Last Updated: April 22, 2016


Holy Name Jets Football

Thank you to the Painters and Glaziers Unions!

Registration for Season 2016!


The first two registration dates/times are May 11, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM and May 21, 2016 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.  Registration will be at the field near the concession stand.  Players must be between ages of 5 and 13 as of April 30.  Please bring a copy of birth certificate to registration.  The registration fee is $100.  Thank you.

2016 Midget Players

HNJ midgets off season weight training program
As promised the off season training program is ready to get started.  This is being targeted to all next year midget players and will be run by Explosive Sports Performance.
I have been through this twice before with my older sons and I can tell you from experience, it is well worth the time and money.  The kids will be excited about going, will see improvement, feel the results,  and increase their confidence,  The hardest part is the the commitment from the parents to get the boys to the location.  It's best if we can set up groups to carpool.  They have given me different pricing options depending on the size of the groups and the frequency per week.  I believe the best option and least expensive is groups of 8-10 kids, 3x per week, see description below.  If possible i would like to take them immediately after school. Also included in the pricing is unlimited use of the facility during regular hours for additional training.  This is a great opportunity for our kids the improve.  I hope everyone wants to get involved to make next season a great success.  
Option #2
Team training with one of the EXSP Coaches
Included would be:    
    Group would include 8-10 people at one time meeting 2x or 3x a week
    Each athlete would receive a pre-test
    Time and days would be schedule based on availability of EXSP coaches 
    Program would be a group instruction so each individual would be doing the same thing
Price meeting 2x per week (8 sessions) $65 per person per month
                      3x per week (12 sessions) $90 per person per month You can reach me at 717-979-0155
This is not mandatory but encouraged
Steve Mosey



On December 16, 2015, our smurf and pee wee teams were recognized by the Dauphin County Commissioners for their success this year. December 16th was named "Holy Name Jets Smurf Day" in Dauphin County and December 17th was named "Holy Name Jets Pee Wee Day" in Dauphin County. Congratulations to all players and coaches. GO JETS!!!



Zero Tolerance Policy


 Please read and follow the CFA Zero Tolerance Policy.  Additional copies of the Zero Tolerance policy and the handbook will be posted at the field and kept in the concession stand.   Thank you. 

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