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  • Fall Baseball Registration is Now Closed.
  • The Fall Team Rosters and Schedules will be released very soon.
  • September 2015 The 2016 Super League Tryouts Will be held Date & Time TBD
  • August 10 Fall Games begin
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Herriman Youth Baseball

Fall Teams and Schedules

Now that the Fall Registration is closed and we have a good idea of how many players/teams we have the teams and schedules will be worked on and released to everyone ASAP. Please be patient but understand we are working very hard on getting you information. Stay Tuned!

WBA 2015 Rules

There have been some questions and issues with the Rules this year. Below is the official WBA Rules. Coaches, Parents, and players should know and understand these rules.


"Sportsmanship is defined in this way: 
Someone who plays fair, sticks to the rules and accepts defeat without any rancor or bitterness.  On the field, a good sport plays hard and tries his or her absolute best to win within the scope of the rules.  A good sport doesn't complain to the officials, doesn't "trash talk" and helps an opponent who falls down get back to his or her feet. 
When all is said and done, this person has no regrets.  The athlete put forth his or her best effort and played fairly, earning the admiration and respect of teammates, coaches, officials and opposing players.  Despite being a true competitor, this person is willing to openly congratulate opponents and accept even the most bitter of outcomes, because he or she knows that there was nothing more that could have been done within rules of the game to change the end result."
Cal Ripken, Jr.

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Aug 8
Field Prep Day
Umpire Meeting & Training 12:00pm
Monday,  Aug 10
Fall Games begin

For a complete calendar listing, click here!