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We Moved!!!

**Effective Immediately!**

Come Kick It with Echo at our NEW Home at

SEASON ONE in the Books! NEXT Season Sept 24th (Tuesdays)

a BIG Thanks to ALL of the Players and Teams for a Great Season!



 11 - 0 -2



Come KICK It Next Season BEGINNING Sept. 24th, 2013 Games on TUESDAYS at Capistrano Park in Oceanside!

Up to Date

We will be using both fields this Season so Teams need to be aware of:

  1. Start time Along with
  2. Which field they are Playing on!
  3. Coming up with UMPIRE Fees for Every Game

Season is roughly a few days away and EVERYTHING is updated according.

- Team Rosters

- Schedules (Game Start Times have Changed [6:30pm and 7:45pm] & TWO Games will be playing at at once.)

- Forms in Handout Section

- Videos on Youtube Channel   @


Check out the page, browse around we even have Kickball Games!   See you on Monday at 6:30pm

Come Kick It!


Players Cards are In!

May 29, 2013

Get excited! Oceanside Summer Kickball League starts Monday, June 3rd. Games are Monday nights anytime between 6 pm and 10 pm. 55min Games/6 innings

More information is be available in 'Handouts' Section -- Sign up today! Teams need at least 4 women and 4 men each week to play. Skill level is between beginner and intermediate. If you've never played before, you're welcome to come out JUNE 3rd! Please keep in mind that this is not a professional league and is meant to be a fun, casual and fun environment.

Playing with Kickball with ECHO Athletics helps Adults stay active and social. Playing are encouraged to play, mingle and score by receiving benefits from our partnered supporters such as: UpperCrust, CinemaStar, Rookies Sports Bar, Las Pupusas MamaLita, Prohibition and Latitude 33!
All Local here in Oceanside or Vista!

SIGN UP for ECHO Athletics Summer 2013 League today and find out how you can get in on this action!

Come Kick It with ECHO

May 6, 2013

ECHO Athletics 1st TEAM!

Season is Right Around the Corner!

May 3, 2013

Great turn out had some players that had to leave before the game ended :/

But incredible happy got a great turn out!

Promotional Show Flyer


April 21, 2013

EFFECTIVE TODAY Registration FEES Have been sliced and slashed to only $450 for a TEAM!!! SIGN UP Today or at our Free game coming up on Sat. Also at our Promotional Show on May 11th! at City2city our Neighborhook Clothing Shop and Event Venue!!


April 14, 2013

We had a Wonderful turn out yersterday and had a great game of Kickball. Our next day is going to be April 27th at Palisades again at 10am. Here is a little look of what you missed out on last time!


Oceanside Sunset Market

ECHO Athletics was out at the Oceanside Sunset Market passing out flyers for April 13th FREE pick up Kickball game!!

Beautiful night, great food, good vibes what more could you ask for?!...other than Kickball that is!


New Sponsorship Stuff and Link Stuff

April 4, 2013

Good Day!! So Echo Athletics has ben doing work, in collect donations for raffles and sponsors to team up with us. Check out our new links in the Sponsor Stuff and Link Stuff Tabs for info!

and in case you forgot TIME FOR some News that seems right up your ally!

FREE Kickball Game on April 13th, 2013
for those young at heart!

Hosted by who? ECHO Athletics!!!!

@ Palisade Park in Oceanside, CA
starting around 10:00 Am PST

music, snacks, and MORE information about our Kickball league Starting MAY 20th and sponsors will all be included for Free!!!! (so sweet!)

Park also has a playground for children who need entertainment.

Contact us for More information on here or


Come One Come All! Free Pick Up Kickball Game

April 2, 2013

Incase you have not heard

FREE Kickball Game on April 13th, 2013
for those young at heart!

Hosted by who? ECHO Athletics!!!!

@ Palisade Park in Oceanside, CA
starting around 10:00 Am  PST

music, snacks, information about our league and sponsors will all be included for Free!!!! (so sweet!)

Park also has a playground for children who need entertainment.

Contact us for More information


with US!


Facts and Details about the League and COSTS!

March 27, 2013 – 01:15 PM

Echo Athletics is in the business of sports, organizing adult kickball that largely follow the rules of baseball meanwhile incorporates many of  unique strategies that people love and can use to their advantage. The difference is the use a 10" rubber ball, leading it to be more difficult to catch and throw, but is far easier to connect with than a baseball, in terms of kicking.

ALL Games will be held on Monday Nights with first games beginning at 6:30pm and last games starting at 7:50pm by the latest.


Registration price will include:

 · One full season of kickball games, concluding with a climactic League Tournament. Typically around 12 weeks of fun (ref fee's included in fee.)

 · Special and/or significant discounts from certain sponsors associated with the league

 · All the kickball equipment required - bags, balls, bases, cones, score books, first aid kits, pumps and needles, etc will be provided.

 · League web page hosting with customized online registration process.

 · Funds for the league parties and awards, along with access to other parties and other social and charity events.

 · A top of the line rules committee, constantly updating and maintaining the rules resulting in non-stop competitive fun.


***Registration fees may differ per league (depending on such factors as location, requirement for permitted fields, etc.)***


 A typical Echo Athletics league contains between eight (8) to ten (10) Co-Ed teams — roughly around 144 to 180 players per league. Seasons generally consists of eight regular season games, single-game elimination playoffs and a league championship game, around 12 weeks of fun. After regular season games, eliminated teams are eligible to play in the charity Fun Games. Funds raised at the league's Mid-Season and End of Season games will be donated to community charity of our choosing.

Two (2) Teams who advance through playoffs compete in the seasonal Founders Cup, where they can compete to be crowned our league's Kickball Champions.


·  TEAM (max. 18 on roster)
: Typically $450 ($25 per person)


· $40/Individuals or Friend Groups ($40per person max. of 9): A Friend Group is simply a number of players that want to play on the same Team. Friend Groups can range from as few as 2 players to a max of 9. Teams will be formed based on the Friend Groups and individuals who register for the season. Teams must cognizant of the co-ed ratios needed for game play.


Proud SUPPORTER of Casa de Amparo



March 19, 2013

Calendar has been updated. Check out whats going on in April and May 2013!


Fees are pay able through ECHO Athletics’ PayPal (,cash or check

You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment, as PayPal will accept all major credit cards.

Sign Up Today!

March 19, 2013



Sponsorship Time

March 12, 2013 – 10:45 PM


Is your corporation interested in making a difference in North San Diego County? Become a Echo Athletics Sponsor.

Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first served basis. Secure your sponsorship early.

hen sponsoring Echo Athletics you don't just get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, your also helping those adults in your company and community be active.
Being active is good for you in so many ways. It can provide a huge range of fun experiences, make you feel good, improve your health, and is a great way to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and coworkers alike.

Kickball has multiple benefits, to name a few it is a great way to help people new to the area meet friendly locals, along with encourage all around team work amongst coworkers inside and out of the work place.


Become a sponsor and come Kick It with us @ Echo Athletics Today!




Welcome to ECHO Athletics

Echo Athletics is truly co-ed with a 50/50 split between male and female participants. Most of our players are young adults oryoung at heart, looking to meet people and have fun with friends.The average young adult is 21+, BUT we do welcome those between 18-21. Our main focus is the adults who participate in the league, but since these adults most likely have children we will sometimes have activities such as face painting at our games.

Echo Athletics is a social-athletic organization created to advance the joy of kickball, and other amatuer sports. Our goal is to provide a unique club with an inclusive co-ed social culture and establish our kickball experience as the stardand of recreational sports. We will successfully bring together friends, coworkers and people who simply like to play in our fun- high energy co-ed kickball leagues


A kickball team has a roster of up to 18 people and a season generally consists of eight to ten regular season games, single game elimination playoff games, consisting of 4 top teams, and a league championship tournament. The divisions within the league are made up of 4-8 co-ed teams, meaning a TONS of new people to meet and socialize with.

Kickball is real fun for real people. I will create co-ed adult leagues where play is
like the elementary school game you remember – along with that big red
playground ball. It's an easy game that is open to all skill levels.  -- ECHO Athletics