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FABC will be starting back up soon with a knew group of young lady's. More information coming soon.


1. Offer a program that focuses on basketball skills development, team play, basketball education, and positive club activities. Provide team players with an opportunity to have fun!
2. To be financially sound and provide affordable membership to all those who are willing and able to make a commitment to our club.
3. Promote member family involvement.
4. Provide coaching of the highest quality, available and use other resources that enhance player development.
5. Be an example of class and quality, conducting ourselves in an honorable and sportsmanlike manner.
6. Strive to seek out the strongest competition. Strong competition helps the team improve and reveals our weaknesses.
7. To be a positive force in the local community by seeking out opportunities for community service.


The Flint Area Basketball Club (FABC) was formed to enhance the basketball skills of inner-city youth at risk. The FABC will help develop their social and academic skills necessary in life. Academic standards are a requirement to participate in the program.

Coaching Philosophy and Strategy

It will be the responsibility of the coach to develop the team members individual character, physical skills, and knowledge of the game of basketball. At its best, basketball is a team game. Success is built on disciplined practice which in turn leads to success in games and renews commitment to practicing. Flint Area Basketball Club coaches will be responsible for assessing penalties for improper behavior or violations of club guidelines. Conflicting coaching ideas, concepts, or techniques will not be taught. All coaches will share common beliefs about teaching of fundamental concepts, therefore providing a continuous and proper learning environment. Our method of instruction shall include: Tell, Show, Drill. Tell shall include verbal instruction or copies of plays that can be studied at home. Showing shall take place by coaches or assistants and repeated by players. Drill shall include the use of specific fundamentals and repeated many times to insure proper execution. FABC coaches will meet regularly to discuss team philosophy and strategy.


The Flint Area Basketball Club has high standards for everyone involved in the club.

PLAYERS - All FABC players must demonstrate a commitment to the game of basketball through teamwork, hustle, intensity, and a positive attitude. All players are expected to possess the following talents and attributes necessary to blend their personality and physical skills into the team unit:

Character: Respect for others (CAN DO) attitude, concern to see others succeed.

Athletic Ability: Speed, above average ball handling and shooting, average agility, and maintain peak physical conditioning.

Conduct: Follow the directions and guidance provided by team coaches. Behavior that leaves a positive impression when respresenting the FABC. Shoe no disrespect towards game officials, fans, other athletes, or coahes. Do not use profanity, ethnic or racial slurs. Do not strike or otherwise physically abuse other athletes. Never exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct.

Coaches - All FABC coaches will be selected based on their ability to teach fundamental skills and clearly communicate with the athletes, along with a past history of proven coaching success.
Coaches must:
1. Be able to convey the ideas and concepts of basketball fundamentals in terms clearly unstandable to the players.
2. Uphold the highest standards of intergrity and sportsmanship.
3. Have a past record of coaching success.
4. Set a positive example for the players.
5. Refrain from using alcohol or tobacco products in the presence of players at any time.
6. Abstain from any and all unsportsmanlike conduct.
7. Subscribe and adhere to th FABC coaching philosophy and strategy.
8. Be available as needed for practices and games.

Responsibilities - Players must be on time and ready to play at the time the coaches set. If a player is going to be late or not be able to attend a practice or game, the PLAYER MUST call and notify the coach. At the beginning of the season each player will be given the practices/tournaments that their team will participate in, at this time the player/parent must notify the coach of which practices/tournaments they will NOT be able to attend. The player is expected to show up for all scheduled practices/tournaments unless it is one that is communicated to the coach as stated above.
(Exceptions: school event that was not Known or illness)

Parents - FABC parents must build up and support their player, other team members, and parents of other team members. Parents must possess high moral principals, be honest and fair, and set a superlative example for others. Parents are also responsible for providing suitable arrangements for the lodging, meals and transportation of their player to practices, clinics, and tournaments. Parents are expected to abstain from unprofessional conduct such as: disrespect toward or harassment of game officials, fans, athletes, or coaches, ethnic or racial slurs, and unsportsmanlike conduct. We expect parents to get involved with their player in practice and at home.


All players and parents are expected to participate in the fundraising activities. Each player is required to raise a minimum amount of money each year. Without the fundraising program, the cost per player to participate in our club would be exorbitant!


FABC parents are openly encouraged to participate in our club. There are many areas where parents can contribute, whether skilled in basketball or not.
They include:

Assistant coaches - Parents can help with drills during practice and assist on the bench during games, attending to injured players, supplying towels and water, encouraging the team, tracking substitutions, etc.

Statisticians - Game stats are an important part of developing players. To accurately track performance, we need stat keepers at games.

Trainer - Anyone who knows CPR and has a basic background in first aid is welcome to volunteer for this position. Unfortunately, our girls do risk injury every time they step on the court.

Team Videographer - Video tapes of games are an exceptional tool to aid the coach in determining areas needing improvement.

Fundraising Committee - Parents who serve on this committee would be in charge of carrying out the current fundraising plan, and develop new methods for obtaining funds for our club.

Solicit Donations of Consumables - We use tons of bottled water, towels, and first aid supplies during the season. If you know a business who sells these things, don't be shy please ask for donations. (especially cold packs)