Last Updated: April 22, 2016 
  • The only requirement for our league is you must be ready to have fun...
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  • Summer Flag Football Camp
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GAMES/PRACTICES (both on Sunday):

1 day a week for practice and games (7 Sundays)

30 min practice, then play game

1st week ONLY: 45-50min practice, then game






All practices and games held at Clackamas High Football Stadium



Sundays, April 3rd to May 22nd

(Ends weekend before Memorial Day)

No games on Mother’s Day 5/8


12-1:20pm / K-1st Grades & 2nd-3rd Grades

1:20-2:40pm / 2nd-3rd Grades

2:40-4pm / 4th-5th Grades



Hello spring flag football players,


If you registered to play spring Flag Football League, you should have received an email with which team you are on and also an email that is similar to this.  If you have not received an email, please contact us immediately and we will resolve this ASAP.

Please note that players who have not paid or made arrangements with the treasurer will not be placed on a team. 

You should be hearing from your coach by Friday April 1st,at the latest.  If you do not hear from your coach by Friday night, you can show up on Sunday at the stated times for your age level and find the sign with your team color on it.  If you don't know what your team color is, please reply to this email ASAP and we'll find out for you.  


Here is the info for this coming Sunday, April 3rd:

  • TEAM COLOR:  This is the key to the schedule.  You will be receiving an email as to which team you’re on.  These are identified by color.  As long as you remember your team color, you won’t have to remember your coach’s name and it will be easy each week to find out who/where you play.
  • DO NOT check in at the tent unless you don’t know what team you are on, need to pay, or have questions about administration concerns.
  • THIS SUNDAY APR 3RD ONLY-  Be at the field at 10 min before designated time unless otherwise instructed by your coach.  

o    There will be signs with TEAM COLORS on the chain-linked fence at stadium, located on the track.  Please stand by the color you are on and wait for your coach.  

o    If you coach isn’t already there, he should be arriving shortly WITH YOUR T-SHIRT.  

o    After the first week, your coaches will communicate what time/field to meet at for the following week.  

o    Again, please DO NOT come to the tent for unless we’ve asked you ahead of time to handle an administrative issue, or if your coach has not shown up by scheduled start time.

  • Schedules will be sent out before this Sunday.  The time frames do not change with the exception of one designated 2nd -3rd grade team and their weekly opponent that will play at the 12-1:20p.  Following are the time frames for each age group.  
    • 12-1:20pm

§  K-1st Grades

§  One selected 2nd-3rd gr. team will permanently play at this time

§  And their opponent (a different 2rd-3rd team each week) will also play at this time slot

    • 1:20-2:40pm / 2nd-3rd Grades (teams at this grade level must check their schedule to see if they are playing at the earlier time slot)
    • 2:40-4pm / 4th-5th Grades
  • Each week there will be a Schedule and Field Diagram posted at the field to indicate what field you are in case you forget your schedule.  Note that the key to this is remembering your team color.
  • We provide, T-Shirts, flags, and game balls.  We will also have limited first aid supplies at the tent
  • You should bring water, and sunscreen (if needed). 
  • Players should wear cleats of any sort (baseball, football, soccer) except metal, a football (K-3rd  use Pee Wee size/ 4th-5th use Junior size), and mouth guards are preferred, but optional. 
  • Players will be given a t-shirt on the first day. They can wear shorts/pants at your discretion depending on weather.  Sometimes coaches may email you before the first game and coordinate shorts/pants colors.  Cleats are preferred, but we understand it may not be an option for some people for various reasons.  If this is the case, players can use running shoes.  However, please keep in mind they do get slippery with the morning dew and rain.  If you want to test running shoes out, take them to the high school turf and have them run and do some cutting and see how that works. 
  • This is general info but keep in mind coaches may email you with suggested attire, different meeting times, whether or not you need to bring footballs (some coaches will bring enough balls for the team),  
  •  There will be a concession stand there for your convenience.
  • Coaches, FIRST WEEK ONLY, check in 1/2 hour before your start time at the tent to get your team shirts. If you signed up to coach and have not heard from us, please respond to this email immediately.



Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.


Let's play some FOOTBALL!!!


Here are some helpful links:

Handouts (schedule, rules, reg forms, field diagrams, etc)

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Pricing & Payment Options



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