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2014 Days Inn NoviceTier 1 Classic Tournament Rules
Tournament Rules

Tournament Information

Thanks to all players, coaches, spectators, vendors, and volunteers that came out to the 2014 Days Inn Hockey Regina Classic Tournament. 
This years tournament provided great competition and excitement for the players and fans.
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2014 Days Inn NoviceTier 1 Classic Tournament Rules

February 7, 2014





General Tournament Rules


1.        This is an SHA sanctioned tournament and follows CHA and SHA rules governing minor hockey.

2.        To be eligible to play in the Tournament, a player must appear on the tournament roster submitted by each team. Only players or affiliates registered with your team through SHA are eligible to participate.

3.        Any team, which is unable to travel to their game due to inclement weather, will forfeit their game 3 - 0.

4.        All referees and linesmen are carded officials.

5.        Home teams wear white. Visiting team wears dark. If a team only has one colour, they may negotiate to wear their darks as a home team.

6.        There will be an ice cleaning between every game.

7.        A 5 minute warm up will be posted on the clock so all teams are requested to be ready 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Teams will be penalized 1 goal for every 5 minutes of tardiness to a maximum of three goals. Lost time will be deducted from playing time.

8.        Game Duration – 1st & 2nd periods will be 15 minute run time periods and 3rd period will be 20 minutes with the last 3 minutes stop time. If there is a five goal or more spread in the third period there will be straight time. If the spread goes back to under five goals the period returns to stop time. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust playing time of any and all games. All teams will be advised of time adjustments.

9.        Minor penalties will be 3 minutes in duration from the drop of the puck following the stoppage from the penalty call and major penalties 7 minutes from the drop of the puck following the stoppage from the penalty call.

10.     Any player or coach receiving a match penalty or gross misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

11.     Timeouts during pool play are not allowed. During the playoff round each team will be allowed one 30 second time out per game.

12.     Protests will not be allowed.

13.     The hardest working player of the game (one per team) will be picked by their own head coach. A child can only be the hardest working player once during the tournament. After the teams final game of the tournament award presentations will also take place in the team's dressing room.


Pool Play-Tie Break Procedures

As per Regulation 9 of the SHA handbook, the tie breaking procedure for teams tied in pool play will be as follows:

1.        Best win record in games between tied teams.

2.        If stil ltied, best win record.

3.        If still tied, best plus minus record based on goals for and against with maximum of + or - 7 goals/game used in calculation.

4.        If still tied, the team with the best goal average as determined by dividing the total number of goals for by the total number of goals for and against, for all the games in pool play (maximum of =/- 7 goals used in this calculation).

5.        If still tied, and the teams did not play each other in pool play, the best record against a common opponent will be used (including goals for and  goals against).

6.        If still tied, the team with the least number of minutes in penalties throughout all games, gains the higher position.

7.        If still tied, the team to qualify would be the team that scored the earliest goal in the game between the tied teams.

8.        If still tied, the winner will be decided by a single coin toss.

Note:  In the event that two or more teams are tied, once the tie breaking rules have been used to advance one team, the procedure to break the remaining tie will revert back to the beginning criteria.


Shoot Out Procedures

There will be no overtime played throughout the tournament. The shoot out will be used to decide the winning team during the medal round.  The shoot-out will consist of three (3) players from each team alternating shots. The visiting team shoots first. If still tied after 3 shooters, teams will alternate shooters in a sudden death format. Rosters must be depleted before any player may shoot a second time.




Canadian Hockey Association



Participants play hockey for their enjoyment, not to entertain me. Respect the officials’ decisions and encourage participants to do the same. Give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort. Show respect for opponents, fellow spectators, arena staff and facilities.

I will not condone the use of violence or bad language in any form.

I will not use bad language nor will I harass players, coaches, officials, arena staff or other spectators.