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June 1-2nd

Weatherford & High Schools

June 6-9th 

Fort Worth Cats La Grave Field & Area High Schools

June 13- 16

Texas A&M Corpus Christi 18U/16U

 June 21-23

Texas State Showcase

June 27 – 30th


July4 -7th

Fort Worth Cats La Grave Field & Area High Schools.

JULY 11 –14TH

SFA University

July 20-21

Northwestern State University

Cost will be $1000 dollars.  The first payment of $300is  due April 15th. This payment will be used to order jerseys and hats and needs to be made so that all orders can be placed to insure best pricing for these items.


Bill Carlson Professional Hitting Lessons For Area Players

Bill Carlson will be offering private hitting lessons to area players. You can setup hitting lessons with Bill by calling him at 817-812-4169. You can also check out what Bill does in his lessons at

Jerry Polk Passed Away This Weekend

Jerry Polk, the owner and general manager of the Fort Worth Drillers from 2001 until 2011, passed away this weekend after an almost two year battle with cancer. Jerry was a great member of the baseball community in this area and had a positive impact on the lives of all of the young people that he worked with. Jerry will be missed by all of his former players and coaches. We ask that all of the Drillers teams taking the field in the upcoming weeks play the hardnosed Driller baseball Jerry loved to see.

Fort Worth Drillers 16U schedule

Fort Worth Drillers 16U schedule
June 2-3 AAU welcome to summer
June 9-10 Lamar University
June 16-17 Rockwood AAU
June 23-24 Stix Lumer Tournament
June 30-july1 Rockwood AAU
July 2-July 5 A's 4th tournament
July 7th-July12th Dixie Youth Regional (Dallas/Paris)
July 13-15 Open depending on Dixie youth results
July 20-22 Open (local tournament if we are not in Dixie state)
July 27-29th Dallas Mountain View

Drillers 17U Schedule

6-1-6-3 Pony Youth Tournament Venus High School
6-7-6-10 University of Lamar Houton Thunder
6-14-6-17 University of Tyler Houston Thunder
6-21-6-24` Texarkana College Houston Thunder
Arlington A's Tournament Arlington A's
7-7-7-12 Dixie Youth Tournament Dixie Youth
7-19 7-22 TCU/Northwood/Grand Prarie Pasttime
7-26 7-29 Oklahoma State University Pasttime

Fort Worth Drillers Come Form Behind to Win Pony Tournament

The Fort Worth Drillers overcame a 6-2 deficit this weekend to claim the championship of the Pony youth tournament at Venus High School. The teams played great and we are looking forward to a great season of baseball.
Fort Worth Drillers 17U V. Cleburne Sox
Fort Worth Drillers 17U V. Venus High School 10-0
Fort Worth Drillers 17U V. Fort Worth Drillers 16U 7-0
Fort Worth Drillers 17U V. Arlington Heat 8-6

Drillers 17U

Drillers 17U Team,

Congratulations on winning the Cen-Tex Invitational Tournament.
Mary Phillips sent a photo of the team and I did not see one clean uniform, which means we must have played "hard-nosed" Drillers Baseball.
Let's build on this and take it to OSU with us.
Please know that we are going to OSU for one thing and that is to PLAY BASEBALL !
CONGRATS on the big tournament win this past weekend.

Congratulations to the Fort Worth Drillers that will be playing baseball in college next year

July 22, 2009
2010 Team
Tony Rizzotti - TCU
Jaime Ramos - Central Christian University Kanasa
Matt Elkins - Cisco Junior College
Dalton Villegos - Norwood University Dallas Texas

18U team 2009
Cade Clemens - Howard Community College - Big Spring TX
David Ryan Marshall - Christian Brothers - University Memphis, TN
Kyle Chatam - Texas College - Tyler, TX
Andrew Laux - University of Dallas - Dallas, TX
Norberto Santana - Ranger College - Ranger, TX
Ben Denny - University of Mary Hardin Baylor - Belton, TX