Last Updated: August 14, 2017 
  • Thanks for a great season! See you in September!

Thanks For A Great Season!


We will see you in September!  If you are interested in skating during the off-season and would like lessons with one of our coaches, please contact us at or visit our contact page where their contact information is listed.


Welcome to Great Bay Figure Skating!

Who We Are:

Great Bay Figure Skating Club has had 42 annual (continuous) spring productions!  Our professionals love to teach skating, and it shows!  Whether you want to be able to skate across a frozen pond, get ready for hockey, learn basic skating for fun and exercise, or spin, jump, and skate in shows, we can help you reach your skating goals.

Our skaters are all ages and abilities.  We serve all skaters, from tiny tots to adult beginners.  Some of our skaters compete, some skate for the challenge, but we all skate for fun.  Skaters make friends, learn lessons about sportsmanship, goal setting, and hard work, and most of all, have fun.  Whether you dream of skating in the show, or just want to look good at public skate, you are welcome here.

We are also an adult friendly club- we have an active group of adult skaters at all levels. 


Great Bay Figure Skating Club's Past and Present Activities:

Learn to Skate USA (Formally known as Basic Skills) - Group lessons are held on Saturday mornings beginning each September, with pre-registration in late August. Eight levels of Basic Skills Skating lessons are offered, with skills needed to begin hockey or figure skating, followed by Free Skate levels, with programs for beginner to intermediate skaters. Skaters are awarded patches for levels passed. 

Adult Learn to Skate USA (Formally know as Basic Skills) - Group lessons geared towards adults learning styles are offered on Saturday mornings beginning each September, with pre-registration in late August. Participants include those stepping on the ice for the first time through those more experienced.

Flex - Sessions for private lessons, practice for USFSA tests, competitions, and general practice are held in late afternoons or evenings during the week and or Saturday mornings. These sessions are designed for but not limited to, intermediate through more advanced skaters taking private lessons.

United States Figure Skating Association Testing - GBFSC may host test sessions during the year. In order to test at the desired level, skaters must pre-register with the test Chairperson and have their coach’s approval.

Ice Shows - GBFSC members in the Basic Skills program and Flex programs put on two ice shows each year, where GBFSC members at any level can skate. Skaters must be members in good standing to qualify for these shows or any additional GBFSC shows. Skaters passing certain minimum USFSA test levels may also be considered as featured skaters.

Junior Coaching - Club skaters in good standing who have passed Pre-Preliminary Free Skate & Pre-Preliminary Moves may support coaches in Learn to Skate instruction on Saturday mornings, sharing their passion for skating with newer skaters and gaining valuable leadership skills. Interested skaters should contact head coach Chris Roux.

Other Skating Programs – GBFSC is exploring a Theater on Ice program. Theater on Ice is a form of competitive skating combining the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. GBFSC has also developed synchronized skating teams in various years that have competed regionally.

Used Skate Swap/Boutique - Members’ formerly loved ice skates; skating dresses and other skating clothing are sold on consignment several times a year at our Learn to Skate Sessions on Saturdays and at the Shows. New items may also be available for sale from time to time.


The Great Bay Figure Skating Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1974 and running continuously since inception.


The club’s main goals currently consist of the following:

  1. Basic Skills Learn to Skate (LTS) program and development of skating programs for all ages, offering group lessons and ice time.

  2. Moves and Freestyle: to learn and perfect the more advanced skills.

  3. Competitive synchronized team skating. Training and ice times of such teams were a major focus for many years at the Great Bay Figure Skating Club.

  4. Introduction of new programs based on the interest level of membership, such as Theater on Ice.

  5. Annual holiday and end of year ice shows.



Getting the most out of GBFSC League Lineup

October 2, 2014


The new Great Bay Figure Skating Club website is moving along very nicely and I wanted to update everyone on the features league lineup has to offer for parents and skaters.  Please bear with us as this is all new to us, but we are hoping to get more information and communications out to our skating family.


You will get the most out of league lineup if you register for an account and favorite the Great Bay Figure Skating Club page.  Once you do this you will be able to do the following:

  • Registration History
  • Pay Online
    • Use the PayPal link to pay for Basic Skills/Learn to Skate Sessions and Flex Ice once you have registered
    • You can also setup auto payments or donate to the club.  We are now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Schedule Email reminders
    • Depending on the program you are interested in you can get email reminders before ice or lesson time
    • Use the Program Schedules page and select the program you are interested above the table or in the Communications section of your league lineup account
  • iCal link for Schedules on your iPhone
  • Mobile App for your iPhone
    • View news updates, program schedules and photos on your mobile device from GBFSC
  • Bulletin Board
    • View and post messages for other club members to see


If you have any comments or suggestions please send us an email or contact us via the Contact Info link. 


Quick pay buttons for PayPal payments

These links are to make payments to Great Bay Figure Skating Club after you have registered with the club.  Please use the Online Forms to register and pay for a new skater.

To make payments: 



Flex Ice Passes:

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To setup automatic payments for Basic Skills/Learn to Skate Sessions:


To donate to Great Bay Figure Skating Club:


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