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  • Larkfield Little League has Gray Baseball Pants available for $10 - Ask your manager for detail.
Days to opening day 2014
3 Days
Welcome to the home of
Larkfield Little League

Picture Schedule for 2014

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We still have limited spots open for Spring Baseball and Softball sign up on-line

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April 20, 2014 – 10:30 AM

Grey Baseball pants will be sold

At the little league building

On Sunday April 20th 2014

Between 10:30 - 12:00

And Saturday April 26th 2014

Between 8:30 - 1:30

The cost is $10.00

All baseball players

7 years old and up, must wear grey baseball pants to play.

Girls softball players 7-12

must wear Grey Pants also to play

The cost is $10.00

April 20, 2014 – 10:30 AM

If you are interested in umpiring for the 2014 season please send a e-mail To:


And let us know. We are having an umpire clinic on

Sunday April 20th 2014 at 10:30

At the little league building. See you then
Richard Demling

We are looking for some web sponsors to advertise on our league site.

If you would like to or anybody you know would like space on our site please contact a league official or send an e mail to For more information thank you. 100% of sponsorship money goes to the AED program and new equipment so please help thank you.

In order to coach or manage a team for Larkfield Little League during the 2014 season all managers and coaches will have to be CPR / AED certified. We are trying to be proactive for the safety of the kids.
If you would like to take a class, The class is only 3 hrs long and costs $15.00 and is given right here at the East Northport Fire house. Check the calendar of events for dates and times. This course is sponsored by the Acompora foundation & the East Northport Fire Dept. The classes are small and fill up quick due to other leagues in the area. E-mail Karen Acompora at, so you can get the date you want.
Thanks in helping our league be as safe as possible for everybody involved. We thank you in advance for you cooperation.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Apr 27
Mets @ Tampa Bay 2:00pm Kew
Cardinals @ Red Sox 2:00pm New
Yankees @ Phillies 2:00pm Scheu
D Backs @ Pirates 2:00pm Vets #2
Seniors 13, 14, 15
Red Sox @ Tampa Bay 2:30pm Schram
Majors Softball 9-12
Arizona @ Florida 3:00pm Clay Pitts
Georgia @ UNC 3:00pm East Northport MS
Monday,  Apr 28
Tampa Bay @ D Backs 5:45pm Kew
Cardinals @ Phillies 5:45pm New
Pirates @ Yankees 5:45pm Scheu
Red Sox @ Mets 5:45pm Vets #2
Seniors 13, 14, 15
Tampa Bay @ pirates 5:45pm Schram
AA div. 8 year olds
Mets @ Phillies 5:45pm Clay Pitts
A Div. 7 year olds
Red Sox @ Mets 5:45pm Vets #1
T-Ball 5 & 6
Phillies @ Tampa Bay 5:45pm T-ball #1 West
Diamond Backs @ Angels 5:45pm T-ball #2 East
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Seniors 13, 14, 15
Yankees @ Red Sox 5:45pm Schram
AAA div. 9 & 10
Dodgers @ Cardinals 5:45pm Kew
Angels @ D Backs 5:45pm New
Tampa Bay @ Pirates 5:45pm Scheu
Mets @ Red Sox 5:45pm Vets #1
Phillies @ Yankees 5:45pm Vets #2
AA div. 8 year olds
Red Sox @ Tampa bay 5:45pm Clay Pitts
Minor Softball 7 & 8
UNC @ Florida 5:45pm Caravan
Arizona @ Georgia 5:45pm East Northport MS
T-Ball 5 & 6
Dodgers @ Red Sox 5:45pm T-ball #2 East
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Mets @ Cardinals 5:45pm Kew
Yankees @ Red Sox 5:45pm New
Phillies @ Tampa Bay 5:45pm Scheu
D Backs @ Pirates 5:45pm Vets #2
Seniors 13, 14, 15
Phillies @ Mets 5:45pm Schram
AA div. 8 year olds
Tampa bay @ Yankees 5:45pm Clay Pitts
A Div. 7 year olds
Tampa Bay @ Yankees 5:45pm Vets #1
Majors Softball 9-12
Arizona @ Georgia 5:45pm Caravan
Florida @ UNC 5:45pm East Northport MS
T-Ball 5 & 6
Pirates @ Yankees 5:45pm T-ball #1 West
Thursday,  May 1
Seniors 13, 14, 15
Red Sox @ pirates 5:45pm Schram
AAA div. 9 & 10
Red Sox @ Angels 5:45pm Kew
Cardinals @ Phillies 5:45pm New
D Backs @ Dodgers 5:45pm Scheu
Yankees @ Tampa Bay 5:45pm Vets #1
Pirates @ Mets 5:45pm Vets #2
AA div. 8 year olds
Phillies @ Red Sox 5:45pm Clay Pitts
T-Ball 5 & 6
Mets @ Cardinals 5:45pm T-ball #2 East
Friday,  May 2
Seniors 13, 14, 15
Tampa Bay @ Phillies 5:45pm Schram
Saturday,  May 3
Pirates @ Phillies 9:30am Kew
Tampa Bay @ Mets 9:30am New
Cardinals @ Red Sox 9:30am Scheu
D Backs @ Yankees 9:30am Vets #2
Seniors 13, 14, 15
Mets @ Yankees 9:30am Schram
Phillies @ pirates 12:30pm Schram
Tampa Bay @ Red Sox 3:30pm Schram
AAA div. 9 & 10
Yankees @ Angels 12:00pm Kew
Pirates @ Dodgers 12:00pm New
Phillies @ Mets 12:00pm Scheu
Red Sox @ D Backs 12:00pm Vets #1
Cardinals @ Tampa Bay 12:00pm Vets #2
AA div. 8 year olds
Red Sox @ Mets 2:45pm Kew
Yankees @ Tampa bay 2:45pm New
A Div. 7 year olds
Yankees @ Phillies 4:30pm Kew
Mets @ Tampa Bay 4:30pm Scheu
Majors Softball 9-12
UNC @ Arizona 9:30am Caravan
Georgia @ Florida 11:30am Caravan
Minor Softball 7 & 8
Arizona @ UNC 1:30pm Caravan
Georgia @ Florida 3:30pm Caravan
T-Ball 5 & 6
Diamond Backs @ Angels 9:30am T-ball #1 West
Pirates @ Mets 9:30am T-ball #2 East
Phillies @ Dodgers 11:30am T-ball #1 West
Red Sox @ Yankees 11:30am T-ball #2 East
Cardinals @ Tampa Bay 1:30pm T-ball #2 East

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Apr 26
baseball & softball pants for sale 9:00am
Picture day check handouts for team times 10:00am
Sunday,  Apr 27
Opening Day 2014 Parade 12:00pm Bank of America
Thursday,  May 15
CPR / AED Class 6:00pm East Northport Fire house
Wednesday,  May 21
CPR / AED Class 6:00pm William J. Brosnan School
Saturday,  May 24
Home Run Derby 11:00am Scheu
All Star Game 1:00pm
Wednesday,  Jun 4
CPR / AED Class 6:00pm William J. Brosnan School
Monday,  Jun 16
Majors 1st round of playoffs 5:45pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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