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2014-2015 Schedule

Wednesday, Feb 10
LYB_B6_Hodges PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_B6_Schuebel PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_B3_Rohrs PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B3_Williams PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B6_Barnhizer PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmHeritage Baptist Church
LYB_B4_Strahm PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_B5_Sako PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B6_Watson PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_G5_Martin PRACTICE6:00pm - 7:30pmBowman Primary School
LYB_G5_Planicka PRACTICE6:00pm - 7:30pmBowman Primary School
LYB_G6_Coates PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_G6_Magness PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmHeritage Baptist Church
LYB_G3_Abrigo PRACTICE7:30pm - 9:00pmBowman Primary School
LYB_G4_Flora PRACTICE7:30pm - 9:00pmBowman Primary School
Thursday, Feb 11
LYB_B4_Hicks PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_B6_Watson PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_B4_Chartrand PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B5_Upper PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B5_Kinsey PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_B4_Edmonds PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B6_Hodges PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmHeritage Baptist Church
LYB_B3_Keffaber PRACTICE7:30pm - 9:00pmBowman Primary School
LYB_B3_Rohrs PRACTICE7:30pm - 9:00pmBowman Primary School
LYB_G4_Mueller PRACTICE5:30pm - 7:15pmHeritage Baptist Church
LYB_G3_Hathaway PRACTICE6:00pm - 7:30pmBowman Primary School
LYB_G4_Flora PRACTICE6:00pm - 7:30pmBowman Primary School
LYB_G6_Magness PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmBerry Intermediate School
LYB_G6_Hathaway PRACTICE7:15pm - 9:00pmDonovan Elementary School
Saturday, Feb 13
Waynesville Orange @ LYB_B5_Sako9:35amDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B4_Strahm @ Xenia Christian10:00amCentral Middle School
Waynesville Black @ LYB_B5_Kinsey10:40amDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B6_Schuebel @ Kettering Grey11:10amJ.E. Prass Elementary
West Carrollton Black @ LYB_B6_Barnhizer12:50pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B3_Keffaber @ Kettering Blue1:20pmJ.E. Prass Elementary
Xenia Elite @ LYB_B3_Rohrs3:00pmDonovan Elementary School
Kettering Silver @ LYB_B6_Hodges4:05pmDonovan Elementary School
LYB_B5_Upper @ Springfield4:20pmClark Center
Waynesville Orange @ LYB_B4_Hicks5:10pmLebanon Junior High School
LYB_B4_Chartrand @ Dayton Swish6:00pmBethesda Temple Church
LYB_B5_Kinsey @ Monroe Gold6:30pmMonroe High-Varsity Gym
Waynesville @ LYB_G5_Planicka8:30amDonovan Elementary School
Waynesville @ LYB_G3_Abrigo11:45amDonovan Elementary School
LYB_G5_Martin @ Kettering12:15pmBeavertown Elementary
Springboro Blue @ LYB_G6_Hathaway1:55pmDonovan Elementary School
Springboro Blue (5th D2) @ LYB_G6_Coates1:55pmLebanon Junior High School
Vandalia - Gold @ LYB_G5_Martin3:00pmLebanon Junior High School
Waynesville @ LYB_G6_Coates4:05pmLebanon Junior High School
Harrison @ LYB_G6_Hathaway5:10pmDonovan Elementary School

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