• The Number of years a Kid gets to play this game is limited, lets do our best to make them enjoyable
  • You don't always need the best players, you need the players that will give you their best.
  • Champions are made in the offseason!
  • A quitter never wins-and-a winner never quits.
  • Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard!

Team Mom Meeting

April 24, 2017 – 07:30 PM

Team Mom(s)/Coaches,

There will be a MANDATORY TEAM MOM MEETING on Monday April 24, 2017 at 7:30pm for Teeball, Rookie, and any team mom that missed the last meeting. Meet above the snack shack.  One person from each team must attend, preferably the team mom.  We’ll be going over all your responsibilities for the upcoming baseball seasons.  Let’s get this season started right.  Thank-you for volunteering!  It take many volunteers to make Herriman Baseball the best!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  


Kim Ford


Umpire Schedule April 24th

April 24, 2017

The Umpire Schedule for the week of April 24th  Click Here 

Field Prep Schedule

April 24, 2017

Field Prep Schedule for the week of April 24th, Click Here

Opening Day Dates

April 17th Rookie Continental division will begin. Games will be played any day, Monday through Saturday.
April 24th Teeball and Rookie Divisions will start. All Teeball games will played on Tuesday and Thursday nights. All Rookie games will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Pitch Count Rules

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Apr 25
James Webb4:30pm
Jeremy Jacobsen6:30pm
Wednesday, Apr 26
Hayden Lloyd4:30pm
Chris Porter6:30pm
Thursday, Apr 27
Jason Eldredge4:30pm
Verlin Twitchell6:30pm
Friday, Apr 28
John Lloyd4:30pm
Troy Timothy6:30pm
Saturday, Apr 29
John Lloyd7:30am
Greg Tanner10:30am
Monday, May 1
Glenn Trendler4:30pm
Coby Strom6:30pm
Tuesday, May 2
James Webb4:30pm
Jeremy Jacobsen6:30pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, Apr 25
Tee Ball
Pirates @ Rangers5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Orioles @ Blue Jays5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Marlins @ Tigers5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Diamondbacks @ Giants6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Mets @ Indians6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Phillies @ Red Sox6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Rookie Continental
Orioles @ Rockies5:00pmHerriman East SE PW7
Red Sox @ Cardinals6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
PeeWee American
Daniel Allen (H4) @ John Densley (H6)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Troy Woodruff (H11) @ Brandt Helm (H2)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Isbell (H5) @ Bledsoe (H1)5:00pmHerriman SE Minors
Guillen (H4) @ Memmott (H6)6:45pmHerriman SE Minors
Majors American
Druy (H3) @ Atkinson (H2)5:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Majors National
Xolid @ Herriman 11U7:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Herriman 12U @ Juan Diego7:30pmSouth Jordan #5
Pony Prep
Riverton 1 @ Copper Hills 25:30pmRon Wood Complex
Linquist @ Copper Hills 17:30pmRon Wood Complex
Pony 16-18
Kohles @ Eagle Mtn.4:00pmEagle Mtn
Riverton 5 @ Slade5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Taylorsville 2 @ Chidester7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Wednesday, Apr 26
Naturals @ A's5:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
Cubs @ Angels5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Reds @ Mets5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Phillies @ Blue Jays6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
Red Sox @ Dodgers6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Indians @ Royals6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Pirates @ Tigers6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee American
Isaac Coon (H5) @ Brad Thomas (H1)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Matt Fisher (H7) @ Matt Maio (H8)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Callahan (H2) @ Wilkerson (H11)5:00pmHerriman SE Minors
Memmott (H6) @ Bledsoe (H1)6:45pmHerriman SE Minors
Majors American
Andrus (H1) @ Mecham (H6)5:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Kjar (H5) @ Rhodes (H7)7:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Majors National
Herriman 12U @ Black Knights6:45pmLP
Pony 14-15
Bryant @ Kemp5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Bingham 3 @ Copper Hills 25:30pmRon Wood Complex
Bingham 1 @ West7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Bingham 2 @ Copper Hills 17:30pmRon Wood Complex
Pony 16-18
Murray 1 @ Riverton 25:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Riverton 3 @ Riverton 47:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Granger @ S.E. Valley 17:30pmS.E. Valley
Thursday, Apr 27
Tee Ball
Rangers @ Diamondbacks5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Tigers @ Orioles5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Red Sox @ Mets5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Blue Jays @ Pirates6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Indians @ Giants6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Marlins @ Padres6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Rookie Continental
Angels @ Dodgers5:00pmHerriman East SE PW7
Giants @ Phillies6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
PeeWee American
Troy Woodruff (H11) @ Daniel Allen (H4)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Brandt Helm (H2) @ Mindy Morgan (H9)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Majors National
Chargers @ Herriman 12U7:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Pony 14-15
Bingham 2 @ West5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Riverton 1 @ Riverton 27:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Pony 16-18
Taylorsville 1 @ Riverton 15:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Eagle Mtn. @ Kohles7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Friday, Apr 28
Rookie Continental
Red Sox @ Phillies5:00pmHerriman East SE PW7
Dodgers @ Rockies6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
PeeWee American
Bryan Heyborne (H3) @ Moritz Leichtle (H10)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Brad Thomas (H1) @ John Densley (H6)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Clawson (H3) @ Webb (H10)5:00pmHerriman SE Minors
Wilkerson (H11) @ Guillen (H4)6:45pmHerriman SE Minors
Minors National
10U Crossover @ Hunter/Cyprus Pirates5:30pmHunter Cyprus Cal Ripken # 3
Majors American
Druy (H3) @ Edwards (H4)5:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Pony Prep
Copper Hills 2 @ Timothy5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Cannon @ Bingham 25:30pmSouth Jordan #3 (SE)
Riverton 2 @ Baker7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Riverton 3 @ Bingham 17:30pmSouth Jordan #3 (SE)
Pony 14-15
Riverton 3 @ Copper Hills 25:30pmRon Wood Complex
Simoncini @ Bingham 15:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Riverton 3 @ Bingham 47:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Pony 16-18
S.E. Valley 2 @ Murray 25:30pmMurray
Riverton 4 @ Riverton 35:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Riverton 2 @ Murray 17:30pmMurray
Slade @ Riverton 57:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Saturday, Apr 29
Rookie Continental
Cardinals @ Angels9:00amHerriman East SE PW7
Giants @ Orioles11:00amHerriman East SE PW7
PeeWee American
Brad Thomas (H1) @ Matt Fisher (H7)8:00amHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Newton (H8) @ Nelson (H7)8:00amHerriman NW Majors
Callahan (H2) @ Olsen (H9)8:00amHerriman SE Minors
Isbell (H5) @ Wilkerson (H11)10:00amHerriman NW Majors
Minors National
Hunter/Cyprus Pirates @ 10U Crossover10:00amHerriman SE Minors
Pony Prep
Riverton 3 @ Copper Hills 28:30amRon Wood Complex
Pony 14-15
West @ Bryant8:00amHerriman NE BIGGS
Kjar @ Kemp10:00amHerriman NE BIGGS
Riverton 1 @ Copper Hills 110:30amRon Wood Complex
Monday, May 1
Dodgers @ Indians5:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
Red Sox @ Cubs5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Royals @ Phillies5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Mets @ Pirates6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
Angels @ Naturals6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
A's @ Reds6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Blue Jays @ Tigers6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee American
Mindy Morgan (H9) @ Daniel Allen (H4)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Troy Woodruff (H11) @ John Densley (H6)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Nelson (H7) @ Callahan (H2)5:00pmHerriman SE Minors
Webb (H10) @ Isbell (H5)6:45pmHerriman SE Minors
Majors American
Mecham (H6) @ Atkinson (H2)5:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Kjar (H5) @ Andrus (H1)7:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Pony Prep
Bingham 1 @ Timothy5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Bingham 2 @ Riverton 25:30pmRiverton Prep Field
Cannon @ Bingham 35:30pmSouth Jordan #3 (SE)
Copper Hills 2 @ Baker7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Pony 14-15
Bingham 2 @ Riverton 35:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Simoncini @ Bingham 35:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Bingham 4 @ Riverton 17:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Pony 16-18
Murray 1 @ Granger4:00pmGranger
Bingham @ Taylorsville 25:30pmTaylorsville
Riverton 4 @ S.E. Valley 27:30pmS.E. Valley
S.E. Valley 1 @ Taylorsville 17:30pmTaylorsville
Tuesday, May 2
Tee Ball
Phillies @ Marlins5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Blue Jays @ Rangers5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Diamondbacks @ Indians5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Giants @ Red Sox6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Orioles @ Padres6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Tigers @ Pirates6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Rookie Continental
Orioles @ Red Sox5:00pmHerriman East SE PW7
Rockies @ Angels6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
PeeWee American
Matt Maio (H8) @ Bryan Heyborne (H3)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Moritz Leichtle (H10) @ Isaac Coon (H5)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Wilkerson (H11) @ Memmott (H6)5:00pmHerriman SE Minors
Clawson (H3) @ Newton (H8)6:45pmHerriman SE Minors
Majors American
Rhodes (H7) @ Druy (H3)5:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Majors National
Herriman 11U @ Bingham 115:30pmSouth Jordan #5
Spartans @ Herriman 12U7:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Pony Prep
Bingham 3 @ Copper Hills 25:30pmRon Wood Complex
Baker @ Copper Hills 17:30pmRon Wood Complex
Pony 16-18
Riverton 1 @ Eagle Mtn.4:00pmEagle Mtn
Murray 2 @ Chidester5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Riverton 2 @ Kohles7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Wednesday, May 3
Cubs @ Naturals5:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
Mets @ Blue Jays5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Red Sox @ Indians5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
A's @ Pirates6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
Phillies @ Dodgers6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Angels @ Reds6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Royals @ Tigers6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee American
Brandt Helm (H2) @ Matt Fisher (H7)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Brad Thomas (H1) @ Troy Woodruff (H11)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Guillen (H4) @ Olsen (H9)5:00pmHerriman SE Minors
Bledsoe (H1) @ Wilkerson (H11)6:45pmHerriman SE Minors
Majors American
Andrus (H1) @ Atkinson (H2)5:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Druy (H3) @ Kjar (H5)7:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Pony Prep
Bingham 3 @ Riverton 15:30pmRiverton Prep Field
Pony 14-15
Kjar @ Bryant5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Kemp @ Copper Hills 15:30pmRon Wood Complex
Riverton 2 @ Bingham 35:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Simoncini @ West7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Bingham 1 @ Copper Hills 27:30pmRon Wood Complex
Pony 16-18
S.E. Valley 2 @ Riverton 45:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Riverton 3 @ Riverton 57:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Taylorsville 1 @ S.E. Valley 17:30pmS.E. Valley
Thursday, May 4
Tee Ball
Orioles @ Phillies5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Tigers @ Blue Jays5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Padres @ Pirates5:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Red Sox @ Diamondbacks6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #1
Indians @ Rangers6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #2
Marlins @ Mets6:30pmHerriman TBall/Rookie #3
Rookie Continental
Phillies @ Cardinals5:00pmHerriman East SE PW7
Dodgers @ Giants6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
PeeWee American
John Densley (H6) @ Mindy Morgan (H9)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Isaac Coon (H5) @ Matt Maio (H8)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Majors National
Herriman 12U @ lightning5:30pmCH #3
Pony 14-15
Riverton 1 @ Riverton 37:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Pony 16-18
Eagle Mtn. @ Riverton 15:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Bingham @ Slade7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Friday, May 5
Rookie Continental
Giants @ Angels5:00pmHerriman East SE PW7
Orioles @ Phillies6:30pmHerriman East SE PW7
PeeWee American
Bryan Heyborne (H3) @ Brandt Helm (H2)5:00pmHerriman SW PW8
Daniel Allen (H4) @ Matt Fisher (H7)6:45pmHerriman SW PW8
Minors American
Isbell (H5) @ Newton (H8)5:00pmHerriman SE Minors
Guillen (H4) @ Nelson (H7)6:45pmHerriman SE Minors
Majors American
Edwards (H4) @ Mecham (H6)5:30pmHerriman NW Majors
Pony Prep
Timothy @ Cannon5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Copper Hills 1 @ Riverton 25:30pmRiverton Prep Field
Bingham 2 @ Linquist7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Pony 16-18
Granger @ Murray 15:30pmMurray
Kohles @ Riverton 25:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Chidester @ Murray 27:30pmMurray
Riverton 5 @ Riverton 37:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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