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 Welcome to Herriman Baseball

 Welcome to Herriman Baseball

We are still planning on playing all games that start later than 6:45.

Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Sep 18
PeeWee National East
5 St Johns @ 4 Herriman Gold MORTON 5:00pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee National West
1 Herriman Navy THOMAS @ 3 Herriman White RICHARDSON 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee American East
3 Herriman Gold DeWeerd @ 1 Herriman Navy James 6:30pm Herriman SW
PeeWee American West
3 Herriman Silver Montgomery @ 1 Herriman Navy Scott 5:00pm Herriman SW
5 Herriman Navy MECHAM @ 4 Herriman Gold RAZO 5:00pm Herriman SE
8 Herriman Charcoal GOFF @ 2 Herriman Cardinal MCCOY 6:30pm Herriman SE
Majors East
2 Herriman Cardinal NICHOLSON @ 3 Herriman White MCFARLAND 5:30pm Herriman NW
1 Herriman Navy FORD @ 5 Herriman Silver MAKI 7:30pm Herriman NW
4 St Johns @ 6 Herriman White DOW 5:30pm Herriman NE
5 Herriman Navy GIFFORD @ 7 Herriman Charcoal HUGHES 7:30pm Herriman NE
Friday,  Sep 19
PeeWee National East
2 Herriman Cardinal JAMES @ 5 St Johns 5:00pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee National West
5 Herriman Silver SHIELDS @ 2 Herriman Cardinal HORSLEY 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee American West
1 Herriman Navy Scott @ 3 Herriman Silver Montgomery 6:00pm Herriman SW
POSITION/TBD @ 6 Herriman Cardinal B. CLARK 5:00pm Herriman SE
POSITION/TBD @ 7 Herriman Silver MILLER 6:30pm Herriman SE
Majors East
5 Herriman Silver MAKI @ 4 Herriman Charcoal ELDREDGE 5:30pm Herriman NW
Majors West
1 Herriman Navy EATON @ 3 Herriman White KJAR 7:30pm Herriman NW
8 Herriman Silver KEMP @ 1 Herriman Navy PACKER 5:30pm Herriman NE
3 Herriman Gold ZAHER @ 2 Herriman Navy SLADE 7:30pm Herriman NE
Monday,  Sep 22
PeeWee National East
1 Herriman Navy QUALLS @ 2 Herriman Cardinal JAMES 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee National West
4 Herriman Charcoal ANDERSON @ 5 Herriman Silver SHIELDS 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Majors East
4 Herriman Charcoal ELDREDGE @ 6 St Johns 7:30pm Herriman NW
Majors West
3 Herriman White KJAR @ 5 Herriman Gold WILSON 5:30pm Herriman NW

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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