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  • Welcome to the 2013 EASL Website
  • Volunteers are always welcome
  • Looking forward to another great season

In conjunction with Baltimore County Recreation & Parks and Local Recreation Councils

"Where it is about the Boys and Girls enjoying Soccer"

We need volunteers! If you or anyone else is interested in being a part of the EASL, please join us at our meetings. We're always looking for good people who want to help make our program better for our boys and girls.
    Volunteers Needed
If you are interested in helping the EASL youth soccer program, click on the Volunteer Flyer. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like, but any help would be greatly appreciated. We are all volunteers helping to provide our community's youth with a safe and fun soccer experience.
Eastern Area Soccer League
The Eastern Area Soccer League [EASL] is a recreation soccer league currently made up of "6" local recreation councils. The councils are; Bengies Chase, Edgemere Sparrows Point, Essex, Hawthorne Middle River, Overlea and Rosedale. This season the League is made up of "60" teams. The age brackets are U8 -U18 with approximately "1100" Boys and Girls. Every Team in the league wears the EASL patch on their jerseys representing that they are part of the league. This year our league is supported by our sponsors: Baltimore Blast, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dicks Sporting Goods & Mars Supermarkets. Also at the Halloween Bash in October; Hot Dogs, Drinks and Candy will be given out to every Team... *The EASL would like to thank Roy Evans for taking the Photo above. All of the Eastern Area Soccer League Photos are provided by Roy D. Evans Photography. To contact Roy call 443-250-4070 or email him at


The 2013 Eastern Area Soccer League is Proud To Be Sponsored By:

Buffalo Wild Wings    
Baltimore Blast    

Thank you all for your generous support of this league!!


**Go to Hand Outs to View or Print Out The EASL Rules**

Games This Week

Tuesday,  Sep 30
U-10 Boys
Rosedale #2 @ Bengies Chase 1 6:30pm Eastern Regional #9a (Turf)
Overlea #2 @ ESP #1 6:30pm Eastern Regional #9b (Turf)
Overlea #1 @ ESP #2 7:45pm Eastern Regional #9a (Turf)
Rosedale #1 @ Bengies Chase 1 7:45pm Eastern Regional #9b (Turf)
U-10 Girls
Overlea @ ESP #1 6:30pm Eastern Regional #11
Essex @ ESP #2 7:45pm Eastern Regional #11
Wednesday,  Oct 1
U-12 Girls
Rosedale @ Bengies Chase 6:30pm Eastern Regional #11
Overlea @ ESP 7:45pm Eastern Regional #11
Thursday,  Oct 2
U-8 Coed
Rosedale #3 @ Essex 6:30pm Eastern Regional #11
Rosedale #1 @ Bengies Chase #1 7:45pm Eastern Regional #11
U-14 Boys
Overlea @ Rosedale 6:30pm Eastern Regional #9 (Turf)
Friday,  Oct 3
U-14 Girls
Overlea @ Bengies Chase 6:30pm Eastern Regional #9 (Turf)
Saturday,  Oct 4
U-8 Coed
Bengies Chase #4 @ Bengies Chase #2 9:00am Eastern Regional #13
Rosedale #2 @ HMR #1 10:00am Eastern Regional #13
Bengies Chase #3 @ Bengies Chase #1 11:00am Eastern Regional #13
HMR #4 @ HMR #2 12:00pm Eastern Regional #13
U-10 Boys
HMR #2 @ Bengies Chase 1 9:00am Chase Elementary
ESP #3 @ ESP #2 9:00am Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
Overlea #2 @ HMR #1 10:00am Chase Elementary
Essex @ ESP #1 10:00am Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
U-10 Girls
Rosedale @ Essex 9:00am Eastern Regional #9a (Turf)
HMR @ Overlea 10:00am Eastern Regional #9a (Turf)
ESP #2 @ ESP #1 11:00am Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
U-12 Boys
ESP #1 @ ESP #2 9:00am Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
Overlea #2 @ ESP #3 10:15am Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
Overlea #1 @ Rosedale 11:00am Eastern Regional #9a (Turf)
U-12 Girls
Overlea @ HMR 11:00am Chase Elementary
Rosedale @ ESP 11:30am Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
U-14 Boys
U-14 Girls
ESP @ Rosedale TBA TBA
U-18 Boys
Essex #2 @ Bengies Chase 8:30am Eastern Regional #12A
Colgate @ Essex #1 9:45am Eastern Regional #12A
U-18 Girls
ESP @ Rosedale TBA TBA
Bengies Chase @ Colgate 11:00am Eastern Regional #12A
Monday,  Oct 6
U-8 Coed
HMR #3 @ Bengies Chase #1 6:30pm Eastern Regional #9a (Turf)
Rosedale #1 @ HMR #1 6:30pm Eastern Regional #9b (Turf)
HMR #4 @ HMR #2 7:45pm Eastern Regional #9a (Turf)
Rosedale #3 @ Bengies Chase #4 7:45pm Eastern Regional #9b (Turf)
U-10 Boys
Overlea #1 @ HMR #2 6:30pm Eastern Regional #11
Rosedale #2 @ Bengies Chase 2 7:45pm Eastern Regional #11
Tuesday,  Oct 7
U-12 Boys
Rosedale @ Bengies Chase 6:30pm Eastern Regional #11
ESP #1 @ Overlea #2 7:45pm Eastern Regional #11
U-18 Boys
Rosedale @ Colgate 6:30pm Eastern Regional #9 (Turf)
U-18 Girls
Essex @ Bengies Chase 7:45pm Eastern Regional #9 (Turf)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Eastern Area Soccer League EST. 2003

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