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November 19, 2010
Sandi has been selling AVON for just over 4 years. Please contact me at 314-428-4573, 314-550-9586 or to place an order to recieve a copy of our newst catalog.
She is also still working at St. Louis University Dept of Orthopeadics. Can you believe she has been there 20 years! She also has returned to school at SLU to finish her degree.

Doug continues to work at King's Automotive as a mechanic. But he has been very fortunate with his soccer refereeing. In out-door he has passed the test to do college games and in futsal he will start working on his professional lisence. He really enjoys it and has met a lot of great players.

Great News!! Brad is a Sophomore at Webster University this year. He was on the Vianney Bowling team and really enjoyed it as well as really improving his game which has enabled him to join Granpa's bowling team with the rest of the family. He is playing soccer on a intermural team at Webster. He is working at Verizon Wireless Pavillion again this summer as an usher/ticket taker and at Toys R Us in hopes of moving out this May.

Flori is a freshman at Ritenour High School. She completed a fun softball season and has just made the freshman basketball team. She continues to be a force on the North County Speical Olympic team and hopefully will also play soccer for Ritenour. Good luck to all the teams. School has been great. The teachers are so helpful and incouraging even Algebra has been fun.

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