Spring 2016 Information from Meeting

November 8, 2015

The Spring 2016 meeting was held on Sunday November 8th at 3pm.  Below is a summary from the meeting.  More details can be found in the league rules.


  • To register for the Spring season, please complete the Team Registration Form which can be found under the "Online Forms" menu item.  
  • All team registrations must be completed by 12/31.  
  • $550 league fee must be received by 12/31.  Please make checks payable to Lanier Baseball.  The fee may mailed to us at:
  • Lanier Baseball, P.O. Box 2191, Cumming, Ga  30040
  • Each team registration must include your two home game days/times AND blackout dates.  Please do your homework and find out what school functions may affect your players.  Some common dates have been put on the calendar, for example, Mothers Day, Easter Sunday, etc.
  • CONFIRM from your association or county that you will have field space for the Spring season.
  • Once you have completed the team registration form, if you have a change, DO NOT submit another form.  Please email any changes to Bill.


  • Under the Handouts menu item, you will find a link for an Excel spreadsheet.  Enter your roster information and save the file with your TEAM NAME and AGE in the file name.  Email the completed spreadsheet to Bill.
  • Roster size is a max of (15) players.
  • Players may be added to the roster up to April 15th.  Any additions after April 15th is at the discretion of the league and due to extenuating circumstances.


  • READ the league rules.
  • The rules are always available through the league website.
  • DO NOT negotiate the rules or change them at the plate meeting (for example, if the time limit for your age group is 1:50, then that's the time limit.  No more, no less).
  • Teams need to provide the league rules to their umpire association.
  • We play by Lanier League rules first.  Rules not covered by league rules will be determined by National Federation of High School rules.  Rules not covered by Lanier League or High School rules will be determined by Major League Baseball rules.
  • Rules of other affiliations such as USSSA, Dizzy Dean, Babe Ruth, etc. are irrelevant to Lanier League games and are not recognized by the League.


  • Work on schedules will begin the first week in January.
  • Draft of schedules will be provided to coaches so that you can schedule any games that the scheduling software couldn't and to make any adjustments to your schedule by working with the opposing coach(es).
  • Forsyth and Hall County Parks & Rec will be given a copy of the draft schedule for them to review and make changes before schedules are finalized.
  • The goal is to finalize schedules by early to mid February.
  • Once schedules are final, changes for reasons other than weather or extenuating circumstances (require league approval in advance) will be declared a forfeit.  For example, Team A is scheduled to play Team B on March 27th.  Team A's head coach is out of town and wants to reschedule.  If the game isn't played as scheduled, Team B will be awarded a forfeit.
  • Do Not reschedule games due to weather because of the forecast or anticipation of rain.  Games are not rained out until the weather has caused them to be rained out.
  • The regular season will consist of a 15-18 game regular season which may mean that age groups play an unbalanced schedule (meaning each team may not play every other team in the age group).  
  • A 15-18 game schedule will help with rescheduling in the event of a wet and rainy spring as the forecasters are predicting. 
  • Home teams provide for, and pay, umpires.  Independent teams are to split the umpire fee with the home team. 
  • Regular season begins on Monday February 29th.


  • Tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 2nd through Sunday June 5th (we are awaiting confirmation from Forsyth County on the request for field space).
  • The tournament will be played, weather permitting, and will not be played beyond Sunday June 5th.