• The Number of years a Kid gets to play this game is limited, lets do our best to make them enjoyable
  • You don't always need the best players, you need the players that will give you their best.
  • Champions are made in the offseason!
  • A quitter never wins-and-a winner never quits.
  • Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard!
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Spring Baseball Opening Day
Saturday, April 8, 2017   8:00 AM

Team Mom Meeting

April 4, 2017

Team Mom/Coaches,

Finally it’s baseball season!  We are excited for the start of the season and want to get it started as smoothly as possible. There will be a MANDATORY TEAM MOM MEETING on Tuesday April 4 2017 at 6pm for Teeball, Rookie, and Rookie Continental.  Tuesday April 4, 2017 at 7pm for Peewee, Minors, Majors, and all Pony divisions.  Meet above the snack shack.  One person from each team must attend, preferably the team mom.  We’ll be going over all your responsibilities for the upcoming baseball seasons.  Let’s get this season started right.  Thank-you for volunteering!  It take many volunteers to make Herriman Baseball the best!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  


Kim Ford

Field Clean-Up Day Moved Back

April 1, 2017 – 09:00 AM

With the expected forecast of 90% Rain tomorrow, Saturday March 25th, we are moving the field clean-up day back 1 week to Saturday April 1st, (No Fooling). Please bring rakes, Shovels, Wheel Barrows, Etc. and let's get the fields looking like the best in the state!

Congratulations to our Super League Teams:

March 24, 2017

The Herriman Mustang 9U team ranked #3 and Herriman Mustang 8U Ranked #8 in the state of Utah. Way to go boys! 

PeeWee To Pony Teams Posted

March 23, 2017

Attention** All PeeWee, Minors, Majors, Pony Prep, & Pony 14-15 Division teams are now posted. You should be hearing from your coaches to set up practice times and locations.

Opening Day Dates

April 3rd The Crossover (Intact) Division teams will start 
April 8th opening day for PeeWee, Minors, Majors, and all Pony Divisions in the American League will start. Games will be played any day, Monday through Saturday.
April 17th Rookie Continental division will begin. Games will be played any day, Monday through Saturday.
April 24th Teeball and Rookie Divisions will start. All Teeball games will played on Tuesday and Thursday nights. All Rookie games will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Pitch Count Rules

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Apr 1
Field Clean Up Day9:00amW&M Butterfield Park
Tuesday, Apr 4
Team Mom Meeting6:00pm
Saturday, May 13
League Breakfast8:00amW&M Butterfield Park
League Picture Day

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Upcoming Games

Monday, Apr 3
Pony 14-15
Bingham 2 @ Riverton 15:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Bingham 4 @ Bingham 35:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Riverton 2 @ Bingham 17:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Wednesday, Apr 5
Pony 14-15
Riverton 3 @ Kemp5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Kjar @ Copper Hills 15:30pmRon Wood Complex
Bryant @ Simoncini7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
West @ Copper Hills 27:30pmRon Wood Complex
Thursday, Apr 6
Pony 14-15
Riverton 2 @ West5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Kjar @ Riverton 37:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Friday, Apr 7
Pony 14-15
Bingham 4 @ Bingham 15:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Bingham 3 @ Bingham 27:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Saturday, Apr 8
Pony 14-15
Simoncini @ Copper Hills 28:00amHerriman NE BIGGS
Bryant @ Copper Hills 110:00amHerriman NE BIGGS
Monday, Apr 10
Pony 14-15
Kemp @ Riverton 15:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Bingham 1 @ Bingham 25:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Wednesday, Apr 12
Pony 14-15
Riverton 1 @ Kjar5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Bryant @ Copper Hills 25:30pmRon Wood Complex
Bingham 3 @ Kemp7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Riverton 3 @ Copper Hills 17:30pmRon Wood Complex
Thursday, Apr 13
Pony 14-15
Bingham 4 @ West5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Kemp @ Riverton 27:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Monday, Apr 17
Pony 14-15
Bryant @ Riverton 35:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Kjar @ Bingham 35:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Simoncini @ Bingham 45:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Copper Hills 2 @ Riverton 27:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Wednesday, Apr 19
Pony 14-15
Bingham 1 @ Kemp5:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Riverton 1 @ Copper Hills 15:30pmRon Wood Complex
West @ Bingham 35:30pmSouth Jordan #4
Bingham 2 @ West7:30pmHerriman NE BIGGS
Riverton 3 @ Copper Hills 27:30pmRon Wood Complex

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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