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6Stones Thanksgiving Food Drive


 We have teamed up with 6Stones to help 20 plus families in the H.E.B. school district. Below is the Thanksgiving Food Drive list. We will need this list times 20 plus. 

Food Items (fills one box)

Turkey Cooking Oil (24oz)

Stuffing Mix (8oz pkg) Canned Fruit (2-15oz cans)

Canned Gravy (10oz or mix) Canned Yams (2-15oz cans)

Corn Bread Mix (2-6oz pkgs) Canned Corn (2-15oz cans)

Instant Mashed Potatoes (13oz) Canned Green Beans (2-14oz cans)

Bisquick & Baking Mix (40oz box) Cranberry Sauce (2-16oz cans)

Dried Milk (9oz box) Jell-O (6oz large box)

Salt (26oz) Macaroni & Cheese (7.5oz box)

Pepper (4oz) Peanut Butter (18oz)

Flour (4lbs) Jelly

Sugar (4lbs) Cookies (1 package)

Sealed Holiday Candy

Pack these items in one box (except for the turkey). We are providing Thanksgiving dinners to 20 plus families in the H.E.B school district. Bring the boxes to the Activity Center on Monday 11/21 at 5:30 pm. The boys will deliver the boxes and turkeys to the families.

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