Last Updated: September 2, 2014
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Just some of the emails received in regards to the end of the I84 League
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Just some of the emails received in regards to the end of the I84 League


On behalf of the players,coaches and parents of Greenwich,thanks for your incredible commitment to youth baseball over the years.

Best of luck to you.



This is very unfortunate.  The i84 league has been a critical part of the baseball experience for so many Babe Ruth kids.  You seemed all ready to gear up again.  What happened?   This is very unfortunate because I know that at least 15 kids in my town have planned their summers around this experience.




Thanks John for all your work




This comes as a surprise and is somewhat disconcerting to me. I'm 3 years managing in the league, I have known you to be fair and balanced even if it didn't favor my team. Frankly, the way it should be.  Regardless, the last 3 years for my team and coaches was great and league was very organized as were most of its coaches. Meeting coaches like Brian Leonard and Joe Carrino over the last few years made coaching my sons teams since he was 4 (12 years) worth every minute. Can you share with me why you are stepping down?
League will not be the same without you and your staff of volunteers. Thank you so very much for your time and dedication to the coaches and players in what I think is the best sport there is but seems to be fading away in the US but that is a conversation over a beer or two. 
Hope we can get together at some point this spring or summer to do just that
With kind regards and much respect,


Needless to say I'm curious about the particulars, but at your discretion. Whatever it is, I think you know I've appreciated your work over the years. You've done a great thing here, and it's true that what's happening in youth baseball is unfortunate in my opinion. But it is such as it is I suppose.

Good luck my friend,





What happened???




Who's decision is it? You need to stay on
Good Morning John,
 I just want to send you a sincere thank you for the past years of putting together such a fine program for the boys to play in during the summer. I84 gave players at all levels the opportunity to have a fantastic summer. I cannot even imagine the amount of time and effort you put in personally to make all this happen.
Thanks again for everything you did.
Best Regards
As I have said a couple of times before, there is a special place in heaven waiting for you, just don't be in any rush to get there. 
Babe Ruth is struggling a bit here  and so I have not been an actively participating in any of the ongoing discussions about the I84 League and therefore don't know what has transpired. For the last few years that we did participate it was always a great experience, a well run organization. 
I can only assume that some asshole  did something to piss you off. I've been coaching baseball for 23 years and I've come across a lot of assholes. If that's the case hopefully you reconsider because people really do appreciate what you do and your league is a good fit for so many kids and teams.
If I am right hopefully you reconsider, I know it is hard to block out the people who make you feel like what you do is completely unappreciated. It is so hard to block out these idiots and continue doing what you know is right, so I know what you are going through. There is a reason I am no longer the president of our program!
Trust me, I know this is a thankless business,but  hopefully you reconsider.
Last time I checked we live in a free society and if the support is there for your league to exist, then it should exist. Too bad if others don't want it to exist, they must not republicans. 
With all due respect to Babe Ruth  why do u need their permission. Why don't u just keep running the I 84 league with no affiliation with babe Ruth.  As long as teams have insurance and u make some basic rules like no aau teams and set some guidelines. It would just be like running a summer long tournament. Even  though we have never played in this league it sounds like u ran a great operation. I have played in many tournaments with babe Ruth teams like Brookfield southbury newtown.  Babe Ruth can't tell them where and what tournaments they can play in. Not knowing much about this whole thing.  Sounds there is some jealously going around. There is a lot of work that goes into organizing things like this. At the end of the day it's about the kids and what experience they get out if it. It can still be done 
Thanks and good luck


I knew when the guy from Babe Ruth and Bob showed up at the meeting there was going to be an issue.

Sorry to hear. This is my 3rd Babe Ruth player over the past 12 years and your league was without a doubt  the best run around, including out town leagues.

Thank you




Thank you for all you've done! It's a very thankless job most of the time, but from someone who has been coaching for 25 years who understands what you really do accept my thanks on behalf of those who have no idea  what it takes to run a league.


Enjoy a summer, you deserve it.






Very sad indeed.
Good luck to you.






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