• Larkfield Little League has Gray Baseball Pants available - Ask your manager for details.

Welcome to the home of

Larkfield Little League

Please be advised that all baseball and softball games today Wednesday May 4th are canceled.  All Practices are to be canceled.  There is no Larkfield Little League Activities today.



For all those who are coaching in Larkfield Little League.  Please find below the Dates for AED Training.  

The Training is offered by the American Heart Association

HEARTSAVER AED/CPR TRAINING All Courses are at William J. Brosnan School

158 Laurel Ave. Northport NY Cafeteria 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation 

Click on Link below for Details.


May 19 Thursday

June 6 Monday




In the Spring

Baseball / Softball Pants

Will be sold at the Little League building

behind the library 

Pants Are $5 each.  Please stop at concession Stand for any inquiries.


We are looking for some web sponsors to advertise on our league site.

If you would like to or anybody you know would like space on our site please contact a league official or send an e mail to info@larkfieldll.com For more information thank you. 100% of sponsorship money goes to the AED program and new equipment so please help thank you.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, May 5
AAA - Baseball
Louisville Bats @ Dayton Dragons5:45pmKew
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Savannah Sand Gnats5:45pmNew
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Burlington Bees5:45pmScheu
Northport Muckdogs @ Durham Bulls5:45pmVets #1
AA - Baseball
Burlington Bees @ Savannah Sand Gnats5:45pmVets #2
Dayton Dragons @ Durham Bulls5:45pmT-ball #1 West
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Burlington Bees5:45pmT-ball #2 East
Rookies(7-8) - Softball
LSU Tigers @ Kansas Jayhawks5:45pmCaravan
Minors(9-10)- Softball
HTV 1 @ LSU Tigers5:45pmE. Northport Middle School
Seniors - Baseball
Orioles @ Pirates5:45pmSchram
Saturday, May 7
Majors - Baseball
Nationals @ Orioles9:00amKew
Cubs @ Pirates9:00amNew
Athletics @ Tigers9:00amScheu
AAA - Baseball
Durham Bulls @ Greensboro Grasshoppers11:30amKew
Burlington Bees @ Lehigh Valley Ironpigs11:30amNew
Louisville Bats @ Savannah Sand Gnats11:30amScheu
Dayton Dragons @ Northport Express11:30amSteers Field Park #2
AA - Baseball
bye @ Burlington Bees11:30amPosition Day/TBD
Savannah Sand Gnats @ Louisville Bats11:30amVets #1
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Greensboro Grasshoppers11:30amVets #2
A - Baseball
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Burlington Bees2:00pmKew
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Louisville Bats2:00pmScheu
Burlington Bees @ Dayton Dragons11:30amT-ball #1 West
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Savannah Sand Gnats11:30amT-ball #1 West
Louisville Bats @ Greensboro Grasshoppers2:00pmT-ball #2 East
Sacramento River Cats @ Durham Bulls2:00pmT-ball #2 East
Rookies(7-8) - Softball
LSU Tigers @ Georgia Bull Dogs11:30amENMS
Minors(9-10)- Softball
Hauppauge 1 @ Georgia Bull Dogs11:30amCaravan Field 1
LSU Tigers @ Kansas Jayhawks2:00pmCaravan Field 1
Majors - Softball
St. Joseph CYO Majors @ Kansas Jayhawks9:00amCaravan
Seniors - Baseball
Pirates @ Tigers9:00amSchram
Athletics @ Orioles11:30amSchram
Cubs @ Nationals2:00pmSchram
Monday, May 9
A - Baseball
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Greensboro Grasshoppers5:45pmKew
Louisville Bats @ Burlington Bees5:45pmScheu
Majors - Softball
LSU Tigers @ Hauppauge 1 Majors5:45pmHauppauge HYO Complex- Softball Field
Seniors - Baseball
Tigers @ Orioles5:45pmSchram
Tuesday, May 10
AAA - Baseball
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Northport Sand Gnats5:45pmKew
Northport Storm @ TBA5:45pmSteers Field Park #2
Savannah Sand Gnats @ Northport Muckdogs5:45pmSteers Field Park #3
AA - Baseball
Savannah Sand Gnats @ bye5:45pmPosition Day/TBD
Louisville Bats @ Greensboro Grasshoppers5:45pmScheu
Burlington Bees @ Lehigh Valley Ironpigs5:45pmVets #1
Savannah Sand Gnats @ Greensboro Grasshoppers5:45pmT-ball #1 West
Durham Bulls @ Lehigh Valley Ironpigs5:45pmT-ball #2 East
Rookies(7-8) - Softball
Kansas Jayhawks @ Georgia Bull Dogs5:45pmCaravan
Minors(9-10)- Softball
Kansas Jayhawks @ Hauppauge 15:45pmHauppauge HYO Complex- Softball Field
Seniors - Baseball
Nationals @ Pirates5:45pmSchram
Wednesday, May 11
Majors - Baseball
Orioles @ Tigers5:45pmKew
Pirates @ Athletics5:45pmScheu
Nationals @ Northport A's5:45pmSteers Field Park #2
Cubs @ Northport Reds5:45pmSteers Field Park #3
A - Baseball
Burlington Bees @ Greensboro Grasshoppers5:45pmNew
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Louisville Bats5:45pmVets #1
Majors - Softball
CNLL 1 @ Kansas Jayhawks5:45pmCaravan
Seniors - Baseball
Cubs @ Athletics5:45pmSchram
Thursday, May 12
AAA - Baseball
Louisville Bats @ Burlington Bees5:45pmKew
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Dayton Dragons5:45pmNew
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Durham Bulls5:45pmScheu
Savannah Sand Gnats @ Northport Sand Gnats5:45pmSteers Field Park #2
AA - Baseball
Louisville Bats @ Burlington Bees5:45pmClay Pitts
Burlington Bees @ Sacramento River Cats5:45pmT-ball #1 West
Dayton Dragons @ Louisville Bats5:45pmT-ball #2 East
Minors(9-10)- Softball
St. Hughs 2 @ Kansas Jayhawks5:45pmCaravan Field 1
Georgia Bull Dogs @ CNLL 15:45pmCedar Road Park (Commack N)- Field CR8
St. Hughs 1 @ LSU Tigers5:45pmE. Northport Middle School
Seniors - Baseball
Pirates @ Nationals5:45pmSchram
Saturday, May 14
Majors - Baseball
Tigers @ Pirates9:00amKew
Athletics @ Orioles9:00amNew
Cubs @ Nationals9:00amScheu
AAA - Baseball
Dayton Dragons @ Durham Bulls11:30amKew
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Burlington Bees11:30amNew
Savannah Sand Gnats @ Lehigh Valley Ironpigs11:30amScheu
Northport Sand Gnats @ Louisville Bats11:30amVets #1
AA - Baseball
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Savannah Sand Gnats11:30amClay Pitts
bye @ Louisville Bats11:30amPosition Day/TBD
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Burlington Bees11:30amVets #2
A - Baseball
Burlington Bees @ Lehigh Valley Ironpigs2:00pmKew
Louisville Bats @ Greensboro Grasshoppers2:00pmScheu
Durham Bulls @ Savannah Sand Gnats11:30amT-ball #1 West
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Dayton Dragons11:30amT-ball #2 East
Louisville Bats @ Sacramento River Cats2:00pmT-ball #1 West
Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Burlington Bees2:00pmT-ball #2 East
Rookies(7-8) - Softball
LSU Tigers @ Kansas Jayhawks11:30amENMS
Minors(9-10)- Softball
Kansas Jayhawks @ LSU Tigers11:30amCaravan Field 1
Majors - Softball
Kansas Jayhawks @ CNLL 111:30amCedar Road Park (Commack N)- Field CR8
LSU Tigers @ KPY Knights11:30amKings Park Memorial Park- Field 15
Seniors - Baseball
Tigers @ Orioles9:00amSchram
Nationals @ Pirates11:30amSchram
Cubs @ Athletics2:00pmSchram

For a complete schedule listing, click here!