be unlimited defensive substitutions and re-entry. Coaches should take advantage of this to get every player in for at least half the game on defense.  Even the strongest players on the team might sit an inning or two during fall baseball games. 
  • Balks will be called, but not penalized.  Each pitcher will be given 3 warnings for balks before the standard balk penalty will be enforced. (The standard balk penalty is that all players on base are awarded the next base, including a player on 3rd being credited with a run. Since we are not enforcing the penalty, any baserunner who successfully steals on a play where a balk was committed, will get to keep the base he advanced to. If a player is caught stealing during a balk play, then the player will not be out, but will be returned to the base where he started the play.)  The team on offense should never be put at a disadvantage because the pitcher balked.

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