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ICBA All-Star Coaches Needed

Inter County Baseball is currently recruiting coaches for the Mosquito and PeeWee All-Star teams - please click the Online Forms link in the left side menu to apply. Applications will be accepted until July 10, 2015

Local Association Event Page

The Inter County has added a new page to it's website called Local Association events.  This menu will lead visitors to the various events that our Local associations provide through out the baseball season.  We invite Locals to submit  events that they are hosting through out the season so we may provide details to those that might wish to attend.  Click on Local Association Events for updated news on events happening through out the ICBA.




The final ICBA Program review is available as a download from the ICBA website.  This report details the program review and the town hall meetings held during the 2014 season.  We encourage all participants of this process to review the material and continue the discussion with your local associations. To access the report please click on the following link.


The document listed below gives a summary of all ICBA rules changes that will take effect for the 2015 season.  Please click on the link below to download this document.  


Rule Changes for 2015 ICBA Season

Concussion Awareness Month- Click for info

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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Jul 4
Bantam Tier 2
Port Dover Sailors @ Kitchener Panthers 10:00am Kitchener - BREITHAUPT #2
Port Dover Sailors @ Kitchener Panthers 2:30pm Kitchener - BREITHAUPT #2
Sunday,  Jul 5
Rookie Ball Tier 1
Brantford Red Sox @ Guelph Royals 11:00am Guelph - ERAMOSA RIVER (RR3)
Brantford Red Sox @ Guelph Royals 1:00pm Guelph - ERAMOSA RIVER (RR3)
Minor Mosquito Tier 1
Kitchener Panthers @ Cambridge Cubs 4:00pm Cambridge - WATERWORKS #1
Minor Mosquito Tier 2
Cambridge Cubs @ Kitchener Panthers 11:00am Kitchener - BREITHAUPT #3
Kitchener Panthers @ Cambridge Cubs 2:00pm Kitchener - BREITHAUPT #3
Mosquito Tier 1
Guelph Royals @ Simcoe Giants 10:00am Simcoe - LIONS PARK
Guelph Royals @ Simcoe Giants 2:00pm Simcoe - LIONS PARK
Minor Peewee Tier 2
Waterloo Tigers @ Guelph Royals 10:00am Guelph - ERAMOSA RIVER (RR2)
Waterloo Tigers @ Guelph Royals 2:00pm Guelph - ERAMOSA RIVER (RR2)
Stratford Indians @ Woodstock Wranglers 2:00pm Woodstock - KINTREA PARK North & South Diamonds
Stratford Indians @ Woodstock Wranglers 5:00pm Woodstock - KINTREA PARK North & South Diamonds
PeeWee Tier 1
London Badgers @ Guelph Royals 2:00pm Guelph - JOE KAINE
Waterloo Tigers @ Cambridge Cubs 6:00pm Cambridge - CORBETT FIELD
London Badgers @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm Guelph - JOE KAINE
PeeWee Tier 2
Woodstock Wranglers @ Cambridge Cubs 2:00pm Cambridge - CORBETT FIELD
Minor Bantam Tier 1
Brantford Red Sox @ Woodstock Wranglers Postponed Woodstock - Tip O'Neill Field - Southside Park
Bantam Tier 2
Port Dover Sailors @ Brantford Red Sox 6:00pm Brantford - GEORGE HENRY
Midget Tier 1
Simcoe Giants @ Cambridge Cubs 1:00pm Cambridge - DICKSON PARK
Simcoe Giants @ Cambridge Cubs 4:00pm Cambridge - DICKSON PARK
Midget Tier 2
Waterloo Tigers @ Kitchener Panthers 7:30pm Kitchener - LIONS #2
Monday,  Jul 6
Minor Rookie Ball
Kitchener Panthers @ Guelph Royals 6:00pm Guelph - ERAMOSA RIVER (RR3)
Rookie Ball Tier 1
Kitchener Panthers @ Waterloo Tigers Postponed Waterloo - REGENCY PARK
Rookie Ball Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm Kitchener - ROSENBERG #2
Minor Mosquito Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Stratford Indians 6:00pm Stratford - OPTIMIST PARK
Woodstock Wranglers @ Waterloo Tigers 6:00pm Waterloo - Auburn Park
Mosquito Tier 1
Brantford Red Sox @ Cambridge Cubs 6:00pm Cambridge - WATERWORKS #1
Minor Peewee Tier 2
Stratford Indians @ Cambridge Cubs 6:00pm Cambridge - CORBETT FIELD
PeeWee Tier 1
Cambridge Cubs @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm Kitchener - BREITHAUPT #1
PeeWee Tier 2
Guelph Royals @ Waterloo Tigers 6:00pm Waterloo - WATERLOO PARK
Minor Bantam Tier 1
London Badgers @ Kitchener Panthers 6:00pm Kitchener - BREITHAUPT #2
Midget Tier 1
Brantford Red Sox @ Guelph Royals 7:30pm Guelph - HASTINGS STADIUM
Cambridge Cubs @ Stratford Indians 7:30pm Stratford - National Stadium
Midget Tier 2
Woodstock Wranglers @ Listowel Legionnaires 7:30pm Listowel - John Bell South Memorial Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Thursday,  Aug 13
End of ICBA Regular Season 6:00pm
Friday,  Aug 14
ICBA Classification Weekend
Friday,  Aug 21
ICBA Championship Weekend

For a complete calendar listing, click here!