Last Updated: October 20, 2017
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  Fontana Community Little League Baseball and Softball 

We offer an excellent little league sports program with 47 teams and 600 Plus Players!!!!!!!  We do not allow "travel ball" teams to join our league as an intact team!!!

FCLL is part of Little League District 71

Spring Baseball & Softball: Participants must live in Fontana, north of Foothill Boulevard and West of Citrus Avenue if below the 210 or West of Beech if above the 210

  Baseball Resident Map            District 71 Boundries - Click Here  

Seasonal Play

Spring Season – February through June

Fall Ball Program - September through November

Member Little League Baseball, Inc.

All Adult Staff • Youth Service Organization • Great Experience  

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  • Major Home run Champion
  • 8-10 Softball All Stars
  • 10-12 Softball All Stars
  • 11/12 All Stars
  • Juniors All Stars
  • 9/10 All Star Team
  • Jr Home Run Champion
  • FCLL Bling Gear

Upcoming Games

Friday, Oct 20
Majors Baseball
Bandits @ Green Machine5:00pmBill Martin Park #2
Orioles @ Angels7:15pmBill Martin Park #2
Minors Baseball
Rockies @ Mudcats5:00pmBill Martin Park #4
Dodgers @ Orioles7:00pmBill Martin Park #4
Rookie Baseball
Diamond Dawgs @ Braves5:00pmBill Martin Park #1
Angels @ Orioles7:00pmBill Martin Park #1
Farm Baseball
Dodgers @ Crush5:00pmBill Martin Park #3
Tee Ball
Orioles @ Angels5:00pmBill Martin Park #5
Senior Baseball
The Heat @ Dodgers7:00pmBill Martin Park #5
Minor/Major Softball
Mad Emojis @ Aftershock6:45pmBill Martin Park #3
Saturday, Oct 21
Majors Baseball
Green Machine @ Orioles1:00pmBill Martin Park #2
Angels @ Braves3:30pmBill Martin Park #2
Minors Baseball
Mudcats @ Dodgers9:00amBill Martin Park #2
Orioles @ Green Peppers11:00amBill Martin Park #2
PRACTICE Rockies11:30amBill Martin Park #4
Rookie Baseball
Diamond Dawgs PRACTICE10:00amBill Martin Park #4
Braves @ Angels12:00pmBill Martin Park #1
Orioles @ Green Machine1:45pmBill Martin Park #1
Farm Baseball
White Sox @ Iron Pigs10:30amBill Martin Park #1
Crush @ Dodgers3:45pmBill Martin Park #1
Tee Ball
Dodgers @ Green Hornets9:00amBill Martin Park #1
Senior Baseball
Domin8ers @ The Heat10:00amBill Martin Park #5
Dodgers PRACTICE1:00pmBill Martin Park #5
Minor/Major Softball
Royals @ Mad Emojis10:00amBill Martin Park #3
Aftershock PRACTICE12:00pmBill Martin Park #3
Wednesday, Oct 25
Majors Baseball
Braves PRACTICE5:00pmBill Martin Park #2
Angels PRACTICE6:00pmBill Martin Park #2
Bandits PRACTICE7:00pmBill Martin Park #2
Orioles PRACTICE8:00pmBill Martin Park #2
Minors Baseball
PRACTICE Rockies5:00pmBill Martin Park #4
Mudcats PRACTICE6:00pmBill Martin Park #4
Dodgers PRACTICE7:00pmBill Martin Park #4
Rookie Baseball
Green Machine PRACTICE5:00pmBill Martin Park #1
Orioles PRACTICE6:00pmBill Martin Park #1
Angels PRACTICE7:00pmBill Martin Park #1
Farm Baseball
Dodgers PRACTICE5:00pmBill Martin Park #3
Iron Pigs PRACTICE5:00pmBill Martin Park #3
Tee Ball
Angels PRACTICE5:00pmBill Martin Park #5
Dodgers PRACTICE5:00pmBill Martin Park #5
Senior Baseball
Domin8ers PRACTICE6:00pmBill Martin Park #5
The Heat PRACTICE7:30pmBill Martin Park #5
Minor/Major Softball
Mad Emojis PRACTICE6:00pmBill Martin Park #3
Royals PRACTICE7:00pmBill Martin Park #3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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