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  • 2011 12-U Division 2 National Champions
  • 2012 14-U State AAU Champions
  • 2013 14-U State AAU Champions
  • 2010 14-U Division 2 National Runner-Up
  • 2010 16-U Fourth Place At Nationals
2009 Blast's Regional Player of the Year
2008 16U Seniors

2013 Kentucky Blast Rosters

April 9, 2013

       2013  Freshmen (14U) Team

  2     Callie Francis       G   5'6   Henderson County HS
 10     Sarah Arnett       G   5'7   Montgomery County HS
 11     Madison Faulkner  F   5'9   Caverna HS
 12     Dejia Moore         G  5'6    Bowling Green HS
 13     Savannah Gregory  G  5'7   Allen Co.-Scottsville HS
 14     Timitryi Patterson  F   5'9   South Warren HS
 15     Payton Cloyd        G   5'8  Monroe County HS
 22     Deanie Pedigo      G   5'9   Barren County HS
 23     Mikayla Berry       G   5'6   Owensboro Catholic HS
 24     Tia Barnett          G   5'8   Warren Central HS
  1      Lily Grimes         G   5'6   Breckenridge Co. HS
  5      MacKenzie Coleman C 6'2   Metcalfe Co. HS
 33     Neisha Turner      F    5'9   Bowling Green HS

         Coaches;   BOBBY COOK  ./ SCOT MACALLISTER


       2013 8TH Grade  (13U) Team

  5      Ashlee McGeorge   G/F  5'10   Monroe County MS
13       Deanna Taylor      F     5'10   South Warren MS
15      Kourne Turner       G     5'2    
20      Katherine Curry     G/F  5'9
21      Osheonna Baker    G/F   5'9 
23      Lexi Payne           G     5'3
23      Ally Delaney         G     5'4
33      Claire Bybee         F     5'6     Monroe County MS
         Coaches:  Joe/Shela McGeorge

      2013 7th Grade (12U) Team
 2      Cassidy Esters       C     5'11   Ohio Co. MS
 4      Raegan Blackburn   G    5'6     Muhlenberg North MS
 5      Alexis Daniel         G    5'7     South Warren MS
12      Kelly Morrow         F    5'8     Franklin-Simpson MS
13      Ashley White         F    5'6     South Warren MS
15      Peyton Ferry         G    5'4     South Warren MS
23      Bailen Harney       G    5'6     Muhlenberg Co. MS
25      Sarah Dennison     F    5'8      South Warren MS
30      Amaya Lasley       G    5'6     South Warren
34      Amber Higdon       F    5'8     Bullitt East MS
       Coaches:  Joe Harney / Kelly Cook

       2013 Junior (16U) Team

 3       Shelby Carroll       G     5'7   Paintsville HS
 4       Caitlin Peterson     G     5'9   Muhlenberg Co. HS
10      Savannah Foister   G     5'10  Todd Co. Central HS   Walk on at Austin Peay State University
11      Jamie Castle        G      5'4   Magoffin Co. HS   Signed with Universty of Pikeville
13      Jordan Crabtree    G/F   5'10  Owensboro Sr. HS
14      Lauren Turner       G      5'8   Monroe Co. HS     Signed with Campbellsville University
23      Addi Lynch           G      5'6   Meade Co. HS
31      Julie Thiede          F      5'11  Murray HS
32      Kaylin Pearson      G/F    5'8   Owensboro Catholic HS
44      Lauren Maupin      G.F    5'11  Greenwood HS
         Co-Coaches:  James Scott Castle / Scot MacAllister 
         2014 Kentucky All Star Team:
         Jamie Castle        PG            Magoffin Co.




2012 Kentucky Blast Rosters

2012 Blast 16U (JUNIORS)

2 Chelsey Shumpert G 5'4 Jr. Paducah Tighman HS Signed with UT@Chattanooga
15 Kandice Porter G/F 6'0 Jr. Sheldon Clark HS  Signed with University of Pikeville
22 Molly Harlin G 5'6 Jr. Monroe Co. HS    Signed with  Asbury University
25 Janssen Starks G 5'7 Jr. Murray HS   Signed with Murray State University
34 Aaliyah Wells G 5'7 Jr. Collins HS     Verbal to Morehead State University
35 Michelle Montgomery C 6'2 Jr. John Hardin HS
42 Maya Luney F 5'10 Jr. Meade Co. HS    Signed with Earlham College
45 Beth Rates F 6'1 Jr. Hancock Co. HS   Signed with Austin Peay State University  
55 Shikala Smith C 5'11 So.  Glasgow HS                                                                                

2012 Regions POY:                                                                                                                                                                1st Chelsey Shumpert G 5'4 Paducah Tighman

Kentucky All Star Team:
Beth Rates  C  6'1 Hancock





2012 Blast 14U (FRESHMEN):
1 Ciara Waggoner Caverna HS
2 Hannah Render McClean HS
10 Kasey Wernert Oldham Co. HS
12 Sydney Jones South Oldham HS
15 Kapreshia Powell Logan Co. HS
20 Maegame Hardison Logan Co. HS
22 Kristen keney Webster Co. HS
30 Maddie Crumbaker McLean Co. HS
34 Abbey Hinton Westmoreland HS (Tn)
Coach: Scott MacAllister

2011 Kentucky Blast 12U D-2 National Champions

2011 Kentucky Blast 12U
D-2 National Champions at Clarksville, Tn

Bre Glover, Glasgow MS
Samantha James, Drakes Creek MS
Madison Faulkner, Caverna MS
Shanda Bradley, Hart Co. MS
Nancy Mulkey, Drakes Creek MS
Taleia Mason, Logan Co. MS
Sarah Amett, Montgomery Co. MS
Mikayla Gilbert, Henderson Co. MS
Sarah Pierce, Grayson Co. MS
Alexis Dean, Drakes Creek MS

Coaches: Cornelius Faulkner, Paul Bradley and Lonnie Mason

Blast 49 Philadelphia Comets 43 Pool Games
Blast 78 Coastal Georgia Comets 39
Blast 46 Tennessee Triple Threat 45
Blast 56 Missouri Rockets 39 Tournament Play
Blast 62 Kentucky Shining Stars 29
Blast 43 North Georgia Heat 34 Semi-Finals
Blast 62 Ponchatouta Hurricanes 45 Championship Game

2011 Kentucky Blast Rosters

16U (JUNIORS) Roster

3 Molly Lamb G/F 5'11 Jr. Greenwood HS Signed with Florida College
4 Christine Roush G 5'11 Jr. Mercy Academy HS Signed with Northern Ky. University
5 Micah Jones G 5'7 Jr. Green Co. HS Signed with Western Kentucky University
11 Jill Jones G 5'7 Jr. Daviess Co. HS
12 Lexee Wilson G 5'8 Jr. Hart Co. HS Signed with Brescia University
15 Courtney Raush G/F 6'0 Jr. Mercy Academy HS Signed with Northern Ky. University
20 Kylee Gorby G 5'9 Jr. Grayson Co. HS Signed with Asbury University
21 Lindsey Burd F 5'10 Jr. Hart Co. HS Signed with Campbellsville University
45 Caylan Bybee C 6'1 Jr. Monroe Co. HS
50 Sara Martin C 6'1 Jr. Daviess Co. HS Signed with Brescia University

2012 Kentucky All Stars:
Micah Jones Green County
Christine Roush Mercy Academy
Courtney Roush Mercy Academy

2012 Regions POY:
4th Caylan Bybee Monroe Co.
5th Micah Jones Green Co.
6th Christine Roush Mercy Academy


5 Madison Clements G 5'7 So. Monroe Co. HS
11 Whitney Hartage G 5'8 So. Mercy Academy HS
13 Brittant Mello G 5'5 So. Franklin Co. HS
15 Kandice Porter C 6'0 So. Sheldon - Clark HS
20 Mercedes Cox G 5'10 So. Taylor Co HS
22 Molly Harlin G 5'7 So. Monroe Co. HS
25 Janssen Starks G 5'7 So. Murray HS
30 Ashley McMurtrey G 5'9 Fr. Oldham Co. HS
35 Michelle Montgomery C 6'2 So. John Hardin HS
44 Aalyiah Wells G 5'8 So. Collins HS
45 Beth Rates F 6'0 So. Hancock Co. HS Verbal to Austin Peay State University

14U (FRESHMEN) Roster

22 Jamie Castle G 5'5 Fr.
11 Allie Davidson G 5'8 Fr.
10 Savannah Foister F 5'10 Fr.
23 Sydney Gooch F 5'11 Fr.
24 Shae Hines G 5'4 Fr.
34 Danielle Lawrence F 5'11 Fr.
2 Lauren Maupin F 6'0 Fr.
15 Kayla Murray G 5'5 Fr.
32 Kassidi Taylor G 5'3 Fr.
33 Lauren Turner G 5'7 Fr.
4 Lauren Wheeler G 5'5 Fr.
2010 AAU Nationals at Orlando, Fl.
14U, 15U and 16U Results

14U: Division 2 National Runner-Up
80 Orlando Comets-Red 59
75 Cincy Legends 52
48 Louisiana Dominos 46
63 Georgia Bearcats 47
59 Illinois Lady Jets 49
61 New York Falcons 58
National Championship Game
38 Arkansas Elite 47

15U: Won: 3 Lost: 3

16U: 4TH Place (Third straight year in the Final Four at Nationals)
73 South Carolina LowCountry Ballers 61
63 Ma. South Coast Elite 32
61 Orlando Comets- Red 53
64 Philadelphia Belles 61
70 North Side Indy Magic 67
63 Memphis Elite 67 Semi-finals
60 Iowa Attack 62 Third Place


2010 Kentucky Blast Team Rosters

2010 Kentucky Blast Team Rosters

2010 16U Team
1 Adrienne Tarrence G 5'9 Jr. Bowling Green Signed with Belmont University
2 Alexis Lawrence G 5'5 Jr. Bowling Green Signed with University of Missouri - St. Louis
3 Molly Lamb F 5'11 So. Greenwood
4 Lauren Faris G 5'5 Jr. Mercy Academy Signed with University of North Alabama
5 Micah Jones G 5'6 So. Green Co.
11 Juliann Miller G 5'8 Jr. Mercy Academy Signed with University of Evansville
21 Lindsey Burd C 5'11 So. Hart Co.
34 Zoe Sibalich G 5'8 Jr. Bowling Green Walk on Western Kentucky University
35 Averee Fields F 6'0 Jr. Calloway Co. Signed with West Virginia University
40 Emily Goetz C 5'8 Jr. Mercy Academy
55 Chastity Gooch F 5'11 Jr. Franklin-Simpson Signed with Western Kentucky University
12 Tara Wright F 5'10 So. Louisville Manuel
16U AAU Division 1 Forth Place at Nationals in Orlando, Fl
Named AAU 2010 All Americans: Averee Fields and Chastity Gooch

Averee Fields: 2nd Region POY
Chastity Gooch: 4th Region POY

Named to the Kentucky All-Star Team:
Chastity Gooch
Averee Fields
Juliann Miller

2010 15U Team
Jill Jones - Daviess Co.
Emily Fleming - Daviess Co.
Sarah Martin - Daviess Co.
Jade Tubb - Sacred Heart Academy
Lexee Wilson - Hart Co.
Caylan Bybee - Monroe Co.
Madison Clement - Monroe Co.
Chalyse Taylor - Louisville Eastern
Courtney Raush - Mercy Academy
Christine Roush - Mercy Academy
Kylie Gorby - Grayson Co.

2010 14U Team
Anna Bowling 5'7 Fr. Elizabethtown

Tasia Covington 5'10 Fr. Franklin-Simpson
Jordin Crabtree 5'9 8th McClean Co.
Victoria Dircksen 5'8 Fr. Mercy Academy
Aliah Fueller 5'6 Fr. Muhlenburg Co.
Molly Harlin 5'5 Fr. Monroe Co.
Whitney Hartlage 5'7 Fr. Mercy Academy
Kate Joss 5'7 Fr. Christian Academy Louisville
Brittany Mello 5'5 Fr. Franklin Co.
Sidney Rice 5'4 Fr. McClean Co.
Eliza Jane Smith 5'9 Fr. Cumberland Co.
Lydia McManus 6'0 Fr. St. Mary's
Mercedes Cox 5'8 Fr. Taylor Co.
Janssen Starks 5'6 Fr. Murray
Candice Porter 6'1 Fr. Sheldon-Clark
14U AAU Division 2 National Runner-up at Orlando, Fl.

2010 12U Team
Morgan Rich - Allen Co. - Scottsville
Kayla Gilbreath - Bowling Green
Kepresha Powell - Logan Co.
Livie Bowling - Elizabethtown
Emani Boards - Bowling Green
Kelly Moss - Metcalfe Co.
Ciara Waggoner - Caverna
Christessia Priddy - Caverna

2009-2010 High School Year and 2009 16U AAU Year

00 Emily Walden G 5'5 Jr. Christian Academy

10 Shelby Lawson G 5'8 Jr. Bowling Green
11 Chelsee Breakfield G 5'5 Jr. Warren Central
13 Shelbi Tyra G 5'8 Jr. Grayson County - signed with Kentucky Wesleyan
15 Adelaide Luckett F 5'11 So. Elizabethtown
21 Lindsey Burd F 5'9 Fr. Hart County
23 Ruth Anna Hart F 6'0 Jr. Christian Academy
30 Allison Karst G 5'9 Jr. Christian Academy - signed with Murray State
32 Meagan Bridges G 5'6 Jr. Greenwood
35 Averee Fields C 6'0 So. Calloway County
40 Emily Goetz F 5'9 So. Mercy Academy
45 Catherine Dircksen F 5'8 So. Mercy Academy
55 Chastity Gooch C 5'11 So. Franklin-Simpson

Shelbi Tyra, Grayson Co., 3RD Region: POY

2009 15U Team
1 Adrieene Tarrance G 5'9 So. Bowling Green
2 Alexis Lawrence G 5'5 So. Bowling Green
3 Molly Lamb G 5'9 Fr. Greenwood
4 Lauren Faris G 5'4 So. Mercy Academy
5 Micah Jones G 5'6 Fr. Green County
11 Juliann Miller G 5'7 So. Mercy Academy
15 Adelaide Luckett F 5'11 So. Elizabethtown
21 Lindsey Burd F 5'9 Fr. Hart County
34 Zoe Sibalich G 5'8 So. Bowling Green
35 Averee Fields C 6'0 So. Calloway County
40 Emily Goetz F 5'9 So. Mercy Academy
45 Catherine Dircksen F 5'8 So. Mercy Academy
55 Chastity Gooch C 5'11 So. Franklin-Simpson

AAU Nationals 15U at Little Rock, Ark,
Final Four (7-1) 3RD Place Finish
Final Record: 37-3

2009 13U Team
1 Aliah Fueller Muhlenberg County
22 Molly Harlin Monroe County
10 Jessica Hardin Wayne County
43 Amiea Summers Muhlenberg County
2 Eliza Smith Wayne County
14 Brittany Taylor Butler County
32 Diamond Marshall Bowling Green
13 Kelsey Cummings Barren County
44 Lydia McManus Graves County
25 Abby McAlpin Graves County

2009 12U Team
23 Sydney Gooch
54 Makayla Gray
22 Kelsey Kirkpatrick
45 Amanda Lee McGeorge
2 Lauren Maupin
41 Elizabeth Miller
15 Kayla Murray
34 Kellimae Polston
10 Sidney Pruitt
14 Lauren Turner
4 Lauren Wheeler
3 Lexis Wheeler
5 Morgan Duvall

2009 Blast's Regional Player of the Year

Alyse Poindexter, 2nd Region POY, Henderson Co.
Mariah Robinson, 3rd Region POY. Ohio Co.
Ashley Rainey, 4th Region POY, Warren East
Tiara Hopper, 6th Region POY, Louisville Butler

2009 Kentucky All Star Team: (Former Blast Players)
Ashley Rainey
Mariah Robinson
Tiara Hopper
2008-2009 High School Year and 2008 16U AAU Year
00 Mariah Robinson Sr Ohio County - signed with Murray State
3 Lauren Lamb Sr Greenwood
4 Shelby Harper Sr Allen Co-Scottsville - signed with Louisville
11 Chelsee Breakfield Jr Warren Central
12 Jordann McGuffin Jr South Oldham
15 Jayme Jackson Jr Caldwell County
21 Ashley Rainey Sr Warren East - signed with Louisville, Transferred to Lindsey Wilson
24 Dominique Cook Sr Franklin-Simpson - signed with Vol State
30 Tiara Hopper Sr Lou. Butler - signed with Tennessee Tech
31 Alyse Poindexter Sr Henderson County - signed with IUPUI, Transferred to Walbash
Valley Jr. College
44 Whitney Killebrew Sr Greenwood

2008-2009 High School Year and 2008 14U AAU Year

2 Alexis Lawrence So Bowling Green
3 Molly Lamb Fr Greenwood
5 Micah Jones Fr Green Co.
15 Adelaide Luckett So Elizabethtown
24 Kelsey Mitchell So Barren County
30 Chastity Gooch So Franklin-Simpson
32 Adrienna Tarrance So Bowling Green
34 Zoe Sibalich So Bowling Green
35 Averee Fields So Calloway County
40 Lindsey Burd Fr Hart Co.

AAU Nationals 14U at Clarksville, Tn
Final Four (9-1) 3RD Place Finish
Final Record: 38-4

2008 16U Seniors

Congratulations to the Blast players: Lauren Lamb, Shelby Harper, Alyse Poindexter for the last three years record of 117 wins and only 19 losses. Dominique Cook played the last two years. They won 7 Super Regionals, twice runner-up, 7 Invitational Championships and two Kentucky State Titles, one Elite 16 at 2006 Nationals and one Elite 8 ( 5th Place) at 2007 Nationals.

Congratulations to the 14U team for their 3rd Place finish at the 2008 Nationals at Clarksville, Tn. They went 9-1 at Nationals and finished 38-4 for the season.
Pool Play Tournament Play
Blast 72 Tennessee Pride 26 Blast 47 Oklahoma Blue Angels 43
Blast 87 West New Orleans 37 Blast 64 Missouri Valley Blazers 46
Blast 62 Grand Rapids Gators 37 Blast 74 North Carolina Royals 52
Blast 80 Maryland Lady Tigers 41 Blast 52 South Carolina 76ers 60
Blast 45 Ohio Finest Lady Ballers 40 Blast 54 Indiana Wildcat Attack 52
(overtime) 3RD PLACE

2008 Kentucky All Stars

Congratulations to former Blast Players (2007) who recently were named to the Kentucky All Star team that will play the Indiana All Stars in Indianapolis on June 13th and in Louisville on June 15th.
Janae Howard, 3th Region POY
Kelleshia Cook, 4th Region POY
Tacarra Hayes, 5th Region POY
Tia Gibbs, 6th Region POY and Kentucky's Miss Basketball
Monique Reid, 7th POY
Monique Reid: Was named a 2007 Junior AAU (16U) All American after the Nationals in Orlando, Fl.
The 2006-07 two year record for the 16U team was 88-9 with a 9th place finish in the Nationals in 2006 and a 5th place in the 2007 Nationals.
We wish our seniors a great final year in high school and thank you for two super summers of AAU basketball. Monique Reid (Fern Creek), Sherrice Gaines (Fern Creek), Janae Howard (Owensboro Sr.), Chelsea Mills (Dawson Springs), Tacarra Hayes (Marion Co.), Kelleshia Cook (Franklin-Simpson) and Tia Gibbs (Lou. Butler).
To view players high school stats and info be sure you have "High School" entered in the Division box and the name of the players high school in the Team box. To view player information click on "Teams/Rosters" and to view player game stats click on "Game Results"

Team Rosters and their High Schools


Dominique Cook - Franklin Simpson - Junior
Kelleshia Cook - Franklin-Simpson - Senior - Signed with Tennessee Tech
Sherrice Gaines - Fern Creek - Senior
Tia Gibbs - Louisville Butler - Senior - signed with Vanderbilt, Transferred to Louisville
Shelby Harper - Allen Co.-Scottsville - Junior
Tacarra Hayes - Marion County - Senior - Signed with Tennessee Tech
Lindsay Highbaugh - Hart County - Junior
Janae Howard - Owensboro - Senior - Signed with University of Louisville, transferred to Western Ky. University
Lauren Lamb - Greenwood - Junior
Chelsea Mills - Dawson Springs - Senior
Alyse Poindexter - Henderson County - Junior
Monique Reid - Fern Creek - Senior - Signed with University of Louisville


Meagan Bridges - Greenwood - Sophomore
Nakia Daniel - Russellville - Sophomore
Allison Karst - Louisville Christian Academy - Sophomore
Shelby Lawson - Bowling Green - Sophomore
Laken Tabor - Marshall County - Freshman
Shelbi Tyra - Grayson County - Sophomore


Taylor Bridges - Elizabethtown - 8th grade
Lindsey Burd - Hart County - 8th grade
Chastity Gooch - Franklin Simpson - Freshman
Natalie Greenwell - Elizabethtown - Freshman
Molly Lamb - Greenwood - 8th Grade
Alexis Lawrence - Bowling Green - Freshman
Adelaide Luckett - Elizabethtown - Freshman
Taylor Manning - Butler County - Freshman
Kelsey Mitchell - Barren County - Freshman
Zoe Sibalich - Bowling Green - Freshman
Lexie Smith - Butler County - Sophomore
Adrienne Tarrence - Bowling Green - Freshman