Age Breakdown for 2018 Halifax Youth Baseball

If your child was born:

They will play in:

5-1-13   to   4-30-14


5-1-11   to   4-30-13


 5-1-09   to   4-30-11


 5-1-06   to   4-30-09


5-1-05   to   4-30-06

SENIOR LEAGUE* (*register thru KYBSL)




Spring 2018 Registration note
Halifax "11year old" players(born 5-1-2006 - 4-30-2007) will stay "in-town" this coming Spring for Spring League and All-Stars. Parents of last years players in this group were e-mailed with more info.
12's and older(born before 5-1-2006) will still register and play in Kingston (http://kybsl.website.siplay.com/)
Online Registration for HYB players, ages 4-11, will begin in early January 2018



Fall Baseball will begin the weekend after Labor Day and play on Saturdays or Sundays.

Age groups:

Tee-Ball(6year olds)- Born May 1, 2010 to April 30, 2012

Farm(7/8year olds)-   Born May 1, 2008 to April 30, 2010

The above age groups can register on the "Register Online" tab to the left.


Players 9-15 years of age can register directly through the Kingston Baseball Website :




Halifax Youth Baseball will be holding registrations for the 2017 Summer All-Star teams at the 7/8 and 9/10 year old levels.

**Plympton players are eligible this year for Halifax All Stars at the 9/10 year old level as they have registered to play through Halifax Youth Baseball and are part of our program.**

When:  Tuesday May 30th 8:00pm at the Halifax Elementary School Gym Lobby

Bring:    Check for registration and a copy of your child's birth certificate

The number of team's we field this season will depend on the number of kids we get to register. We are hoping for at least 1 team at both the 8 year old and 9/10 year old levels.


Baseball Age Based on Month/Year
Birth Month 2006 2007 2008 2009
JAN - APR 11 10 9 8
MAY - DEC 10 9 8 7

Cost: The cost for our 8 year old team is $90 per player. The cost for our 9/10 year old team is $125 per player. Family max of $200 for multiple siblings playing.

What's Included: Uniform (game shirt / socks / hat), equipment, game balls, insurance, umpire fees, league expenses and tournament expenses. We will have samples of uniform shirts available for sizing.

Depending on the number of kids who register, we may need to conduct evaluations and cuts could be possible. Coaches typically like to keep the roster at 12-13 players so if we get 16 players to register at a given level, we may need to conduct evaluations and make cuts. Time and place for evaluations is to be determined if necessary.

Our teams will be playing in the Friendship League (8 year olds) and the South River Baseball League (9/10 year olds). The teams comprising this league are local (Hanson, Pembroke, Marshfield, Plymouth, Whitman, Abinton etc.) and travel is minimal. You won't be giving up your summer to participate!! The teams play roughly the same amount as town rec baseball with 2 games a week (10 games total..mostly week nights) and a practice. The schedule is roughly 5-6 weeks starting at the end of June and ending 1st week of August if team makes the playoffs.

Coaches for each team will be comprised of current Farm League (7/8 year olds) and Junior League (9/10 year olds) coaches.

A Q&A form with more info will be given out at registrations.

If your child is interested in playing All Stars it's extremely important that you register on Tuesday the 30th. If you cannot make the registration you can send an email to the coordinators and they'll arrange getting your child's birth certificate and registration check.

Joe Noonan - Junior League Coordinator (9/10 year olds) :  noona23@comcast.net

Mike Nista - Farm League Coordinator (8 year olds):            nista2323@aol.com




HYB is looking to get the Snack Shack and Bathrooms open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during JUNIOR games and practices. This will be a great convenience to the players/coaches/familes, having it open for business AND nice bathrooms available.  
Tee-Ball & FARM league teams will be assigned 1-2 Sundays each to cover the Shack. Your coaches will be letting you know which date(s) for your team. There are also shifts available on Tuesdays during Farm games/practices. 
The $$ funds raised in the snack shack go towards the end of season Field Day (Saturday June 10). So please step up and help out, so that we can raise the funds to include YOUR team in Field Day this Spring. (thanks to those of you that have already volunteered). 
Parents can sign up in two ways:
1- By logging in and signing up at
https://signup.com/mobileweb/2.0/vspot.html?activitykey=12751346380106#choose_event_page , or  
2- Contact Tammy Firth at tammy_firth@hotmail.com
If each family covers just ONE shift during the season, the Shack will be open all season and the necessary funds can be raised to hold a great end-of-season Field Day!

Opening Day Parade and Ceremonies will be this Sunday (4-23).
Players should be at the Town Hall by 11:30am.
Parade begins at Noon.
We are happy to announce that players and coaches of the Silver Lake High School Varsity Softball AND Varsity Baseball teams will be there to meet the players!!
Baseball Game Schedule:
1:15pm- Tee-Ball - Shea Field -  A's v Pirates
1:15pm- Tee-Ball - JRLL Field - Tigers v Indians
1:15pm- Tee-Ball - Babe Ruth Fld - Cubs v Angels
2:15pm-FARM - Shea Field -Marlins v Nationals
2:15pm- FARM - Babe Ruth Field - Giants v  Rangers
2:45pm- JRLL Field - JUNIOR Jamboree

HYB 2017 Divisional Information:


JUNIOR LEAGUE - Halifax will form  teams to play along with a team from Plympton. Practices and Home games will be at HES. Away games will be at Plympton. Teams will have  approx 2 games and 1 practice per week.

FARM LEAGUE - Halifax will form 3-4 teams to play along with a team from Plympton. Practices and Home games will be at HES. Away games will be at Plympton. Teams will have 1-2 games per week, using Sunday afternoons and another weeknight (TBD). They will practice once per week, (TBD).

TEE-BALL- Halifax will form 4-6 teams to play along with 1-2 teams from Plympton. Practices and  Games will be at HES, with each team playing 1-2 games in Plympton. Teams will have 1 game per week on Sunday afternoons, or occasionally on a weeknight (TBD)  and 1 practice per week, on a weeknight (TBD).

ROOKIE -  A joint effort with Halifax Girls Softball. Boys age 4 (born 5-1-12 to 4-30-13) are eligible, along with Girls in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Open to kids from any town. A VERY basic introduction to playing ball, similar to Dynamite Soccer. Meets on Fridays 6pm-7pm at Vaughan Playground.





Congrats to HYB Board members

Joe Noonan and Scott McKee

on their induction into the Silver Lake High School Athletic Hall of Fame!




will be held Sunday April 23. Parade will begin from the Town Hall at Noon.

Players and Coaches should be at the Town Hall green by 11:30am.



Here is the link to the all new HYB Facebook Page:


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Congrats to HYB Alumni


Maddy Barone (Southern NH University) & Jason Johndrow (University of Hartford) 

as they signed their National Letters of Intent at Silver Lake High School!!