Last Updated: May 8, 2015
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Assessment / Candy Money Payment 04/25/15 at Bingo Hall

Reminder to Managers - All Outstanding Player Assessments and Candy Money are due on 04/25/15. These fees should be paid between 8:00 AM and noon on 04/25/15. These fees must be paid before a player is eligible to participate in the 2015 regular season. 

2015 Calendar of Events

April 22, 2015

2015 Manager Lisr

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  May 26
American League East
Madigan's Auto Sales @ Salisbury Legion 7:00pm Salisbury High School
National League East
Optimists @ Egle Nursing Home 6:00pm Jim Holler Field
Bedford @ Meyersdale 6:00pm Meyersdale
KMK Insurance @ Lakeview Auto Parts 6:00pm Northern High School
National League West
Hobo's Restaurant @ Outdoor Power 5:30pm Memorial Field
Cork's Cars @ Weimer Auto 6:00pm Frostburg Glendening Field
Rotary @ Chaney-Buskirk Insurance 8:00pm Memorial Field
Wednesday,  May 27
American League East
Team One Auto Mall @ Bedford 6:00pm Jim Holler Field
Cresaptown Eagles @ Moorefield 6:00pm Moorefield Park
American League West
Frostburg Legion @ Grantsville SAL 6:00pm Grantsville Park
Lions @ Kiwanis 6:00pm Rick Hamilton Field
Thursday,  May 28
American League East
Weimer Auto @ Rotary 5:30pm Memorial Field
Chaney-Buskirk Insurance @ Optimists 8:00pm Memorial Field
American League West
Egle Nursing Home @ Riverside Sports 6:00pm Frostburg Glendening Field
Meyersdale @ KMK Insurance 6:00pm Jim Holler Field
Lakeview Auto Parts @ Hobo's Restaurant 6:00pm Rick Hamilton Field
Outdoor Power @ Cork's Cars 7:00pm Oakland Broadford Park
Friday,  May 29
National League East
Riverside Sports @ Lions 5:30pm Memorial Field
Kiwanis @ Frostburg Legion 6:00pm Frostburg Glendening Field
Moorefield @ Team One Auto Mall 6:00pm Jim Holler Field
National League West
Salisbury Legion @ Cresaptown Eagles 6:00pm Rick Hamilton Field
Grantsville SAL @ Madigan's Auto Sales 7:00pm Oakland Broadford Park
Monday,  Jun 1
American League East
Meyersdale @ Optimists 5:30pm Memorial Field
Egle Nursing Home @ Moorefield 6:00pm Moorefield Park
Lakeview Auto Parts @ Rotary 6:00pm Rick Hamilton Field
National League East
Riverside Sports @ Frostburg Legion 6:00pm Frostburg Glendening Field
National League West
Grantsville SAL @ Cresaptown Eagles 6:00pm Jim Holler Field
Kiwanis @ Madigan's Auto Sales 7:00pm Oakland Broadford Park
Tuesday,  Jun 2
American League East
Lions @ Bedford 6:00pm Bedford High School
National League East
Salisbury Legion @ Team One Auto Mall 7:00pm Oakland Broadford Park
National League West
Cork's Cars @ Chaney-Buskirk Insurance 6:00pm Jim Holler Field
KMK Insurance @ Outdoor Power 6:00pm Rick Hamilton Field
Wednesday,  Jun 3
American League West
Lakeview Auto Parts @ Riverside Sports 5:30pm Memorial Field
Weimer Auto @ Grantsville SAL 6:00pm Grantsville Park
Madigan's Auto Sales @ Hobo's Restaurant 6:00pm Rick Hamilton Field
National League East
Rotary @ Egle Nursing Home 6:00pm Frostburg Glendening Field
Moorefield @ Meyersdale 6:00pm Jim Holler Field
Optimists @ Lions 8:00pm Memorial Field

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