Last Updated: April 25, 2015
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2014 District 22 Junior Girls Champions !!!

Pictured 1st Row kneeling from left to right:  Madison Throne, Becca Schoettle, Sara Obrecht

Standing from left to right: Manager Beth Obrecht, Allison Riches, Sam Freiling, Lizzy Theurer, Lauren Souza, Brittney Hubler, Coach Mike Branco, Liz Wilburn, Casey Ralston, Maddy Yeager, Rachel Branco, Coach Tim Ralston



TIBC Baseball Camp

For those interested in a great baseball camp this upcoming summer, please check out website below for information...

Camp Dates: June 29th - July 3rd @ Horsham Little League Complex.

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HATBORO LITTLE LEAGUE is comprised totally of volunteers; representative of parents, league officials, umpires, managers, and coaches, and is governed by the operating procedures and sanctions of Little League Baseball, headquarters in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Hatboro recognizes that children of Little League age are in their formative and impressionable years, and through good leadership and training, teaches the children the values of teamwork, leadership, fair play, loyalty, and discipline. Little League play is geared to provide an outlet of healthy activity in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation, and is designed to enrich the lives of the children and to help them in becoming responsible and successful adults. 


Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Apr 26
Minors - Girls (9/10)
(MS2) Uchniat @ Chelt TBA Cheltenham
Seniors - Boys (15/16)
North Penn @ (SRB1) Barone 1:00pm Lafferty-Tiller
North Penn @ (SRB1) Barone 3:00pm Lafferty-Tiller
Monday,  Apr 27
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
(T8) Simon @ (T1) Armstrong 6:00pm Leflar
Coach Pitch - Boys (7/8)
(CPB2) Coughlin @ (CPB4) Raby 6:00pm Gamburg
Coach Pitch - Girls (7/8)
UM72 @ (CPS1) Brown 6:00pm Frattone
Minors - Boys (9/10)
(MB4) Weaver @ (MB2) Feenstra 6:00pm Albright
Minors - Girls (9/10)
(MS2) Uchniat @ HorMin 1 6:00pm Field 10
Seniors - Girls (15/16)
Plymouth @ (SRS1) McKessy 8:00pm Plymouth 1
Tuesday,  Apr 28
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
(T5) Kelchner @ (T2) Ball 6:00pm Leflar
Coach Pitch - Boys (7/8)
(CPB5) Thomas @ (CPB7) Zygmont 6:00pm Gamburg
Coach Pitch - Girls (7/8)
UM72 @ (CPS2) Enge 6:00pm Frattone
Majors - Boys (11/12)
(LLB3) Hartnett @ (LLB5) Mapes 6:00pm Albright
(LLB1) Butler @ (LLB4) Holden 8:00pm Albright
Juniors - Girls (13/14)
Plymouth 1 @ (JRS1) Lynn 8:00pm Frattone
Wednesday,  Apr 29
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
(T7) Rugg @ (T3) Binder 6:00pm Leflar
Coach Pitch - Boys (7/8)
(CPB3) Kollar @ (CPB6) Thompson 6:00pm Gamburg
Coach Pitch - Girls (7/8)
UM71 @ (CPS1) Brown 6:00pm Frattone
Minors - Boys (9/10)
(MB1) Enge @ (MB3) McCormick 6:00pm Albright
Juniors - Boys (13/14)
(JRB2) Plunkett @ Upper Moreland-C 6:00pm Upper Moreland
Thursday,  Apr 30
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
(T6) Murray @ (T4) Davis 6:00pm Leflar
Minors - Girls (9/10)
HorMin @ (MS1) Kearney 6:00pm Frattone
Majors - Boys (11/12)
(LLB2) David @ (LLB6) Urbany 6:00pm Albright
Juniors - Boys (13/14)
(JRB1) Mullen @ Cheltenham-B 6:00pm Cheltenham

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