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Spring 2016 Registration

February 1, 2016

Spring 2016 Online Registration is Now Open. Get Registered today.

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What Division is Right for my Child?

Herriman Baseball Believes in the development of all kids and players. We have a place for all levels of players in our league. The purpose of the Herriman Youth Baseball league is to help kids learn to love the game of baseball by teaching the fundamentals of the game but at the same time offering all level of play depending on the skill level of each child.

TeeBall & Rookie – This is the beginning point for the youngest kids, (TeeBall 3-4, Rookie 5-6 years old). Played with a foam core baseball and hitting from a tee or coach pitch. All kids get the opportunity to hit, field, and score. Hopefully making the experience fun and exciting for both the kids and the parents.

PeeWee Continental – This division is the transition between the beginning phases and the kid pitch divisions for the older children. This is the first opportunity to have true competition with real baseballs and field but still utilizing a pitching machine. The emphasis in this division is on developing key skills in the game of baseball.

PeeWee8 to Majors – Kids are split into two divisions, National and American. The National division is for players that are either not as skilled or refined in their athletic ability or are starting to learn the game a little later than others. The National division is very fun, competitive, and rewarding for all players, coaches, and parents. It gives some kids an opportunity to play positions that may not be available in other leagues or divisions.
The American Division is for kids that are much more athletic and skilled at the game of baseball. This division is for intermediate to advanced level players with a much more competitive nature. Both program levels, American & National, offer competition, development, and tournament play.

Pony and Colt – These divisions are intended to keep kids playing into the Junior High and High School grades. There are no separate divisions offered for these two programs. Skill development, competition, and tournament play are available in these Divisions.

Super League – The Herriman Baseball Super League program is designed for the highest level of play. Competing and playing in tournaments above and beyond those offered through the regular Rec league program.

Rock Walls at Butterfield Park

October 12, 2015

Herriman Baseball Parents & Players, please be sure to keep your kids off of the Rock and Brick Walls at Butterfield Park. There have been increased incidents at the park with a seve one that happened on October 3rd. Herriman City is asking the Baseball and Football leagues to spread the word and ask that all kids and parents stay off the walls and not climb or sit on the rocks. Herriman Baseball will be watching this closely and asking anyone seen violating this to stop. Please help us and the city keep our community safe.

The Herriman Baseball Board


"Sportsmanship" is defined in this way:

Someone who plays fair, sticks to the rules and accepts defeat without any rancor or bitterness.  On the field, a good sport plays hard and tries his or her absolute best to win within the scope of the rules.  A good sport doesn't complain to the officials, doesn't "trash talk" and helps an opponent who falls down get back to his or her feet. 
When all is said and done, this person has no regrets.  The athlete put forth his or her best effort and played fairly, earning the admiration and respect of teammates, coaches, officials and opposing players.  Despite being a true competitor, this person is willing to openly congratulate opponents and accept even the most bitter of outcomes, because he or she knows that there was nothing more that could have been done within rules of the game to change the end result."
Cal Ripken, Jr.

Field Prep Team Needed

Herriman Baseball believes in giving opportunities to our community first. If you are looking for a way to earn a little extra and help give the fields some work we are looking for some kids, 13 and over, to join the field prep crew. If you are interested please contact Karl Slade, the Fields Manager to discuss the opportunity. You can contact him be Clicking Here

State Farm

Sportsmans Warehouse