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  • All Star Saturday is June 13th
  • Please make sure to clean up the bleachers and dugout after every game
  • All Rainout information will be posted to the site and facebook
  • The WBA Tournament will Start June 15th
  • UBBA State Tournament Starts July 13th
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Herriman Youth Baseball

Coaches Code Of Conduct

As we progress through the season each win and loss means a little more. Parents, Kids, & Coaches get a little more anxious and are less forgiving of mistakes. We need to take a moment to remeber that these are kids playing a game that is meant to be fun, recreational, and for enjoyment of the game. The Herriman Baseball umpires are kids that are working hard at learning the game but are subject to the same mistakes any person can be. 

Coaches, a reminder of your signature on the 2015 Coaches Application of the Code of Conduct you all agreed to:

I have read and understand the rules pertaining to the league that I am to coach in. I have also read the Herriman Baseball “Code of Coaches Conduct”, and I am willing to abide by these principles. 

I understand that I am responsible for the safety of the players on my team, and will not jeopardize their health or safety for the game. I understand that I am responsible to recruit a Team Mom, who will work with the League Mom to help in the Leagues Fundraiser activities. I understand that it is vital that 
our team participates in the Fundraiser. If my team does not have a Team Mom, we will not receive our uniform until we do. 

I understand that I may have access to personal information regarding the players within Herriman Baseball, and that I must respect and keep confidential all such information, and not share it with others. 

I understand that as a Coach/Assistant Coach, I am responsible for the behavior and actions of the parents and fans of my team. I also understand that my team may be subject to a penalty due to the actions of the parents or fans. 

I understand that there is NO tolerance for abuse, physical or verbal, towards the umpires or other league officials. 

I understand that I will be issued equipment and baseballs that are the property of Herriman Little League, and that at the end of the season all equipment and baseballs are to be returned. 

I submit to a background check paid for by Herriman Baseball. You will receive an email from a third party service requesting your information. Herriman Beseball will not retain any of this information. Player safety is critical and this is required to coach.

WBA 2015 Rules

There have been some questions and issues with the Rules this year. Below is the official WBA Rules. Coaches, Parents, and players should know and understand these rules.


"Sportsmanship is defined in this way: 
Someone who plays fair, sticks to the rules and accepts defeat without any rancor or bitterness.  On the field, a good sport plays hard and tries his or her absolute best to win within the scope of the rules.  A good sport doesn't complain to the officials, doesn't "trash talk" and helps an opponent who falls down get back to his or her feet. 
When all is said and done, this person has no regrets.  The athlete put forth his or her best effort and played fairly, earning the admiration and respect of teammates, coaches, officials and opposing players.  Despite being a true competitor, this person is willing to openly congratulate opponents and accept even the most bitter of outcomes, because he or she knows that there was nothing more that could have been done within rules of the game to change the end result."
Cal Ripken, Jr.

Umpire Schedule for May 18th to May 21st PW7- Colt

Line-Up Card

Coaches/Scorekeepers, if you need a Line-Up Card we have created one you can print and use for your games. It is located in the hanouts section of the website or click the link below.


Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  May 26
T-Ball (3 & 4 Year Old)
Marlins @ Orioles 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Padres @ Mets 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Cubs @ Phillies 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Giants @ Rangers 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Redsox @ St. Johns 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Rockies @ Pirates 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Red Sox @ Tigers 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Athletics @ Giants 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee 8 American
Bingham Black @ Bingham White 5:30pm South Jordan #5
Herriman Charcol @ Herriman Cardinal 6:00pm Herriman SW
Herriman White @ St Johns Silver 6:00pm Herriman SW
Herriman Navy @ Bingham Blue 7:10pm South Jordan #5
Minors American
Herriman White @ St. Johns 5:30pm South Jordan #1 (NW)
Herriman Navy @ Bingham Black 7:10pm South Jordan #1 (NW)
Minors National
Herriman Gold (E) @ Herriman White (E) 5:00pm Herriman SE
Herriman Cardinal (W) @ Herriman Silver (W) 6:40pm Herriman SE
Majors American
Herriman Navy @ St. Johns 5:30pm South Jordan #2 (NE)
Bingham Blue @ Bingham White 7:10pm South Jordan #2 (NE)
Majors National
Herriman Blue @ Herriman Charcol 5:30pm Herriman NW
Herriman White @ Herriman Cardinal 7:30pm Herriman NW
Pony (7th & 8th Grades)
Herriman Charcol @ Bingham White 5:30pm South Jordan SE
Herriman Blue @ Bingham Blue 7:30pm South Jordan SE
Colt (9th to 12th Grades)
Herriman Charcol @ Herriman Navy 5:30pm Herriman NE
Herriman White @ Herriman Cardinal 7:30pm Herriman NE
Wednesday,  May 27
Rookie (5 & 6 Year Old)
Giants @ Padres 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Phillies @ Orioles 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Cubs @ Rangers 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
A's @ Dodgers 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Mets @ Rockies 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Astros @ Diamondbacks 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Reds @ Pirates 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Nationals @ Marlins 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Indians @ Red Sox 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Reds @ Angels 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Tigers @ Nationals 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee 8 National
Herriman Blue @ Herriman Gold 5:00pm Herriman SW
Herriman Silver @ Herriman Charcol 6:40pm Herriman SW
Minors National
Herriman Gray (E) @ Herriman Blue (E) 5:00pm Herriman SE
Herriman Red (E) @ Herriman Gold (E) 6:40pm Herriman SE
Majors National
Herriman Red @ Herriman Navy 5:30pm Herriman NW
Herriman Gold @ Herriman Silver 7:30pm Herriman NW
Pony (7th & 8th Grades)
Herriman Navy @ Herriman Red 5:30pm Herriman NE
Herriman white/Cardinal @ Herriman Silver 7:30pm Herriman NE
Thursday,  May 28
T-Ball (3 & 4 Year Old)
Pirates @ Cubs 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Blue Jays @ Giants 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Rangers @ Phillies 5:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Orioles @ Mets 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Rockies @ Redsox 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
St. Johns @ Marlins 6:30pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Cubs @ Giants 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Rockies @ Red Sox 6:30pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee 8 American
Herriman Cardinal @ Bingham Blue 5:30pm South Jordan #5
Bingham Black @ Herriman Navy 6:00pm Herriman SW
St Johns Black @ St Johns Silver 6:00pm SJB SE
Herriman Cardinal @ Bingham White 7:10pm South Jordan #5
Minors American
Herriman White @ Herriman Navy 5:00pm Herriman SE
St. Johns @ Bingham Blue 5:30pm South Jordan #1 (NW)
Herriman Charcol @ Herriman Gold 6:40pm Herriman SE
Herriman Silver @ Bingham Black 7:10pm South Jordan #1
Majors American
Bingham Blue @ Herriman White 5:30pm Herriman NW
Herriman Gold @ Bingham Black 5:30pm South Jordan #2 (NE)
Herriman Cardinal @ St. Johns 7:10pm South Jordan #2 (NE)
Bingham White @ Herriman Charcol 7:30pm Herriman NW
Pony (7th & 8th Grades)
Herriman Silver @ Herriman Charcol 5:30pm Herriman NE
Herriman Gold @ Bingham Gray 5:30pm South Jordan SE
Herriman Cardinal @ Bingham Black 7:30pm South Jordan SE
Colt (9th to 12th Grades)
Herriman Navy @ Herriman Cardinal 7:30pm Herriman NE
Herriman White @ Bingham 7:30pm South Jordan #4
Friday,  May 29
Rookie (5 & 6 Year Old)
Pirates @ Mets 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Indians @ Nationals 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Red Sox @ Reds 5:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Marlins @ Astros 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Dodgers @ Angels 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Rockies @ Rangers 6:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
Diamondbacks @ A's 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #1
Padres @ Orioles 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #2
Cubs @ Phillies 7:00pm Herriman TBall/Rookie #3
PeeWee 7 (1st Grade)
Dodgers @ Diamondbacks 5:00pm Herriman East SE
Royals @ Orioles 6:45pm Herriman East SE
PeeWee 8 National
Herriman Gold @ Herriman Charcol 5:00pm Herriman SW
Minors National
Herriman (W) @ Herriman Charcol (W) 5:00pm Herriman SE
Herriman Gray (E) @ Herriman Red (E) 6:40pm Herriman SE
Majors National
Herriman Navy @ Herriman Charcol 5:30pm Herriman NW
Herriman Cardinal @ Herriman Gold 7:30pm Herriman NW
Pony (7th & 8th Grades)
St. Johns @ Herriman white/Cardinal 5:30pm Herriman NE
Herriman Navy @ Herriman white/Navy 7:30pm Herriman NE

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  May 25
No Games
Tuesday,  May 26
Jimmie Ryser 4:30pm
Greg Tanner 6:30pm
Wednesday,  May 27
Spencer Criddle 4:30pm
Justin McMurtrey 6:30pm
Thursday,  May 28
Scott Goff 4:30pm
Rob Sherratt 6:30pm
Friday,  May 29
Greg Tanner 4:30pm
Jeremy Jacobsen 6:30pm
Saturday,  May 30
John Lloyd 7:00am
Jeremy Jacobsen 10:00am
Monday,  Jun 1
Spencer Criddle 4:30pm
Close 6:30pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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