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  • Clubhouse Phone # - 215-949-0965
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Indoor Baseball Camps
With Tony Vlahovic and Ron Kaplan


See the Training page for more information.

We have added a new feature to allow our organization to send Text/Email Message Alerts to our members through the web site. This feature will allow us to alert everyone of important information and field closures or delays. 

Please click the box on the upper right to be added to the list.

General Email
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Any questions or concerns: 

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Use the link below to Sign Up to work the stand

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Serving the Following Areas:

Levittown, Fairless Hills, Bristol, Bristol Township, Falls and Croydon

General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of Each Month. During the baseball season, they will be held at the clubhouse starting at 8:00pm.
All are welcome to attend and voice their concerns.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Sep 21
Major Baseball
Beach @ Donnelly 9:00am Major Field
Benson @ Farlow 11:00am Major Field
Golenbaum @ Fiori 1:00pm Major Field
Cossman @ Spector 3:00pm Major Field
Major Softball
DeNofa @ Trommer 9:00am LAAA Varsity Field
McCarthy @ Smith 11:00am LAAA JV FIELD
Minor Softball
Lyons @ Karpovich 9:00am LAAA JV FIELD
Ervin @ Sendlock 11:00am LAAA Varsity Field
Rookie Baseball
DeFinis @ McClure 9:00am Minor Field
McClister @ Keith 11:00am Minor Field
Senior Softball
Marynowitz @ Ruk 1:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Kemmerer @ Foster 1:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
Kappler @ Funk 3:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Whelan @ Cutillo 3:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
McCallion @ Martell 11:30am T-Ball Field
Saturday,  Sep 27
Major Baseball
Golenbaum @ Spector 9:00am Major Field
Fiori @ Benson 11:00am Major Field
Farlow @ Donnelly 1:00pm Major Field
Beach @ Cossman 3:00pm Major Field
Major Softball
Smith @ DeNofa 9:00am LAAA Varsity Field
Rios @ McCarthy 11:00am LAAA JV FIELD
Minor Softball
Lyons @ Sendlock 9:00am LAAA JV FIELD
Ervin @ Karpovich 1:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Rookie Baseball
McClure @ Keith 9:00am Minor Field
Barger @ McClister 11:00am Minor Field
Senior Softball
Kemmerer @ Whelan 11:00am LAAA Varsity Field
Cutillo @ Kappler 1:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
Ruk @ Funk 3:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Foster @ Ault 3:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
Lubinski @ Martell 9:30am T-Ball Field
Reiling @ McCallion 11:30am T-Ball Field
Sunday,  Sep 28
Major Baseball
Beach @ Benson 9:00am Major Field
Donnelly @ Spector 11:00am Major Field
Golenbaum @ Farlow 1:00pm Major Field
Cossman @ Fiori 3:00pm Major Field
Major Softball
McCarthy @ Trommer 11:00am LAAA JV FIELD
Smith @ Rios 1:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
Minor Softball
Lyons @ Ervin 9:00am LAAA JV FIELD
Sendlock @ Karpovich 9:00am LAAA Varsity Field
Rookie Baseball
DeFinis @ McClister 9:00am Minor Field
Keith @ Barger 11:00am Minor Field
Senior Softball
Cutillo @ Kemmerer 11:00am LAAA Varsity Field
Whelan @ Ruk 1:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Ault @ Funk 3:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Marynowitz @ Kappler 3:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
Lubinski @ Miller 11:30am T-Ball Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Levittown American Athletic Association

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