Last Updated: October 25, 2016
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Celebrating our 21st year....

Hamilton Women's Hockey League

2016-2017 Registration/Refund Forms

Please note that starting September 1st, the late single player/division registration fee of $435 is in effect, payable in full, only by cash, bank draft, or email transfer. At this time, neither personal cheques, nor split/installment payments will be accepted.

The registration form for the 2016-2017 season is now available.  Instructions on how to complete the form using Adobe Acrobat Pro can be found here.  Otherwise, you can print the form and complete it in hand written form and send it by scan/email or by mail. 

For those players submitting an email transfer to pay for registration in one HWHL league only, please indicate within the message text box of the email transfer whether your payment is for ADULT REC, or MASTERS. Thank you.

If required, the refund form is also available.

HWHL Tournament Winners

To All Tournament Teams:
Thank you for making our 2016 tournament another successful one! It was a terrific weekend of great hockey, competitive spirits and good times.
Congratulations to all the winners of our 2016 HWHL Tournament!

Tier 1:             Nice Cold Ones
Tier 3A:           Beer Naked Ladies
Tier 3B:           Blizzards
Tier 4:              Litigators
Tier 5:              CYGHA Get Recd

We hope to see you all next year. Have a great summer!

HWHL Tournament - Unclaimed Prizes

There are several unclaimed prizes left over from the tournament, including two summer hockey vouchers that need to be claimed ASAP. Please check your tickets and contact Ruth if you are a lucky winner.


The HWHL supports the work of Tiny Paws Rescue and N.O.L.A lab rescue, fostering and finding forever homes for abandoned and rescue dogs.

This Weeks Games

Friday, Oct 28
Bruins @ Leafs7:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Canadiens @ Blackhawks8:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Sunday, Oct 30
Skills & Drills
Skills & Drills @ Skills & Drills12:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 1
The Wild @ Cluster Pucks5:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Nice Cold Ones @ Brew Crew6:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Puck Buddies @ Cougars7:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 2
Twisted Sisters @ Crush1:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Silver Bullets @ Beer Naked Ladies2:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Busch on Ice @ Cyclones3:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 3
Tigers @ Game Miss Conduct1:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Woody's @ Pretenders2:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Blizzards @ Ice Dogs3:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Roadrunners @ Kilties4:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 4
Litigators @ The HERicanes7:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Shockers @ Black Widows8:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Thunder @ Puck'n Take Care8:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Chaos @ Mighty Pylons9:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tequila Rose @ Gliders9:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 5
Lightning @ Powerhouse4:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
JP Shooters @ Stixies5:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Diamonds @ Devils6:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Friday, Nov 4
Bruins @ Blackhawks7:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Leafs @ Canadiens8:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Sunday, Nov 6
Skills & Drills
Skills & Drills @ Skills & Drills12:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 1
Cluster Pucks @ Nice Cold Ones4:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Cougars @ The Wild5:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Brew Crew @ Puck Buddies6:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 2
Beer Naked Ladies @ Twisted Sisters7:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Cyclones @ Silver Bullets8:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Crush @ Busch on Ice9:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 3
Game Miss Conduct @ Woody's6:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Ice Dogs @ Tigers7:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Pretenders @ Roadrunners8:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Kilties @ Blizzards9:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 4
Mighty Pylons @ Shockers1:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
The HERicanes @ Chaos1:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Black Widows @ Gliders2:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Thunder @ Tequila Rose2:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Puck'n Take Care @ Litigators3:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 5
Powerhouse @ JP Shooters3:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Devils @ Lightning4:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Stixies @ Diamonds5:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Friday, Nov 11
Canadiens @ Bruins7:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Blackhawks @ Leafs8:45pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Sunday, Nov 13
Skills & Drills
Skills & Drills @ Skills & Drills12:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 1
Cougars @ Cluster Pucks7:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Puck Buddies @ Nice Cold Ones8:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
The Wild @ Brew Crew9:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 2
Silver Bullets @ Crush1:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Busch on Ice @ Twisted Sisters2:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Cyclones @ Beer Naked Ladies3:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 3
Ice Dogs @ Game Miss Conduct1:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Roadrunners @ Woody's2:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tigers @ Kilties3:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Blizzards @ Pretenders4:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 4
Gliders @ Mighty Pylons5:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Shockers @ The HERicanes6:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Chaos @ Puck'n Take Care7:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tequila Rose @ Black Widows8:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Litigators @ Thunder9:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 5
Devils @ Powerhouse4:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Diamonds @ JP Shooters5:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Lightning @ Stixies6:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink

For a complete schedule listing, click here!