Last Updated: May 30, 2016
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Volunteer, Anyone?

Have you decided to help your child's coaching staff when someone can't make it?

Want to try your hand at umpiring (and take advantage of that new incentive program)?

There's always opportunities to Volunteer with Hatboro Little League?

But first...

If you are planning on volunteering to work with children in any way during the 2016 Little League Season (or school or other leagues), you are now required to complete the Keep Kids Safe, PA mandatory clearances.

Along with the Hatboro Little League Volunteer Application (new or returning), in order to work or volunteer with children, individuals are required to obtain clearances which included the following:

PA Child Abuse History Clearance ( you must create a login in and use the portal to fill out the necessary forms

PA State Police Criminal Record Check (use the link for "volunteers")

F.B.I. Criminal Background Check or Volunteer Disclosure Statement if you have been a PA resident for a continuous ten (10) years.

For more information on Keep Kids Safe, PA, go to:

For more information on the PA Laws that went into effect, go to:


Looking for that new Baseball or Softball Bat. 
Be sure that it is approved by Little League,
click the image above  
Any questions about a bat please contact our Umpire In Chief, David Urbany at


HATBORO LITTLE LEAGUE is comprised totally of volunteers; representative of parents, league officials, umpires, managers, and coaches, and is governed by the operating procedures and sanctions of Little League Baseball, headquarters in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Hatboro recognizes that children of Little League age are in their formative and impressionable years, and through good leadership and training, teaches the children the values of teamwork, leadership, fair play, loyalty, and discipline. Little League play is geared to provide an outlet of healthy activity in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation, and is designed to enrich the lives of the children and to help them in becoming responsible and successful adults. 


Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, May 31
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
(T8) Stanley @ (T2) Forrest6:00pmLeflar
Coach Pitch - Boys (7/8)
(CPB4) Yoder @ (CPB2) Baldt6:00pmGamburg
Majors - Boys (11/12)
(LLB1) Branchide @ (LLB3) Mapes6:00pmAlbright
(LLB4) Martin @ (LLB2) Gutekunst8:00pmAlbright
Majors - Girls (11/12)
Upper Moreland 91 @ (LLS1) Uchniat8:00pmFrattone
Wednesday, Jun 1
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
(T7) Davis @ (T3) Frasch6:00pmLeflar
Coach Pitch - Boys (7/8)
(CPB1) Armstrong @ (CPB3) Carden6:00pmGamburg
Minors - Boys (9/10)
(MB1) Coughlin @ (MB4) Weaver6:00pmAlbright
Juniors - Girls (13/14)
Upper Moreland @ (JRS1) Curran8:00pmFrattone
Thursday, Jun 2
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
(T5) Smith @ (T4) Kelchner6:00pmLeflar
Coach Pitch - Boys (7/8)
(CPB2) Baldt @ (CPB3) Carden6:00pmGamburg
Coach Pitch - Girls (7/8)
Cheltenham 2 @ (CPS1) Brown6:00pmFrattone
Minors - Boys (9/10)
(MB1) Coughlin @ (MB2) Long6:00pmAlbright
Friday, Jun 3
Juniors - Girls (13/14)
East Abington @ (JRS1) Curran8:00pmFrattone
Saturday, Jun 4
T-Ball - Boys/Girls (4/5/6)
Cheltenham @ (T7) Davis11:00amFrattone
Cheltenham @ (T8) Stanley1:00pmFrattone
Coach Pitch - Boys (7/8)
(CPB3) Carden @ (CPB1) Armstrong10:00amGamburg
(CPB2) Baldt @ (CPB4) Yoder12:30pmGamburg
Coach Pitch - Girls (7/8)
(CPS1) Brown @ Cheltenham 21:00pmCheltenham
(CPS2) Murray @ Cheltenham 12:30pmCheltenham
Minors - Boys (9/10)
(MB5) Zygmont @ (MB1) Coughlin9:00amAlbright
Majors - Boys (11/12)
Majors Playoffs @ Majors Playoffs11:30amAlbright
Majors Playoffs @ Majors Playoffs2:00pmAlbright

For a complete schedule listing, click here!