Last Updated: July 23, 2014

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  • Your main source of information for the 2014 ICBA Baseball Season!!!
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News About The ICBA PeeWee All-Star Team

ICBA is happy to announce that Dave Roberts has been selected as the ICBA PeeWee All-Star coach for 2014.

The PeeWee All-Star Tournament will be held September 13&14 in Newmarket, Ontario

Any player who wishes to tryout for the team MUST complete the online tryout request form found here 

Tryout Dates / Times:

Sunday July 27th 5:00PM-8:00PM Corbett field Cambridge

Monday August 4th 5:00PM-8:00PM  Breithaupt #1 Kitchener

Monday August 11th 6:00PM-9:00PM Joe Kaine Park Guelph

All participants are required to pay a one time $10.00 tryout fee for field rentals. Fee is required upon attendance of 1st tryout

Coaching Applications for the 2014 Mosquito, PeeWee and Midget All-Star Teams Now Being Accepted

Coaching application is available in the Online Forms section and the Guidelines and Process are available in the Handouts section on the Left Menu

If you have any questions, please contact Brent Peltola via e-mail at

Message from Paul Grasby - Coach of the ICBA Bantam All-Star Team

On behalf of myself and my coaching staff, I would like to thank everyone who attended at least 1 of the 3 tryouts for the Ontario Summer Games team. We appreciate the patience from both players and parents with regards to the rain outs and less than ideal tryout circumstances. As well, we recognize the effort made to attend at least 1 tryout and show us everything you had. The competition and talent shown from all players was well beyond what we expected- so we thank you for that. You made our selection process extremely difficult! Unfortunately, we are only able to carry 16 players on the roster. Congratulations to the 16 players listed below, and I will be in contact with you soon with more information. For those not selected, please  do not be discouraged and feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions about why you were not selected.

 2014 ICBA Ontario Summer Games Roster:


- Mitchell Van Braeckel

- Kyle Kush

- Cody Dennie

- Blaise Shaw


- Cameron Marshall


- Brock Ryan

- Aaron Bilodeau

- Jack Hadfield


- Jonathan Burkhart

- Mitchell Stemerdink

- Jacob Parsons

- Chad Meyer

- Dreyden Sloat


- Jacob Van Boekel


- Nolan Grasby


 - Matthew Schram

Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Jul 23
Minor Rookie Ball
Brantford Red Sox @ Cambridge Cubs 6:00pm Cambridge - DICKSON PARK #2
Waterloo Tigers @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm RR3 ERAMOSA
Rookie Ball Tier 1
Cambridge Cubs @ Brantford Red Sox 6:00pm BAKER BLUE
Guelph Royals @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm ROSENBERG #2
Minor Mosquito Tier 1
Brantford Red Sox @ Cambridge Cubs 6:00pm WATERWORKS #1
Minor Mosquito Tier 2
Stratford Indians @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm HOWITT PARK
Mosquito Tier 1
Kitchener Panthers @ Brantford Red Sox 6:00pm BAKER YELLOW
Mosquito Tier 2
Woodstock Wranglers @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm BREITHAUPT #3
Waterloo Tigers @ Listowel Legionnaires 6:00pm JACKSON PARK
Minor PeeWee Tier 1
Cambridge Cubs @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm BREITHAUPT #1
Minor Peewee Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Woodstock Wranglers 6:00pm KINTREA NORTH
Stratford Indians @ Waterloo Tigers 6:00pm WATERLOO PARK #3
PeeWee Tier 1
Kitchener Panthers @ Cambridge Cubs 6:00pm CORBETT FIELD
Woodstock Wranglers @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm JOE KAINE
Minor Bantam Tier 1
Cambridge Cubs @ London Badgers 6:00pm ALDRIDGE FIELD
Guelph Royals @ Stratford Indians 7:00pm SERC
Minor Bantam Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Brantford Red Sox 6:00pm GEORGE HENRY
Bantam Tier 1
London Badgers @ Waterloo Tigers 6:00pm LEXINGTON PARK
Stratford Indians @ Simcoe Giants 6:00pm MEMORIAL PARK
Bantam Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm Kitchener - BREITHAUPT #2
Midget Tier 1
Waterloo Tigers @ Guelph Royals 7:30pm HASTINGS PARK
LONDON BADGERS Minor @ Stratford Indians 7:30pm NATIONAL STADIUM
Midget Tier 2
Kitchener Panthers @ Waterloo Tigers 7:30pm BECHTEL PARK
Brantford Red Sox @ Woodstock Wranglers 7:30pm TIP O'NEILL
Thursday,  Jul 24
Minor Rookie Ball
Brantford Red Sox @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm Kitchener - ROSENBERG #2
Cambridge Cubs @ Waterloo Tigers 6:00pm REGENCY PARK
Guelph Royals @ Stratford Indians 6:15pm OPTIMIST PARK
Rookie Ball Tier 1
Cambridge Cubs @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm Guelph - ERAMOSA RIVER (RR3)
Rookie Ball Tier 2
Stratford Indians @ Woodstock Wranglers 6:00pm BROMPTON PARK
Minor Mosquito Tier 1
Brantford Red Sox @ Waterloo Tigers 6:00pm AUBURN PARK
Cambridge Cubs @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm HOWITT PARK
Minor Mosquito Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm BREITHAUPT #3
Mosquito Tier 1
Kitchener Panthers @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm Guelph - ST. JAMES SCHOOL
Mosquito Tier 2
Waterloo Tigers @ Brantford Red Sox 6:00pm BAKER YELLOW
Stratford Indians @ Woodstock Wranglers 6:00pm KINTREA NORTH
Minor Peewee Tier 2
Woodstock Wranglers @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm BREITHAUPT #1
PeeWee Tier 1
Kitchener Panthers @ Woodstock Wranglers 6:00pm Woodstock - KINTREA PARK
PeeWee Tier 2
Port Dover Sailors @ Brantford Red Sox 6:00pm BAKER BLUE
Minor Bantam Tier 1
Stratford Indians @ WOBA Storm 5:00pm ST MARYS HOF
Cambridge Cubs @ Brantford Red Sox 6:00pm GEORGE HENRY
WOBA Storm @ Stratford Indians 7:00pm ST MARYS HOF
Minor Bantam Tier 2
Kitchener Panthers @ Waterloo Tigers 6:00pm LEXINGTON PARK
Bantam Tier 1
Simcoe Giants @ Cambridge Cubs 6:00pm MICKLER PARK
Waterloo Tigers @ Guelph Royals 7:00pm LARRY PEARSON #2
London Badgers @ Stratford Indians 7:00pm NATIONAL STADIUM
Bantam Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Woodstock Wranglers 7:00pm Woodstock - Tip O'Neill Field - Southside Park
Midget Tier 1
Kitchener Panthers @ Simcoe Giants 6:30pm MEMORIAL PARK
LONDON BADGERS Minor @ Waterloo Tigers 7:30pm BECHTEL PARK
Midget Tier 2
Listowel Legionnaries @ Kitchener Panthers 7:30pm Kitchener - LIONS #2
Friday,  Jul 25
Mosquito Tier 2
Waterloo Tigers @ Stratford Indians 6:00pm DUFFERIN PARK
Midget Tier 1
Brantford Red Sox @ Guelph Royals 7:30pm HASTINGS PARK

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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