Last Updated: March 27, 2017
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Celebrating our 21st year....

Hamilton Women's Hockey League

Congratulations to the Canadiens on winning the 2016-2016 Masters championship.

HWHL Tournament 2017

Registrations for this years tournament are now closed.

For any HWHL players whose team is not playing in the tournament but would like to play, please leave you name and contact information in the league office.

The 2017 HWHL tournament is being held April 28-30 at the Hamilton 4 Ice Centre.

We are looking for volunteers to assist in all aspects of the tournament.  Please see the poster for more information.

For more information, please contact Erika Barber or Ruth Ellis.

Please check the website for updated information as it becomes available.

2017 Season Dates/Playoff Schedules

Masters playoffs start on Friday February 17th.

Sunday playoffs start on February 26th and our championship day (last day of the season) will be on April 2nd

The Masters playoff schedule can be found here and the Sunday playoff schedule is here.  Please note that there are no team names assigned to positions in this schedule, but it does give you a range when you tier plays.  The playoff format/rules are available here.

Jersey Sets for Sale

We have 9 team sets of jerseys for sale and are asking $40 or best offer per set.  The pictures below show the jersey colours and the number of jerseys per set.  Please see one of the Executive or email us if interested.

Set #1 - SOLD
Set #2 - SOLD
Set #3
Set #4 - SOLD
Set #5 - SOLD
Set #6 - SOLD 
Set #7 - SOLD
Set #8
Set #9 - SOLD
Set #10


The HWHL supports the work of Tiny Paws Rescue and N.O.L.A lab rescue, fostering and finding forever homes for abandoned and rescue dogs.

This Weeks Games

Sunday, Apr 2
Skills & Drills
Skills & Drills @ Skills & Drills12:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 1-Playoffs
The Wild @ Nice Cold Ones7:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Cougars @ Cluster Pucks8:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Puck Buddies @ Brew Crew9:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 2-Playoffs
Silver Bullets @ Cyclones6:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Crush @ Beer Naked Ladies6:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Twisted Sisters @ Busch on Ice7:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 3-Playoffs
Blizzards @ Woody's5:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Roadrunners @ Kilties5:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Game Miss Conduct @ Tigers8:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Pretenders @ Ice Dogs9:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Tier 4-Playoffs
Puck'n Take Care @ Chaos1:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tequila Rose @ Black Widows2:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
The HERicanes @ Thunder3:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Litigators @ Shockers4:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Gliders @ Mighty Pylons4:15pmWentworth Arenas A Rink
Tier 5-Playoffs
Stixies @ Devils1:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
Lightning @ Diamonds2:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink
JP Shooters @ Powerhouse3:00pmWentworth Arenas +1 Rink

For a complete schedule listing, click here!