Last Updated: November 30, 2015
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Celebrating our 21st year....

Hamilton Women's Hockey League

Proof of Insurance Refunds - Deadline

Just a reminder that in order to be able to process any outstanding Proof of Insurance refunds, the form needs to be turned in to the HWHL office by the end of games on Sun. Dec. 20.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

2016 HWHL Tournament Dates

The 2016 HWHL tournament will be held on the weekend of April 22-24 at the Hamilton 4 Ice arena.  Please check the website as the entry form and other details will be posted when available.

Christmas Fund Raising

Hello Ladies once again the Christmas season is upon us and as always the HWHL supports our local food bank and charities with a food donation and our 50/50 draw proceeds.

We will be collecting non perishable food and health products at the arena on Sunday's as well as our volunteers will be around for you to purchase 50/50 tickets for cash draws weekly.

If you would like to volunteer during the December season, please contact the Executives.


Sunday Skills and Drills

We are very excited to announce that our Tier 6 division will be a skills and drills session each week starting this season!  Ever wanted to just learn to skate and the skills needed to play the game. Now you can at any age!  

Fill out our registration form below and indicate skills and drills!  Email the form  to us and provide payment of $425 for the entire season!  

2015-2016 Executive

At the AGM on May 13th a new league Executive was elected for the upcoming (2015-2016) season.   The Executive is:
President - Wendy Henderson
Vice-President - Penny Lefebour
Treasurer - Andrea Gillespie
Secretary - Sue Frasson
Director - Julia Wagner
Director - Joyce Lamswood
Director - Cheryl Simon
Director - Tammy Allen
Director - Janine Senour
Director - Melissa Sifton

Please welcome the new members, Janine and Melissa, and our new President, Wendy.

OWHA Harassment Policy

The OWHA harassment & bullying policy can be found here.

Blood Donations and Bone Marrow Registry

Hello ladies!  We trust everyone had a great Christmas holiday with your families.

While we all look forward to getting back on the ice and entering into 2014 one of our members is in the hospital with a recent diagnosis of Leukemia.   We send the very best wishes for her treatment and recovery. At at this time please please consider donating blood at your local donation centres.  In addition if you are a healthy 35 year old or younger please consider the Bone Marrow Registry. Your donation could help people that desperately need it.


The HWHL supports the work of Tiny Paws Rescue and N.O.L.A lab rescue, fostering and finding forever homes for abandoned and rescue dogs.

This Weeks Games

Friday, Dec 4
Bruins @ Canadiens7:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Blackhawks @ Leafs8:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Sunday, Dec 6
Tier 1
Rebels @ Nice Cold Ones1:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Brew Crew @ The Wild2:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 2
Beer Naked Ladies @ Crush1:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Silver Bullets @ Cyclones2:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Total Chaos @ Twisted Sisters3:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 3
Roadrunners @ Ice Dogs6:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tigers @ Blizzards7:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Woody's @ Pretenders8:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 4
Mighty Pylons @ The HERicanes5:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Litagators @ Game Miss Conduct6:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Shockers @ Tequila Rose7:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Kilties @ Victorious Secret8:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Gliders @ Thunder9:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 5
Powerhouse @ Black Widows3:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Bawdy Bags @ Lightning4:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Chaos @ JP Shooters4:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Devils @ Diamonds5:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Skills & Drills
Skills @ Skills12:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Friday, Dec 11
Blackhawks @ Bruins7:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Leafs @ Canadiens8:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Sunday, Dec 13
Tier 1
The Wild @ Nice Cold Ones8:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Brew Crew @ Rebels9:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 2
Cyclones @ Beer Naked Ladies5:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Crush @ Total Chaos6:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Twisted Sisters @ Silver Bullets7:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 3
Blizzards @ Woody's6:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Pretenders @ Roadrunners7:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Ice Dogs @ Tigers8:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 4
Thunder @ Shockers1:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tequila Rose @ Litagators2:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Game Miss Conduct @ Mighty Pylons3:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
The HERicanes @ Kilties4:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Victorious Secret @ Gliders5:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 5
Devils @ Chaos1:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Black Widows @ Lightning2:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
JP Shooters @ Powerhouse3:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Diamonds @ Bawdy Bags4:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Skills & Drills
Skills @ Skills12:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Friday, Dec 18
Bruins @ Leafs7:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Blackhawks @ Canadiens8:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Sunday, Dec 20
Tier 1
Rebels @ The Wild3:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Brew Crew @ Nice Cold Ones4:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 2
Beer Naked Ladies @ Total Chaos2:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Cyclones @ Twisted Sisters3:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Silver Bullets @ Crush4:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 3
Tigers @ Pretenders1:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Woody's @ Roadrunners1:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Blizzards @ Ice Dogs2:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 4
Game Miss Conduct @ Tequila Rose5:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Litagators @ Thunder6:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Shockers @ Victorious Secret7:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Gliders @ The HERicanes8:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Kilties @ Mighty Pylons9:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 5
JP Shooters @ Devils5:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Black Widows @ Bawdy Bags6:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Diamonds @ Powerhouse7:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Lightning @ Chaos8:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Skills & Drills
Skills @ Skills12:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink

For a complete schedule listing, click here!