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I-270 Youth Basketball Welcome

I-270 Youth Sports Club is the preeminent longest running competitive basketball program in Montgomery County.

The I-270 Youth Sports Club believes in developing our communities youths to have a strong sense of community spirit, to be people of high character, have a sense of fairness, and a relentless desire to achieve their fullest potential.

We achieve this through our competitive sports league which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has served Montgomery County youth for nearly forty years of competitive basketball. I-270 Youth Sports serves over 300 players from ages 8 to 15 yrs in three divisions across nine (9) areas: Bethesda, Clarksburg, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney, Potomac, Redland, and Rockville communities. Our league is unique in that we have strong and close relationships with the local high school basketball coaches. So much so that several high school varsity coaches serve as Area Directors and team coaches. I-270 is a competitive feeder program into the local high school basketball programs that focuses on teaching basketball fundamentals as well as competitive fair play and sportsmanship. Many I-270 players go on to play for their respective high school programs. The league also has seen numerous former players excel at the collegiate level as well as several who have reached the professional ranks.

I-270 is sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods. Games are played in area school gyms and officiated by IAABO referees. There is a 16 game regular season followed by a single elimination playoffs where all teams make the playoffs and are seeded based on their regular season standings. Trophies are awarded to the Champions in each division. There is also an all-star game for each of the 3 divisions at the end of the season.

Tryouts are held in early October with games starting in early November culminating with the Championships in mid-February.

If you have a child serious about developing their basketball skills and competing against some of the top talent in the area then I270 is for you - come join us!



2016 Bantam Champions - Gaithersburg


Gaithersburg completed and undefeated 17-0 season and went back-2-back as Bantam Champions by deploying relentless and stifling full court pressure in the second half of the championship game to pull away from a talented and determined Bethesda team which upset the #2 seed Olney to earn their way to the championship game. 

Congratulations to coaches Graeme Huggins (not shown) and Mark Simmons for another Championship season!



2016 Junior Champions - Gaithersburg



The Gaithersburg Juniors rode a hot streak to the championship that saw them go undefeated since the new year.

Gaithersburg knocked off the #1 seed Bethesda, #4 seed Redland and # 2 seed Clarksburg to earn the championship. This core team finished dead last in 2015 with only one win but through hard work and great coaching they can call themselves 2016 Champs!

Started from the bottom now they're here!

Congratulations to coach Paul Levine and assistants Padon Levine and Marcus Bradley!



2016 Senior Champions - Olney


Olney Seniors capped off a dominant 18-1 season by holding off a tough and well coached Darnestown team 46-45.

Olney used clutch shooting and key rebounds to earn the first 270 championship for coaches Eric Vazzana and Bob Wilson.

Congratulations coaches, area head Larry Dechter and Olney players on a great season!


Weather Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF) makes the decision on whether MCPS facilities are open or closed.
If there is winter weather, please check:


for closing status of Montgomery County Public School facilities.
We will update the website as well when we know of news.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Jan 21
Bantam Teams
Germantown Hardknocks @ Olney10:00amNeelsville Middle School
Potomac @ Clarksburg1:45pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Redland5:30pmNeelsville Middle School
Junior Teams
Germantown Hardknocks @ Olney11:15amNeelsville Middle School
Potomac @ Clarksburg3:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Redland6:45pmNeelsville Middle School
Senior Teams
Germantown Hardknocks @ Olney12:30pmNeelsville Middle School
Potomac @ Clarksburg4:15pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Redland8:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Sunday, Jan 22
Bantam Teams
Olney @ Potomac1:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Redland @ Bethesda1:00pmRocky Hill Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Clarksburg4:45pmNeelsville Middle School
Germantown Hardknocks @ Gaithersburg4:45pmRocky Hill Middle School
Junior Teams
Olney @ Potomac2:15pmNeelsville Middle School
Redland @ Bethesda2:15pmRocky Hill Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Clarksburg6:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Germantown Hardknocks @ Gaithersburg6:00pmRocky Hill Middle School
Senior Teams
Olney @ Potomac3:30pmNeelsville Middle School
Redland @ Bethesda3:30pmRocky Hill Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Clarksburg7:15pmNeelsville Middle School
Germantown Hardknocks @ Gaithersburg7:15pmRocky Hill Middle School
Saturday, Jan 28
Bantam Teams
Bethesda @ Gaithersburg10:00amMontgomery Village MS
Redland @ Potomac1:45pmMontgomery Village MS
Darnestown @ Olney5:30pmMontgomery Village MS
Junior Teams
Bethesda @ Gaithersburg11:15amMontgomery Village MS
Redland @ Potomac3:00pmMontgomery Village MS
Darnestown @ Olney6:45pmMontgomery Village MS
Senior Teams
Bethesda @ Gaithersburg12:30pmMontgomery Village MS
Redland @ Potomac4:15pmMontgomery Village MS
Darnestown @ Olney8:00pmMontgomery Village MS
Sunday, Jan 29
Bantam Teams
Germantown Hardknocks @ Potomac1:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Bethesda @ Olney1:00pmRocky Hill Middle School
Darnestown @ Clarksburg4:45pmNeelsville Middle School
Junior Teams
Germantown Hardknocks @ Potomac2:15pmNeelsville Middle School
Bethesda @ Olney2:15pmRocky Hill Middle School
Darnestown @ Clarksburg6:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Senior Teams
Germantown Hardknocks @ Potomac3:30pmNeelsville Middle School
Bethesda @ Olney3:30pmRocky Hill Middle School
Darnestown @ Clarksburg7:15pmNeelsville Middle School
Saturday, Feb 4
Bantam Teams
Redland @ Darnestown10:00amNeelsville Middle School
Gaithersburg @ Clarksburg1:45pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Bethesda5:30pmNeelsville Middle School
Junior Teams
Redland @ Darnestown11:15amNeelsville Middle School
Gaithersburg @ Clarksburg3:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Bethesda6:45pmNeelsville Middle School
Senior Teams
Redland @ Darnestown12:30pmNeelsville Middle School
Gaithersburg @ Clarksburg4:15pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Bethesda8:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Sunday, Feb 5
Bantam Teams
Potomac @ Olney1:00pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Darnestown1:00pmRocky Hill Middle School
Potomac @ Gaithersburg3:30pmNeelsville Middle School
Junior Teams
Potomac @ Gaithersburg2:15pmNeelsville Middle School
Rockville Orange Alliance @ Darnestown2:15pmRocky Hill Middle School
Saturday, Feb 11
Bantam Teams
Clarksburg @ Potomac10:00amNeelsville Middle School
Darnestown @ Bethesda1:45pmNeelsville Middle School
Junior Teams
Clarksburg @ Potomac11:15amNeelsville Middle School
Senior Teams
Clarksburg @ Potomac12:30pmNeelsville Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!