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2015 Spring Rec Player Registration Form
2015 Open Team Registration Form
Background Check Form
2015 Sponsorship Form
Spring FAQ
Open Team FAQ
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Monarch Utilities
(866) 654-SWWC http://www.swwc.com/monarch

 Online Registration is CLOSED. Please fill out the below registration form and email it to veronicahybsa@gmail.com to be placed on the waiting list.  Payment will NOT be required until your child is placed on a team.  


 Bronco Softball needs 3 more girls to form a team.  Contact Veronica or Zac for more information.    


2015 Spring Registration Form




 Contact information for questions 

T-Ball: Lucas Larson  lucaslarson@austin.rr.com

Pinto: Danny Fuentes dannyhybsa@gmail.com

Mustang: Chris Maldonado cmaldonado19@gmail.com

Bronco: Joe Morales joem@ccinsurance.com

Pony: Gabe Bazan jbazan3@austin.rr.com

Softball: Zac Pettiette zpettiette37@gmail.com

Open Teams: Brad Kothmann bradhybsa@gmail.com

General Registration: Veronica Mindieta veronicahybsa@gmail.com

Online Registration/Website: Brandy Kothmann brandyhybsa@gmail.com

Payment: Pat Bazan pbazan@austin.rr.com



HYBSA currently is looking for a volunteer to fill the position Field & Facilities Manager.  If you are interested please contact Eddie at eddiehybsa@gmail.com. 




If you would like to sponsor a team for the spring season please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator Crystal at countrygirl3636@gmail.com

2015 Sponsorship Form



HYBSA will host a Baseball Garage Sale on January 24th.  See the links below for more information.


Donation Informatrion

Garage Sale Information

The HYBSA Board Meetings are the 4th Sunday of the month @ 2:00 PM in the meeting room above the soccer concession stand. The Board Meetings are open to the general public.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  Feb 2
BB Pinto
PRACTICE Mariners 6:00pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Angels 6:00pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
PRACTICE Rangers 7:15pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Mets 7:15pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
Tuesday,  Feb 3
BB Pinto Open
Hays Smash PRACTICE 6:00am HYBSA Pinto Field 2
PRACTICE Hays Smash 6:00pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Hays Smash 6:00pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
SB Pinto
PRACTICE Hays Blue Crush 7:15pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Hays Blue Crush 7:15pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
Wednesday,  Feb 4
BB Pinto
PRACTICE Mets 6:00pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Rangers 6:00pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
PRACTICE Marlins 7:15pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Nationals 7:15pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
Thursday,  Feb 5
BB Pinto
PRACTICE Angels 6:00pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Marlins 6:00pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
PRACTICE Nationals 7:15pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Astros 7:15pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
Friday,  Feb 6
BB Pinto
PRACTICE Braves 6:00pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Braves 6:00pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2
PRACTICE Astros 7:15pm HYBSA Batting Cages
PRACTICE Mariners 7:15pm HYBSA Pinto Field 2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Feb 2
Practice Begins Hays Youth Sports Complex
Sunday,  Feb 22
HYBSA Board Meeting 2:00pm
Monday,  Mar 2
Spring Season Begins Hays Youth Sports Complex
Saturday,  Mar 7
Opening Ceremonies Hays Youth Sports Complex
Sunday,  Mar 22
HYBSA Board Meeting 2:00pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!