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  • All Star Saturday is June 13th
  • Please make sure to clean up the bleachers and dugout after every game
  • All Rainout information will be posted to the site and facebook
  • The WBA Tournament will Start June 15th
  • UBBA State Tournament Starts July 13th
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Herriman Youth Baseball

Umpire Final Checks

Attention All Umpires. Please Contact Clint Carter to receive your final Checks for the 2015 Spring Season. All checks are ready for pick-up or delivery. Contact Clint on the best way to get them to you.

UBBA Tournament

Good Luck to all the Herriman Baseball Teams that are entered into the UBBA State Tournament. Bring Herriman Baseball some new Hardware!

Fall Baseball 2015

Herriman Fall Baseball is Now open online please read below and follow directions to ensure you register for the correct divisions.
1.  Divisions are based off 2015 -2016 School year please make sure you update you players grade
2. There will be 2 divisions for age groups Minor, Major and Pony TEAM DIVISION will be the upper division (like the American Division in Spring) if you want to play in this division please check this box even if you don't have a team. If you do have a team please list you head coaches name in the comment box. If you are wanting to have 6 or more kids play together on a team you must play in the team division. Individual Division is for players that do not want to play with the Team division and or teams that are formed and have 5 or less kids on a team. If you want to play with a friend in this division you must request in the comment box. If you have  more than 2 kids requested to play together you must provide a coach. 
If a team is short on players to fill out roster their roster will be filled out with random picks via a hat pick
3. Games will begin the the 10th of August. And the season will end the week of September 14th. Guaranteed 8 games (2 games a week) NO SATURDAY GAMES with possibly of more games in  a little tournament at the end of the season
4. We are only allowing 100 kids per age group so do not wait until the last minute to register. Most of the divisions will fill up fast especially the PW7
5. Right now registration is open only to kids/parents that played in the 2015 Herriman season but on July 2nd it will be opened up to all kids and players even outside the Herrimanboundaries.
Divisions will be based off 2015 -2016 school year
K-1st PW7
2nd   PW8
3rd-4th Minor
5th-6th Major
7-8th Pony
9th-12th Colt (Only allowing 55 kids to register)


WBA 2015 Rules

There have been some questions and issues with the Rules this year. Below is the official WBA Rules. Coaches, Parents, and players should know and understand these rules.


"Sportsmanship is defined in this way: 
Someone who plays fair, sticks to the rules and accepts defeat without any rancor or bitterness.  On the field, a good sport plays hard and tries his or her absolute best to win within the scope of the rules.  A good sport doesn't complain to the officials, doesn't "trash talk" and helps an opponent who falls down get back to his or her feet. 
When all is said and done, this person has no regrets.  The athlete put forth his or her best effort and played fairly, earning the admiration and respect of teammates, coaches, officials and opposing players.  Despite being a true competitor, this person is willing to openly congratulate opponents and accept even the most bitter of outcomes, because he or she knows that there was nothing more that could have been done within rules of the game to change the end result."
Cal Ripken, Jr.

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Jul 13
UBBA Tournament
Tuesday,  Jul 14
UBBA Tournament
Wednesday,  Jul 15
UBBA Tournament
Thursday,  Jul 16
UBBA Tournament
Friday,  Jul 17
UBBA Tournament

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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