Last Updated: June 4, 2015

KC Premier


I set up KC Premier with a clear vision of achieving individual and team success, but without the traditional club politics, without cutting players and without it costing a small fortune.

·         Identify good players who want to work hard in club and high school, and who want to improve.

·         Create a very strong team group where the players learn to support each other

·         Provide high level, well planned coaching at every practice session.

·         Be very selective about league and tournament schedules

·         Have the best possible practice field

·         Provide additional opportunity for speed, strength and agility training.

·         Only take players whose parents are positive and supportive on the sidelines.

·         Keep the expense down to a minimum

·         Use my relationship with college coaches to help players in the recruiting process


The teams will practice for an hour and a half on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00pm at the Overland Park Soccer Complex at 135/Switzer. The team will practice and compete outdoor where possible throughout the winter. 

During the Fall the team will play in the Heartland League against the best local teams one year older.


The teams will take part in a number of local, regional and at least one out of town nationally ranked, college showcase tournaments.


The girls will compete in State Cup in November.

100% covered by coach Peter Arch

THE COACH - Peter Arch
US Soccer Federation A License 
English FA licensed Coach 
Semi Professional Player and Coach in UK 
All Great Britain University team
Captain of National College Champions 
Six time Kansas State Cup winning coach 
Winning coach of San Diego Surf Cup & Tampa Sun Bowl 
Coached in Kansas Premier League since '89 , Former ODP Coach 

I have an extensive personal network of college coaches both locally and throughout the US. Any player who would like to play soccer at the college level will be provided with all necessary advice, help and support throughout the recruiting process.


Coach Peter Arch