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Want a easier way to sign up to work in the stand. 

Click the link and sign up for your 3 hours in the stand and get your $30.00 back.














Ticket price: $12.00           

All of our players will Parade around the Stadium Field before the game.

Please have your child come in Uniform Shirt.

Field of Dreams

Players will be on the field with a Trenton Thunder player

during the National Anthem.



We have added a new feature to allow our organization to send Text/Email Message Alerts to our members through the web site. This feature will allow us to alert everyone of important information and field closures or delays. 

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 Baseball & Softball Lessons
 Hitting / Catching / Pitching / Fielding
 Ron Kaplan - New Hope-Solebury Varsity Baseball Coach
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Serving the Following Areas:

Levittown, Fairless Hills, Bristol, Bristol Township, Falls and Croydon

General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of Each Month. During the baseball season, they will be held at the clubhouse starting at 8:00pm.
All are welcome to attend and voice their concerns.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  May 25
Kasper @ Martell 6:15pm Tball Field 1
PRACTICE Harrison 6:15pm Tball Field 2
Pre T-Ball
Wilhelm PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 1
Stadler PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 2
Tuesday,  May 26
Major Baseball
Darr @ Heffner 5:45pm Major Field
Major Softball
Gaynor @ LBAA 6:00pm Croydon
Buechner @ Davies 6:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
Minor Baseball
Cruz @ Matlack 5:45pm Minor Field
Rookie Baseball
Pirates @ Angels 5:45pm Rookie Field
Shorties Softball
Shay @ Hartman 6:00pm Field #4
Nysse @ Gerth 6:00pm Shortie Field
Sayers @ Falkevitz 6:15pm Tball Field 1
Kilgore @ Davis 6:15pm Tball Field 2
Pre T-Ball
Collins @ Evans 6:30pm Pre Tee 1
Collins PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 1
Viramontes PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 2
Wintersteen @ Viramontes 6:30pm Pre Tee 2
Wednesday,  May 27
Minor Softball
Evans @ Kuestner 6:00pm Valley 2
Senior Softball
Micalizzi @ Kemmerer 6:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Kappler @ Ault 6:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
Shorties Softball
Greenblatt @ Croydon 6:00pm Croydon
Gaunt @ Darr 6:15pm Tball Field 1
Darcey @ Tinley 6:15pm Tball Field 2
Pre T-Ball
Diadone @ Moore 6:30pm Pre Tee 1
Diadone PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 1
Kasperities PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 2
lapolla @ Kasperities 6:30pm Pre Tee 2
Thursday,  May 28
Minor Softball
Barbieri @ Sendlock 6:00pm LAAA JV FIELD
Felter @ Lyons 6:00pm LAAA Varsity Field
LBAA @ Udowenko 6:00pm Valley 2
Rookie Baseball
Indians @ Yankees 5:45pm Rookie Field
Livolski @ Coons 6:15pm Tball Field 1
McCallion @ Garrett 6:15pm Tball Field 2
Pre T-Ball
Harper @ Fitzgibbon 6:30pm Pre Tee 1
Harper PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 1
Cantore @ Karas 6:30pm Pre Tee 2
Karas PRACTICE 6:30pm Pre Tee 2
Friday,  May 29
Wall @ Szumigala 6:15pm Tball Field 2
Pre T-Ball
Santiago @ Cruz 6:15pm Pre Tee 1
Santiago PRACTICE 6:15pm Pre Tee 1
Fields @ Stadler 6:15pm Pre Tee 2
Klimowicz PRACTICE 6:15pm Pre Tee 2
Daub PRACTICE 7:00pm Pre Tee 1
Moser @ Klimowicz 7:00pm Pre Tee 1
Wilhelm @ Daub 7:00pm Pre Tee 2

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Upcoming Events

Saturday,  May 30
Trenton Thunder Levittown American Night 6:00pm
Saturday,  Jun 6
Picnic Day

For a complete calendar listing, click here!