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  • Picture Day is Saturday May 2nd
  • Please make sure to clean up the bleachers and dugout after every game
  • All Rainout information will be posted to the site and facebook
  • Get your fundraiser cards from the Team mom's. Happy Selling!
  • Tall, Rookie and Colt Schedules are online
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Herriman Youth Baseball

Picture Day Schedule

May 2, 2015

Please be sure to get your team to picture day at your specified time listed in the schedule


Umpire Schedule for April 20th-25th PW7- Colt

Fundraiser Information

*Each Player has been asked to sell 2 cards. 

*Money and orders are due back Thursday April 30th or Friday May 1st (at the latest). Turn in to the Adult on duty in the Snack Shack. 

*Cards Expire March 2016

*They are good for the following locations only: Bountiful, Brickyard, Clinton Pines, 3rd Union, Layton, Orem, Riverdale, Sandy, South Jordan, Sugarhouse, Taylorsville and West Valley. 
*Cards have 8 (buy1/get1 free
punches each. 

*Each Card is $10 

Upcoming Games

Friday,  Apr 24
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Tigers @ Reds 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Diamondbacks @ Cardinals 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee 8 National
Herriman Cardinal @ Herriman Blue 5:00pm Herriman SW
Herriman Charcol @ Herriman Gold 6:40pm Herriman SW
Minors National
Herriman Blue (E) @ Herriman Gold (E) 5:00pm Herriman SE
Herriman Charcol (W) @ Herriman (W) 6:40pm Herriman SE
Majors National
Herriman Cardinal @ Herriman Blue 5:30pm W&M Butterfield Park
Herriman Red @ Herriman White 7:30pm W&M Butterfield Park
Pony (7th & 8th Grades)
St. Johns @ Herriman Silver 5:30pm Herriman NE
Bingham Black @ Herriman Charcol 7:30pm Herriman NE
Saturday,  Apr 25
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Cardinals @ Giants 8:00am Herriman East SE
Royals @ Rockies 9:45am Herriman East SE
Dodgers @ Athletics 11:30am Herriman East SE
Mets @ Orioles 1:15pm Herriman East SE
Diamondbacks @ Angels 2:00pm Herriman SW
PeeWee 8 American
Bingham Blue @ Herriman White 8:00am Herriman SW
Bingham White @ Herriman Navy 10:00am Herriman SW
PeeWee 8 National
Herriman Cardinal @ Herriman Gold 12:00pm Herriman SW
Herriman Navy @ Herriman Charcol 4:00pm Herriman SW
Minors American
Herriman Gold @ Herriman Navy 8:00am Herriman SE
Bingham Black @ Herriman Cardinal 10:00am Herriman SE
Minors National
Herriman Silver (W) @ Herriman White (E) 12:00pm Herriman SE
Herriman Red (E) @ Herriman Blue (E) 2:00pm Herriman SE
Herriman Cardinal (W) @ Herriman Gold (E) 4:00pm Herriman SE
Majors American
Bingham Black @ Herriman Navy 8:00am Herriman NW
St. Johns @ Herriman Charcol 10:00am Herriman NW
St. Johns @ Herriman Gold 4:00pm Herriman NW
Majors National
Herriman Gold @ Herriman Navy 12:00pm Herriman NW
Herriman Silver @ Herriman Charcol 2:00pm Herriman NW
Pony (7th & 8th Grades)
Bingham White @ Herriman Silver 8:00am Herriman NE
Bingham Blue @ Herriman white/Navy 10:00am Herriman NE
Bingham Gray @ Herriman Red 12:00pm Herriman NE
Herriman Gold @ Herriman white/Cardinal 2:00pm Herriman NE
Monday,  Apr 27
Rookie (5 & 6 Year Old)
Padres @ Nationals 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Reds @ Indians 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Astros @ Red Sox 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Mets @ Marlins 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
A's @ Pirates 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Rangers @ Diamondbacks 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Angels @ Rockies 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Phillies @ Dodgers 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Giants @ Cubs 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Cardinals @ Cubs 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Giants @ Nationals 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee 8 National
Herriman Silver @ Herriman Cardinal 5:00pm Herriman SW
Herriman White @ Herriman Navy 6:40pm Herriman SW
Minors National
Herriman (W) @ Herriman Silver (W) 5:00pm Herriman SE
Herriman Gray (E) @ Herriman White (E) 6:40pm Herriman SE
Majors National
Herriman Navy @ Herriman Blue 5:30pm Herriman NW
Herriman Gold @ Herriman Red 7:30pm Herriman NW
2015 Super League (8U-14U)
Highlanders @ Herriman Navy 13U 6:00pm W&M Butterfield Park
Tuesday,  Apr 28
T-Ball (3 & 4 Year Old)
Padres @ Redsox 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Marlins @ Cubs 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Giants @ Phillies 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Blue Jays @ Orioles 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
St. Johns @ Rangers 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Rockies @ Mets 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Athletics @ Mets 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Red Sox @ Royals 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee 8 American
St Johns Black @ Bingham Blue 5:30pm South Jordan #5
Herriman Navy @ Herriman Cardinal 6:00pm Herriman SW
Bingham White @ St Johns Silver 6:00pm SJB SE
Herriman White @ Bingham Black 7:10pm South Jordan #5
Minors American
Herriman Gold @ Herriman Silver 5:00pm Herriman SE
St. Johns @ Bingham White 5:30pm South Jordan #1 (NW)
Herriman Charcol @ Herriman White 6:40pm Herriman NE
Bingham Blue @ Bingham Black 7:10pm South Jordan #1 (NW)
Majors American
Herriman White @ Herriman Gold 5:30pm Herriman NW
St. Johns @ Bingham White 5:30pm South Jordan #2 (NE)
Herriman Cardinal @ Bingham Black 7:10pm South Jordan #2 (NE)
Herriman Charcol @ Herriman Navy 7:30pm Herriman NW
Pony (7th & 8th Grades)
Herriman white/Navy @ Bingham Black 5:30pm South Jordan #4
St. Johns @ Bingham White 5:30pm South Jordan SE
Herriman Navy @ Bingham Blue 7:30pm South Jordan SE
Colt (9th to 12th Grades)
Herriman Cardinal @ Herriman White 5:30pm Herriman NE
Herriman Navy @ Herriman Charcol 7:30pm Herriman NE
Herriman Cardinal @ Bingham 7:30pm South Jordan #4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Friday,  May 1
Fundraiser Due
Saturday,  May 2
League Breakfast 8:00am Butterfield Park Pavillion
Picture Day
Saturday,  Jun 13
Allstar Saturday 10:00am W&M Butterfield Park
Monday,  Jun 15
WBA Tournament
Tuesday,  Jun 16
WBA Tournament
Wednesday,  Jun 17
WBA Tournament
Thursday,  Jun 18
WBA Tournament

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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