Last Updated: March 22, 2017
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Registration is now Closed.

Teams have been assigned and practices have started.

If you are interested in umpiring for the league this year please see the link to the right to sign up.

Games will begin April 1st, schedules will be shared when available. 




Upcoming Games

Saturday, Apr 1
T-Ball (Baseball)
Gravette Boone @ Gravette McBrideTBAGravette Field 7
Gravette Glover @ Gravette EllisTBAGravette Field 7
Monday, Apr 3
6U Softball (T-Ball)
Siloam Little Ladybacks  @ Gravette Flynt 5:45pmGravette Field 6
Gentry 2  @ Siloam Springs Sassy Sluggers5:45pmSiloam Springs North
Gravette Lemonds  @ Gravette Long 7:00pmGravette Field 6
8U Softball
Jay Walker @ Gravette Edgmon5:45pmGravette Field 5
Pea Ridge Diamond Hawks @ Jay Woods5:45pmJay Field 4
Siloam Springs Purple Rain @ Grove Ridgy Cuties6:00pmGrove Field 4
Siloam Springs Sluggers @ Gentry 17:00pmGentry Parks Field
Jay Kingfisher @ Gravette Russell7:00pmGravette Field 5
Grove Flames @ Jay Summerfield7:00pmJay Field 4
10U Softball
Pea Ridge-Ridge Girls @ Grove Rampage5:45pmGravette Field 3
Siloam Springs Slammers  @ Jay Holt6:00pmJay Field 3
Gentry 1  @ Pea Ridge Super Hawks6:00pmPea Ridge Field
Grove Xtreme @ Siloam Springs Crush6:00pmSiloam Springs South
12U Softball
Pea Ridge Lady Hawks @ Gentry 1 6:00pmGentry Stokes Field
Gravette Christie @ Grove Ridgys6:00pmGrove Field 2
Gravette Callahan  @ Jay Allgood7:00pmGravette Field 3
Siloam Springs Ballers @ Siloam Springs Shock  7:30pmSiloam Springs South
Machine Pitch (Boys)
Pea Ridge Red  @ Gentry 1 5:45pmGentry Field 1
Gravette Williams @ Gravette Worley5:45pmGravette Field 4
Gentry 2  @ Pea Ridge Grey 5:45pmPea Ridge Field
Pea Ridge Black  @ Pea Ridge Blue 5:45pmPea Ridge Field 1
Pea Ridge Green @ Gravette J. Glover7:15pmGravette Field 4
T-Ball (Baseball)
Gravette McBride @ Decatur 5:45pmDecatur Upper
Gravette Bequettte @ Gentry1 5:45pmGentry Lamberson Field
Gravette Boone @ Gentry2 7:00pmGentry Lamberson Field
Tuesday, Apr 4
6U Softball (T-Ball)
Gravette Flynt  @ Gentry 1 5:45pmGentry Glass-Test Feemster Field
Siloam Springs Sassy Sluggers @ Gravette Lemonds 5:45pmGravette Field 6
Gravette Long  @ Siloam Little Ladybacks 5:45pmSiloam Springs North
8U Softball
Pea Ridge Knockouts @ Gravette Russell5:45pmGravette Field 5
Gentry 1 @ Jay Walker5:45pmJay Field 4
Jay Woods @ Grove Flames6:00pmGrove Field 4
Siloam Springs Sluggers @ Pea Ridge Diamond Hawks6:00pmPea Ridge Field
Decatur @ Grove Ridgy Cuties7:00pmGrove Field 4
Jay Summerfield @ Jay Kingfisher7:00pmJay Field 4
Siloam Springs Pink Panthers @ Siloam Springs Purple Rain7:00pmSiloam Springs North
10U Softball
Jay Howe @ Gravette Schaffer5:45pmGravette Field 3
Gentry 1  @ Grove Xtreme6:00pmGrove Field 2
Grove Rampage @ Siloam Springs Slammers 6:00pmSiloam Springs South
12U Softball
Jay Allgood @ Gentry 1 6:00pmGentry Stokes Field
Jay Shelley @ Gravette Callahan 7:00pmGravette Field 3
Gravette Christie @ Siloam Springs Ballers7:30pmSiloam Springs South
Machine Pitch (Boys)
Pea Ridge Blue  @ Gentry 2 5:45pmGentry Field 1
Pea Ridge Grey  @ Gravette Williams5:45pmGravette Field 4
Gentry 1  @ Pea Ridge Green5:45pmPea Ridge Field
Gravette Worley @ Pea Ridge Red 5:45pmPea Ridge Field 1
Gravette J. Glover @ Pea Ridge Black 7:15pmPea Ridge Field
T-Ball (Baseball)
Gentry1  @ Gentry3 5:45pmGentry Lamberson Field
Gravette Ellis @ Gravette Boone5:45pmGravette Field 7
Gentry2  @ Gravette Glover7:00pmGravette Field 7
Thursday, Apr 6
6U Softball (T-Ball)
Gentry 1  @ Gentry 2 5:45pmGentry Glass-Test Feemster Field
8U Softball
Siloam Springs Purple Rain @ Gravette Edgmon5:45pmGravette Field 5
Jay Kingfisher @ Jay Woods5:45pmJay Field 4
Grove Ridgy Cuties @ Grove Flames6:00pmGrove Field 4
Pea Ridge Knockouts @ Siloam Springs Sluggers6:00pmSiloam Springs North
Decatur @ Gentry 17:00pmGentry Parks Field
Gravette Russell @ Siloam Springs Pink Panthers7:00pmSiloam Springs North
10U Softball
Gravette Schaffer @ Pea Ridge-Ridge Girls5:45pmPea Ridge Field
Jay Holt @ Siloam Springs Crush6:00pmSiloam Springs South
12U Softball
Siloam Springs Shock   @ Jay Shelley6:00pmJay Field 3
Grove Ridgys @ Pea Ridge Lady Hawks7:00pmGravette Field 3
T-Ball (Baseball)
Gentry3  @ Gravette Bequettte5:45pmGravette Field 7
Decatur  @ Gravette McBride7:00pmGravette Field 7
Friday, Apr 7
8U Softball
Gravette Edgmon @ Decatur5:45pmDecatur Bottom
Siloam Springs Pink Panthers @ Jay Summerfield5:45pmJay Field 4
Jay Walker @ Pea Ridge Knockouts6:00pmPea Ridge Field
10U Softball
Pea Ridge Super Hawks @ Jay Howe5:45pmGravette Field 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!