Last Updated: December 20, 2014
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Welcome to the home of Perrysburg Junior Jackets Basketball.


Merry Christmas to all teams and their families!  Have a great holiday break!




Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Jan 10
3/4 Boys
Dominators @ Wizards 11:00am TBA
Force @ Lightning Thieves 11:00am TBA
Ballers @ Thunderjackets 11:50am TBA
Gladiators @ Tigers 11:50am TBA
Bulldogs @ Triple Threat Ninjas 12:40pm TBA
Hoopers @ Hornets 12:40pm TBA
Golden Hawks @ Thunder Bananas 1:30pm TBA
5/6 Boys
Swish City @ Legion of Boom 11:00am TBA
Elite Ballers @ Nightmares 1:30pm TBA
The Judges @ Blue Devils 2:20pm TBA
The Knights @ Rim Shots 2:20pm TBA
Ballerz @ Blood Thirsty Unicorns 3:10pm TBA
Eliminators @ Dream Team 3:10pm TBA
3/4 Girls
Angel Warriors @ Candy Crush 8:30am TBA
Golden Monkeys @ Jackets United 9:20am TBA
Shooting Stars @ Stingers 10:10am TBA
5/6 Girls
Triple Threat @ Power Towers 8:30am TBA
Killer Bees @ Thunder Hoops 9:20am TBA
Jacket Pack @ Lightning Girls 10:10am TBA
7/8 Boys
Bulldogs @ Average Joes 8:30am COMM
Cavaliers @ Flint Tropics 9:20am COMM
Badgers @ Stingers 10:10am COMM

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Perrysburg Junior Jackets Basketball

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