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USA Football

Should I let our son play tackle football?

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This question is being asked in households in every city and town across the United States. Warriors Youth Sports in Denver and the Arapahoe Youth League would like to provide our answer to this question - a resounding YES - and then provide you information to help you reach the same conclusion. Read more »

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Counter the heat's effects through acclimatization and proper hydration

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An athlete faces stress in numerous ways. Whether physical, internal or coming from peers and coaches, stress can cause individuals to tire and wear down. But there’s another factor that plays a large role in stressing the body ... Read more »

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Learn from the Pros: Jeff Fisher on fundamentals


St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher reminds coaches that fundamentals are the building blocks of every player, no matter what level. Watch »

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A checklist for synthetic turf fields best management practices

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SPONSORED CONTENT - Spring is here. Summer is close by. Fall is just around the corner. That means it's time to make sure your football field is ready to host games. A common misconception is that synthetic turf fields are maintenance-free. This is not the case. Learn more »

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7 foods for optimal football play

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Want top performance on the football field from your kids? Don't ignore their nutrition. It's imperative for children to develop proper eating habits early on to set the foundation for smarter eating choices later in life. Get tips »

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