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Spring HS

We will be using HS Rules

No Mercy. When a team goes up by 10 runs, they will assume an out and proceed to play with a 1 ball 1 strike count. If the assumed out is the 3rd out, the inning will be over. The trailing team will start the inning with a runner on 2nd and no out.   This will repeat each time a team goes up by 10 runs. If a team comes back to bat with a 10 run lead, they will be allowed a maximum of 5 runs for every inning they have a 10 run lead.

Time limit is 1 hour and 50 minutes. An inning may be finished if it is in progress at the time limit. 10 minutes between games. Umpires will keep the official time.

Only the head coach can speak with the umpire in regards to rulings on the field. Coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.

Each team is responsible for their own baseballs. You can purchase them from the league if necessary.

You may bat a continuous lineup. (It is encouraged, but not mandatory)

Defensive replacements need not be reported unless it effects the batting order.

Courtesy runners are permitted for the catcher and pitcher only. Please take notice that a courtesy runner MUST be used for the catcher when there is 2 outs. That runner shall be the last out if using a continuous lineup. Or, a player not currently in the lineup.

Please clean up after your selves.




Spring HS league registration is now CLOSED.





Played at Pollard Park in Chesterfield MI ....New Haven Rd and I 94

6 weeks of DH (weather permitting)


MHSAA Umpires will be used.

Contact John at 586.909.4781.





Weather update Hotline / 586-909-4781

Call 586-909-4781 for Rain Updates.

Every attempt will be made to play games or try to reschedule but due to limited fields and time of year may not be feasible.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Apr 19
Spring Ball
Yankees @ Vengance 10:00am Pollard Field 1
Cardinals @ Yellow Jackets 10:00am Pollard Field 2
Hallmans Heroes @ House Bell 10:00am Pollard Field 4
Vengance @ Solid 12:00pm Pollard Field 1
Yellow Jackets @ Cardinals 12:00pm Pollard Field 2
House Bell @ Hallmans Heroes 12:00pm Pollard Field 4
Solid @ Yankees 2:00pm Pollard Field 1
Gladiators @ Scorpions 2:00pm Pollard Field 2
Scorpions @ Gladiators 4:00pm Pollard Field 2
Sunday,  Apr 26
Spring Ball
Cardinals @ Hallmans Heroes 10:00am Pollard Field 1
Yankees @ Gladiators 10:00am Pollard Field 2
Hallmans Heroes @ House Bell 12:00pm Pollard Field 1
Gladiators @ Yankees 12:00pm Pollard Field 2
House Bell @ Cardinals 2:00pm Pollard Field 1
Solid @ Scorpions 2:00pm Pollard Field 2
Vengance @ Yellow Jackets 4:00pm Pollard Field 1
Scorpions @ Solid 4:00pm Pollard Field 2
Yellow Jackets @ Vengance 6:00pm Pollard Field 1
Sunday,  May 3
Spring Ball
Scorpions @ Yankees 10:00am Pollard Field 1
Gladiators @ Solid 10:00am Pollard Field 2
Cardinals @ Vengance 10:00am Pollard Field 4
Yankees @ Scorpions 12:00pm Pollard Field 1
Solid @ House Bell 12:00pm Pollard Field 2
Vengance @ Cardinals 12:00pm Pollard Field 4
Yellow Jackets @ Hallmans Heroes 2:00pm Pollard Field 1
House Bell @ Gladiators 2:00pm Pollard Field 2
Hallmans Heroes @ Yellow Jackets 4:00pm Pollard Field 1
Sunday,  May 10
Spring Ball
Yankees @ Vengance 4:00am Pollard Field 1
Hallmans Heroes @ Solid 10:00am Pollard Field 1
Gladiators @ Cardinals 10:00am Pollard Field 2
Yellow Jackets @ House Bell 10:00am Pollard Field 4
Solid @ Hallmans Heroes 12:00pm Pollard Field 1
Cardinals @ Scorpions 12:00pm Pollard Field 2
House Bell @ Yellow Jackets 12:00pm Pollard Field 4
Vengance @ Yankees 2:00pm Pollard Field 1
Scorpions @ Gladiators 2:00pm Pollard Field 2
Sunday,  May 17
Spring Ball
Cardinals @ Solid 10:00am Pollard Field 1
Scorpions @ Yellow Jackets 10:00am Pollard Field 2
Yankees @ Cardinals 12:00pm Pollard Field 1
Yellow Jackets @ Scorpions 12:00pm Pollard Field 2
Solid @ Yankees 2:00pm Pollard Field 1
Hallmans Heroes @ Vengance 2:00pm Pollard Field 2
House Bell @ Gladiators 4:00pm Pollard Field 1
Vengance @ Hallmans Heroes 4:00pm Pollard Field 2
Gladiators @ House Bell 6:00pm Pollard Field 1

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