Last Updated: December 22, 2014
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Message from the FRYB President

Welcome back to the Flemington-Raritan Youth Basketball website for the 2014-2015 season. If you have any questions regarding this season or specific areas, please reach out to the FRYB Board.  All contact information can be located on the "Contact Info" Tab.

Please Check the website regularly for important information updates.

Thank You

- Mike Laferrera


Thank you to all the players who have registered for the 2014/2015 Season.  Registration for all grades is now closed and teams are full.


Please check the Schedules tab for the latest information.  If you have any questions or concerns please communicate with your team's coach as they have the latest schedule information.




Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Jan 3
1st/2nd Boys
Hoyas @ Huskies 11:00am Robert Hunter A
Scarlet Knights @ Hokies 11:00am Robert Hunter B
Gators @ Tigers 12:30pm Robert Hunter A
Blue Devils @ Longhorns 12:30pm Robert Hunter B
Irish @ Jayhawks 2:00pm Robert Hunter A
Vols PRACTICE 2:00pm Robert Hunter B
1st/2nd Girls
Green Gators @ Blue Bears 8:30am Robert Hunter
Purple Wildcats @ Pink Warriors 9:45am Robert Hunter
3rd/4th Boys
Tar Heels @ Bears 8:00am JP Case Court C
Blue Devils @ Vols 9:15am JP Case Court C
Gators @ Irish 10:30am JP Case Court C
Hoyas @ Huskies 11:45am JP Case Court C
Tigers @ Warriors 1:00pm JP Case Court C
Jayhawks @ Scarlet Knights 2:15pm JP Case Court C
Hokies @ Wildcats 3:30pm JP Case Court C
3rd/4th Girls
Scarlet Knights @ Hoyas 8:00am JP Case Court A
Bears @ Blue Devils 9:15am JP Case Court A
Irish @ Jayhawks 10:30am JP Case Court A
5th/6th Boys
Blue Devils @ Warriors 8:00am Reading Fleming (RFIS)
Longhorns @ Hoyas 9:15am Reading Fleming (RFIS)
Hokies @ Gators 10:30am Reading Fleming (RFIS)
Huskies @ Irish 11:45am Reading Fleming (RFIS)
Jayhawks @ Tigers 1:00pm Reading Fleming (RFIS)
5th/6th Girls
Bears @ Gators 11:45am JP Case Court A
Vols @ Wildcats 1:00pm JP Case Court A
Vols @ Warriors 2:15pm JP Case Court A
7th/8th Boys
Vols @ Scarlet Knights 8:00am JP Case Court B
Hokies @ Irish 9:15am JP Case Court B
Longhorns @ Tigers 10:30am JP Case Court B
Gators @ Hoyas 11:45am JP Case Court B
Wildcats @ Warriors 1:00pm JP Case Court B
Huskies @ Blue Devils 2:15pm JP Case Court B

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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