Last Updated: July 23, 2014
 Breaking News Fall League Registration is now open   [More Info]

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31 Days
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Register Now For the 2014 Chesterfield Fall Ball League
5th Annual Zito Tournament Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for all that are interested in playing this fall/ please go to on line forms to find the link to your appropriate age group.

Zito Tournament cost $375 3 game guarantee

Great fields, great umpires, awesome facility


Register under online forms........ Tournament to be held August 1,2,3 at ABHS

June 30, 2014

· Chesterfield Fall Baseball @ Pollard Park


· Wood Bat only
· 8u-10u 60ft bases/ (no leadoffs) (You may steal after the ball crosses home plate
· 12u- 70ft bases/ 50ft pitch
· 14u / 16u- 90ft bases/ 60’6” pitch
· Each team receives a score book
· 2 Umps per game High School, & 14u
· Games will be 7 innings or 1:50 min.. 6 innings ages 10 and 12u
· No inning may be started after 1:50
· Pitchers may pitch 6 innings per week end
· Pitchers may re enter if removed  between innings. Pitcher may not re enter if removed on 2nd trip to mound in same inning
. mercy rule is in effect if a team is ahead by 10 more runs when they begin an offensive turn, they will begin that offensive turn with 1 out and a 1 ball 1 strike count
· Continuous Batting order / free substitutions
· You must start each game with 9 players, may finish with 8, with an out being recorded for the missing batter in line up
· Regulation Baseball rules in effect unless noted above
· Online Registration @

Weather update Hotline / 586-909-4781

Call 586-909-4781 for Rain Updates.

I will update my voice mail at 8:30am for the 10am/12 pm games.
I will update my voice mail at 10:30am for the 2pm/4pm games.
I will update my voicemail at 1:30pm for the 4pm/6pm games
I will update my voicemail at 3:30 for the 6pm/8pm games.
If you have any questions please contact your manager

Every attempt will be made to play games or try to reschedule but due to limited fields and time of year may not be fesible.

Chesterfield Fall Ball