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Start of the Fall Season

Hi, everyone. Fall season is starting this Tuesday August 29th and this Thursday August 31st. Folders will be at the bars Monday August 28th. The facebook page has the schedules on it so you may look at that. I am working on uploading the schedules to the website. Let's have a fun and good season. Good Luck everyone. 

Standings on Website

Leaguelineup is designed for multiple sports so that when you are looking at the Won and Lost columns, they are referring to match wins/losses and not individual games.  To see the standings as they are reported in KC Exposures, look at the PF or Points For and PA or Points Against columns.  That is what we go by for our league's standings. 


Remember to place the names of both teams on the front of your envelope along with the date of the match to help us verify that all envelopes are collected each week. 

Also remember that if you are not able to play on a given night that you need to contact the opposing team at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.  If you do not have contact information for the opposing team's captain, contact a member of the Board and we will provide it to you.  Per league rules, contact information is kept private and not published on the website. 

Regional Dart Tournaments

Darts in the Heartland - Oklahoma City, OK - Jan 13-15, 2017       www.dartsintheheartland.com 

Darts Over Missouri - Kansas City, Mo - May 5-7, 2017                www.dartsovermissouri.com 

Darts Over the Arch - St. Louis, Mo - Oct 6-8, 2017                       www.dartsoverthearch.com 

Flights Over the Rockies - Denver, CO - March 17-19, 2017           www.flightsovertherockies.com 



All Star Points

All Star points are earned on a per player basis, and not based on how the team does during the season.   A running tally is kept per player by the Statistician.  It is the home team’s responsibility to record any All Star points on the score sheet during each league match.  It is recommended that the visiting team captain verify that all points are recorded prior to signing the score sheet at the conclusion of the match.

To qualify for All Star points, a player must score at least 100 points on a single round.  Any round scoring 100 points or more will count towards your All Star point total.  In addition, the following will count towards a player’s All Star point totals:

100 + Points Scored               =              Point Value Scored

Hat Trick (Triple Bull)               =             150 Points

3 In a Bed*                             =              Points As Scored if 100 or More

9 Dart Out                              =              175 Points

8 Dart Out                              =              200 Points

7 Dart Out                              =              225 Points

6 Dart Out                              =              250 Points

*Always record 3 In a Bed even when under 100 points as it will still earn the player a pin at the Awards Ceremonies.

Taking out a game will also earn a player All Star points. 

Game of 301                           =              50 Points

Game of 501                           =              25 Points each player

Should a team forfeit a match, the All Star points for all game wins are split evenly between the 4 players on the winning team.