Evansville River City
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2015/2016 Practice Schedule 



EBA:                  CT1                         CT2 

      5-7pm    Casey/Sarah            Ashley/Audrey 

      7-9pm      Andrew                   Amber  


PERRY HEIGHTS:            CT1 

       5-7pm                   Gene 

       6-8pm                  Andi  


CENTRAL:            CT1                    CT2 

        7-9pm        Jessica                 Haley 



EBA:                     CT1 

       6:30-8pm      Kayla 

      7:30-9pm       Bethany 


Sundays – Harrison 

         CT 1                    CT2                CT3  

11-1pm     Casey                  Sarah             Amber/Andrew    

1-3pm       Gene                   Andi               Haley/Jessica  

3-5pm       Ashley                 Audrey           Kayla/ Bethany 

***After Sunday, Dec. 6th we may move Audrey to CT3 from 5-7pm and Bethany and Kayla can have their own court from 3-5pm. 

Please note that the 12 team time MAY have time change in the future (Sunday, only)

2015-2016 Developmental League

We will be doing a developmental league again this year. This is an excellent non-competitive league that the girls can develop their volleyball skills for the next volleyball season.  The dates are listed below. There are 12 practice dates. The cost is $200.00 and it will be for 1.5 hours each session.  This will be offered @ Harrison High School.

There is a DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE application form that you can print from home.  It is located on this same page at the top LEFT hand side under the IMPORTANT FORMS link.  Double click, open/save and then print. 

          5:00 PM-6:30 PM – Younger ages (Grade School)


          6:30 PM- 8:00 PM – High School Ages (Freshman-Senior)


Developmental Dates:  

Start: December 6th 
December 13th 
December 20th 
January 3rd 
January 10th  
January 17th 
January 24th 
January 31st 
February 14th  
February 21st
February 28th 
March 6th 
*Make up dates will be determined, if needed






USAV REGISTRATION (this needs to be completed ASAP so that teams may register for tournaments)  Read below and click on the BLUE link below this message to access the portal


  1. Become a member of Hoosier Region

  2. New membership registration

  3. Scroll to bottom under TO REGISTER: and click CLICK HERE under new member registration.

  4. Fill out information (red asterisks).

  5. Click continue.

  6. On the next page, click the drop down menu for the CLUB. Select EVANSVILLE RIVER CITY.


  8. Fill out parent/guardian info.

  9. Scroll down and check if information is correct.

  10. Scroll down a little farther until you see Payment Information. Then select the SUBMIT PAYMENT SEPARATELY, PER REGION POLICY.

  11. Then you must click and “read” the three waivers.

  12. Fill in the last four digits of social security number of parent/guardian.

  13. Then press SUBMIT. 


-AGES 9-10à $TBD per girl (This age group will attend "x" tournaments.)

-AGES 11-14 à $700.00 per girl (pay half at parent’s meeting on Nov.  and 2nd half by Jan. )

-AGES 15-18 à $800.00 per girl (pay half at parent’s meeting on Nov.  and 2nd half by Jan. )


- Parent meeting is after the teams are made on November xx (TBD)


-Each team will have 2 practices a week: every Sunday and a week night.


-Teams average 4-6 tournaments during the club season.