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  • Hamilton Women's Hockey League - since 1994
March Break, No games March 15, 2015
Feminine Hygiene & New Bra Drive!
Juno Cup Hockey Game
Celebrating our 21st year....

Hamilton Women's Hockey League

March Break, No games March 15, 2015

Have a safe March break,  ice time available with the arena for teams wanting to practice.  Contact Wentworth arenas for more information.

Playoff Schedule & Format/Rules

The playoff schedule for the first 3 weeks (round-robin) has been posted.  All teams will be re-ranked for the last 2 weeks (semi-finals and finals) and those games will be posted after the round-robin is complete.

The rules & format for the 2014/15 Playoffs can be found here.

Juno Cup Hockey Game

Want to see some NHL & Olympic hockey stars play against a team of Musicians & Celebrities during the Juno week celebrations in Hamilton?  You can find more information here.

2015 HWHL Tournament Entry Form

The 2015 HWHL Tournament is scheduled for the weekend of April 24-26 at the Hamilton 4 Ice Arena (aka Quad Pad).  The entry form can be found here and the early entry deadline is March 1st with final registration being March 15th.

To all HWHL players:

  1. We have several teams that will be missing players the weekend of the tournament. If you have “half a team”, or you are an individual player looking for a team to play on, please put your name/team name on the signup sheet in the office, indicating your need.Also, please check the office regularly for other teams on that list. We request that you connect with other teams yourselves to form a complete team.
  2. Please take any donations for the Raffle Table to the HWHL office as soon as you have it. Thanks in advance for your help with the Raffle!
  3. We are looking for some creative people to help assemble the gifts for the Raffle. Please contact Erika or Ruth if you have a few hours to help before tournament weekend. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. The existing committee members would not be able to make the Raffle Table look as good as it did in previous years, without some creative help with this!

Feminine Hygiene & New Bra Drive!

Feminine hygiene products and bras are expensive.

Especially for women who are without a home or are facing financial, domestic or life hardships.  Green is the New Black, a Tuesday women's soccer team, in partnership with Wentworth Arenas is holding a month long feminine hygiene and new bra drive in support of our sisters that might be in such a situation.*

Collected items will be distributed to Interval House & the Native Women's Centre.

For more information on this initiative click here.

Flamboro Old Sabres Tournament

Looking for a tournament close to home.  The Flamboro Old Sabres tournament is being held Thurs. Mar. 19th to Sun. Mar. 22nd.  More information can be found here.

OWHA Harassment Policy

The OWHA harassment & bullying policy can be found here.

Blood Donations and Bone Marrow Registry

Hello ladies!  We trust everyone had a great Christmas holiday with your families.

While we all look forward to getting back on the ice and entering into 2014 one of our members is in the hospital with a recent diagnosis of Leukemia.   We send the very best wishes for her treatment and recovery. At at this time please please consider donating blood at your local donation centres.  In addition if you are a healthy 35 year old or younger please consider the Bone Marrow Registry. Your donation could help people that desperately need it.


The HWHL supports the work of Tiny Paws Rescue and N.O.L.A lab rescue, fostering and finding forever homes for abandoned and rescue dogs.

This Weeks Games

Sunday,  Mar 8
Playoffs-Tier 1
The Wild @ Rebels 2:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Maroons @ Toxic Fuel 3:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Jello Shooters @ Brew Crew 4:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Playoffs-Tier 2
Silver Bullets @ Twisted Sisters 5:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Crush @ Beer Naked Ladies 6:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Cyclones @ Total Chaos 7:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Playoffs-Tier 3
Woody's @ Roadrunners 3:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Ice Dogs @ Blizzards 4:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Tigers @ Pretenders 5:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Playoffs-Tier 4
Kilties @ Mighty Pylons 12:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Shockers @ Game Misconduct 1:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Babes on Blades @ Litigators 1:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
The Hericanes @ Tequila Rose 2:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Playoffs-Tier 5
Thunder @ Black Widows 8:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
JP Shooters @ Lightning 8:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Gliders @ Chaos 9:00pm Wentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Bawdy Bags @ Powerhouse 9:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Playoffs-Tier 6
Diamonds @ Stixie Chicks 6:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink
Goal Diggers @ Devils 7:15pm Wentworth Arenas A Rink

For a complete schedule listing, click here!