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Last Updated: March 26, 2015
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Age Determination Date Clarification


In April, 2014 the International Congress approved the new league age determination amendment for Little League Baseball®.  To implement the new amendment, it was decided to include a three-year waiting period to execute the change, starting in 2018. Questions from the field were raised about the impact the change would have on players that were currently league age 8 under the traditional system.  Using feedback from Little League® parents through our District Administrators, the Little League International Board of Directors adjusted the April-approved implementation strategy in order to modify the impact on all of our minor and major division players. The adjustment also allows for an easier transition for players in the early years of Little League participation. 

As a result of this recent adjustment to the implementation strategy, effective immediately, any player born on or after January 1, 2006 who will turn the ages of 4-9 during the 2015 calendar year will be eligible to participate in a local Little League program and will use the new age determination date ofDecember 31 for the reminder of their Little League Baseball career. Players will still be assigned to a division based on local league divisional structure. 


Consequently, players born prior to January 1, 2006 will continue to utilize the current age determination date of April 30 for the remainder of their Little League career.


As stated, with this implementation strategy adjustment the impact on our players will be reduced, with the exception of a marginal impact on players currently participating in the very early stages of their Little League career. Furthermore, our continued focus on fun, fitness and fundamentals at the Tee Ball Division will assist local leagues as they look to provide a smooth transition to the Coach/Machine Pitch divisions of play while still developing a passion for the game as well as focusing on skill development. 

This change ensures that no player will lose a year of participation in the Little League Majors Division that culminates with the annual Little League Baseball World Series in South Williamsport, Pa.


2015 Spring Baseball Season

The 2015 Spring Baseball has kicked off!!!  

We will have all the usual division in baseball (TBall - Major)

as well as softball (Minors - Juniors). 

Any questions or to request more info, email

New Online Registration Feature:

Note : Will require you to set up an account with League Lineup. Allows for year to year updates and no re-enter of info


2015 Little League Residency Exception

Residency and School Attendance Eligibility

In an effort to accommodate for Little Leaguers to play with their classmates, and ease the burden on parents and guardians, Little League has amended its residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries where they attend school is located. To verify enrollment, parents will need to bring an official school document, such as a report card or school enrollment form, confirming enrollment in the school for the current academic year, dated before October 1, 2014.

“Little League is always looking for more ways to give all children the opportunity to have the best Little League experience possible,” said Patrick Wilson, Little League Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development. “This new rule will provide more flexibility for families to participate in the leagues that best fits their children.”

Schools in Highland Little League Boundaries - Cram Elem, Cole Elem, Arroyo Verde Elem, Highland/Grove Elem, Beattie Middle, Immanuel Baptist and San Gorgonio High School


Upcoming Games

Friday,  Mar 27
Red Sox @ Giants 5:30pm Huckabaa Field
Pirates @ red sox 5:30pm O'Grady Field
Orioles @ Reds 7:30pm Gurule Field
66ers @ Dodgers 7:30pm O'Grady Field
SB - Junior
Legends @ Newmark 5:30pm Newmark Little League
Saturday,  Mar 28
Nationals @ Astros 1:00pm O'Grady Field
Red Sox @ Padres 1:30pm Huckabaa Field
Dodgers @ Yankees 2:45pm O'Grady Field
Angels @ Cardnials 3:00pm Huckabaa Field
Giants @ Royals 4:30pm Huckabaa Field
Cardinals @ Astros 5:00pm O'Grady Field
Giants @ Brewers 6:45pm Huckabaa Field
Reds @ Dodgers 7:00pm O'Grady Field
SB - Minor
Lil Stingers @ Lady Cardnials 5:00pm Gurule Field
Young Guns @ Lady Punishers 7:00pm Gurule Field
SB - Major
Blake @ Black Widows 1:00pm Gurule Field
Wildcats @ Bratz 3:00pm Gurule Field
SB - Junior
Pride @ Wildwood 4:00pm Wildwood Little League
Pride @ Wildwood 4:00pm Wildwood Little League
50/70 - Intermediate
Highland @ Yucipa National 6:00pm Yucipa
Monday,  Mar 30
Yankees @ Nationals 5:30pm Huckabaa Field
Astros @ Reds 5:30pm Gurule Field
Brewers @ Pirates 5:30pm O'Grady Field
Yankees @ Dodgers 7:30pm O'Grady Field
SB - Major
Black Widows @ Wildcats 7:30pm Gurule Field
Tuesday,  Mar 31
Cardnials @ Giants 5:30pm Huckabaa Field
Astros @ Orioles 5:30pm O'Grady Field
Reds @ red sox 7:30pm Gurule Field
66ers @ Colt 45's 7:30pm O'Grady Field
SB - Minor
Young Guns @ Lady Cardnials 5:30pm Gurule Field
50/70 - Intermediate
Post 777 @ Post 777 7:00pm Huckabaa Field
Wednesday,  Apr 1
Royals @ Red Sox 5:30pm Huckabaa Field
Brewers @ Cardinals 5:30pm O'Grady Field
SB - Minor
Lady Punishers @ Lil Stingers 5:30pm Gurule Field
SB - Junior
Legends @ San Bernardino 8:00pm SB - San Bernardino
Thursday,  Apr 2
Astros @ Angels 5:30pm Huckabaa Field
Dodgers @ Giants 5:30pm Gurule Field
Orioles @ Brewers 5:30pm O'Grady Field
66ers @ Yankees 7:30pm O'Grady Field
SB - Major
Bratz @ Blake 5:30pm Blake Little League
SB - Junior
Pride @ Legends 7:30pm Gurule Field

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Upcoming Events

Thursday,  Apr 9
Highland Little League @ 66rs 6:00pm

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