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12pm to 3pm @ BILL MARTIN PARK




REGISTER TODAY for a FREE Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic! 

Chevrolet is hosting two FREE youth baseball instructional clinics in your area for boys and girls ages 6-14*. Instruction will be provided by the experienced staff and players of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim!  

Players will break out into age groups and rotate through stations to learn the essentials of hitting, fielding, throwing and more! *Special Needs participants of all ages are welcome to attend. 

Spots are available on a first come, first serve basis – register NOW to secure your spot!

When:   Saturday, June 20, 2015
Check-In: 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Clinic: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Snack: 11:00 AM

Where: Angel Stadium 
2000 Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, CA  92806


When:   Saturday, June 20, 2015
Check-In: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Clinic: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Snack: 2:00 PM

Where: Angel Stadium 
2000 Gene Autry Way 
Anaheim, CA  92806

Online Registration is Easy!

1.       Go to

2.       Click the blue “Register Now” button

3.    Select Los Angeles in the drop-down menu

4.    Enter the password “playball” (all lowercase, no spaces) and click “Submit”

5.    Click “Register Now” for desired session and enter registration information. Click “Add Attendee” on the next screen to add players.

6.     Click the blue “Complete Registration” button at the end of the page to submit your registration!

7.    Don’t forget to download the waiver (from the website OR your confirmation e-mail!). Each child must have a completed waiver to participate!



Andy Camou
Annette Sanchez
Jasmin Barrios
Jason Skarseth
Jonnay Wenger
Kevin Hennessey
Kim Davis
Leon Ford
Marie Croulet
Michele Zink
Mike Rodriguez
Pete Rincon
Renee Granados
Rick Minniefield
Steven Fernandez
Tamara Reyes
Veronica Holland
Zak Wenger




 PLEASE check ALL catchers masks and tighten any loose screws. This time of year
is when they start to fall out and get lost. Thank you!


 Fontana Community Little League Baseball and Softball 

We offer an excellent little league sports program with more than 50 teams.

We offer year round baseball and softball.  Ages start at 4 years old through Senior players.



Fontana, CA  -  District 71

Baseball & Softball: Participants must live in Fontana, north of Foothill Boulevard and...

West of Citrus Avenue if below the 210 or West of Beech if above the 210

  Baseball Resident Map 

 District 71 Boundries - Click Here 


Play takes Place at:

Bill Martin Park, Hunters Ridge Park, and Coyote Canyon Park

Softball also plays at Jack Bulik and Village Park

 Bill Martin Bio


Seasonal Play

Spring Season – February through June

Winter Ball Program - September through November


Member Little League Baseball, Inc.

All Adult Staff Youth Service Organization Great Experience









Upcoming Games

Friday,  May 29
Major Baseball Tournament of Champions
SW Team #1 @ FCLL Yankees 5:30pm Jack Bulik 2
Major Softball Tournament of Champions
Darling Divas @ Clovers 5:30pm Bill Martin 3
Junior Baseball Tournament of Champions
FCLL Mariners @ SW Yankees 5:30pm Jack Bulik 7
SW Fierce @ FCLL Dodgers 7:45pm Jack Bulik 7
Farm Baseball
Red Sox @ Cubs 5:30pm Bill Martin 1
PRACTICE Dodgers 5:30pm Solorio 1
PRACTICE Mariners 5:30pm Solorio 2
Minor Baseball
PRACTICE Yankees 4:30pm Bill Martin 2
PRACTICE Red Sox 5:00pm Bill Martin 4
PRACTICE Angels 5:00pm Heritage Intermediate 1
PRACTICE Tigers 5:00pm Heritage Intermediate 2
PRACTICE Giants 5:00pm Heritage Intermediate 3
Junior Baseball
PRACTICE FC Mariners 7:30pm Coyote Canyon 3
Saturday,  May 30
Major Baseball Tournament of Champions
Elks Team #1 @ FCLL Tigers 10:00am Jack Bulik 1
SW Team #3 @ FCLL Dodgers 10:00am Jack Bulik 2
Major Softball Tournament of Champions
Velocity @ Darling Divas 2:00pm Bill Martin 3
Force @ Kaos 4:00pm Bill Martin 3
Minor Baseball Play-Off
Winner of Marlins/Royals @ Yankees 2:00pm Bill Martin 2
Winner of Giants/Angels @ Rangers 2:00pm Bill Martin 4
White Sox @ Dodgers 4:00pm Bill Martin 2
Winner of Padres/Tigers @ Red Sox 4:00pm Bill Martin 4
Rookie Softball Tournament of Champions
Thunder @ Dodgerettes 8:00am Bill Martin 3
Lil Lady Elks @ Heartbreakers 9:30am Bill Martin 3
Monster Smash @ Purple Heat 11:00am Bill Martin 3
Diamond Dolls @ Diamond Girls 12:30pm Bill Martin 3
Junior Softball Tournament of Champions
Elite @ No Mercy 6:00pm Bill Martin 3
Fearless @ Lady Bombers 8:00pm Bill Martin 3
Farm Baseball
Dodgers @ Giants 2:00pm Bill Martin 1
Athletics @ Angels 3:30pm Bill Martin 1
Monday,  Jun 1
Major Softball Tournament of Champions
Winner of Divas/Velocity @ Rockstars 7:30pm Bill Martin 3
Rookie Softball Tournament of Champions
Winner of Thunder/Dodgerettes @ Winner of Elks/Heartbreakers 5:30pm Bill Martin 3
Farm Baseball
PRACTICE Mariners 5:30pm Solorio 1
PRACTICE Angels 5:30pm Solorio 2
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Rookie Baseball Play-Off
Yankees @ Dodgers 5:30pm Bill Martin 1
Angels @ Red Sox 7:15pm Bill Martin 1
Junior Baseball Tournament of Champions
Winner of SW Fierce/FCLL Dodgers @ FCLL Angels 5:30pm Jack Bulik 7
Junior Softball Tournament of Champions
Loser of Bombers/Fearless @ Loser of No Mercy/Elite 5:30pm Bill Martin 3
Winner of Bombers/Fearless @ Winner of No Mercy/Elite 7:30pm Bill Martin 3
T-Ball Baseball
Angels @ Red Sox 5:00pm Bill Martin 5
Dodgers @ Giants 6:15pm Bill Martin 5
Farm Baseball
Red Sox @ Mariners 5:30pm Bill Martin 4
PRACTICE Athletics 5:30pm Solorio 1
PRACTICE Cubs 5:30pm Solorio 2
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Major Softball Tournament of Champions
Winner of Kaos/Force @ Winner of Clovers/Divas 7:30pm Bill Martin 3
Rookie Softball Tournament of Champions
Winner of Smash/Heat @ Winner of Dolls/Girls 5:30pm Bill Martin 3
Farm Baseball
PRACTICE Dodgers 5:30pm Solorio 1
PRACTICE Giants 5:30pm Solorio 2
Thursday,  Jun 4
Rookie Baseball Play-Off
Winner of Yankees/Dodgers @ Rangers 5:30pm Bill Martin 1
Winner of Angels/Red Sox @ Diamondbacks 7:15pm Bill Martin 1
Farm Baseball
Cubs @ Dodgers 5:00pm Bill Martin 2
PRACTICE Mariners 5:30pm Solorio 1
PRACTICE Red Sox 5:30pm Solorio 2
Giants @ Angels 6:15pm Bill Martin 2
Friday,  Jun 5
Farm Baseball
PRACTICE Giants 5:30pm Solorio 1
PRACTICE Athletics 5:30pm Solorio 2
Saturday,  Jun 6
Major Baseball Play-Off
Senators @ Red Sox 3:00pm Bill Martin 2
Yankees @ Dodgers 5:30pm Bill Martin 2
Minor Softball Play-Off
Winner of Queens/Nightmare @ Vengeance 3:15pm Bill Martin 3
Rookie Baseball Play-Off
SEED 2 @ SEED 1 2:30pm Bill Martin 1
Junior Baseball Play-Off
Dodgers @ Angels 5:00pm Bill Martin 5
T-Ball Baseball
Padres @ Angels 12:00pm Bill Martin 1
Giants @ Red Sox 1:00pm Bill Martin 1
Farm Baseball
Athletics @ Cubs 12:00pm Bill Martin 4
Mariners @ Dodgers 1:30pm Bill Martin 4
Angels @ Red Sox 3:00pm Bill Martin 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!