Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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Welcome to the home of
Lexington Fast-Pitch Softball

Opening day is 4/19!

Games start this Tuesday, which means Opening Day is this Saturday, games are scheduled 12-4.  We'll be announcing the coaches and players at the beginning of each games and we'll announce the board around 1:00 whenever a game is over.  We'll also have some great stuff going on that day, the concession stand will be open and depending on weather we might have hotdogs, but we'll have chips, candy, and drinks available.  And speaking of sugary goodness, the Kona Ice truck will be on site serving up shaved ice!

We'll also be doing some fun stuff like having a 50/50 raffle, taking t-shirt and sweatshirt orders, and we'll have some other goodies going on that you'll just have to show up to see.  Come in your Uniform and get some free stuff.  :)

We'd also love to talk to people about opportunities to help volunteer some time to help with the league.  We work hard to make things work, you can help us make it even better!

New league president, Lindsay Anderson

We'd like to announce that Lindsay Anderson is officially our new league president.  Lindsay has been on the board this year and has been helping with the league for four years and has a daughter in 8U on the Tropics.  You'll probably find her in the concession stand a lot, but say hi and welcome her to the new position!

We're sad to see Dawn go, but her daughter is playing softball for Bryan Station and Dawn has found that she's spending all of her available time traveling and supporting her.  I'm sure we'll still see Dawn around from time to time and we wish her the best!

2014 Spring Schedules are up!

Schedules are up on the website! Let your coaches know ASAP if there are any major conflicts such as school events etc that will prevent a game for a given team. Birthdays don't count, sorry :)

Coaches, time to pick practice times for during the season!

All coaches, now that we have the final schedule in place please pick practice times for your team(s) between game days.  As always, please leave the earlier times for the younger players as possible.  Instructions are on the page on how to get data into the spreadsheet,

Spreadsheet for times is here:

We have a brand new field!

Thanks to hard work by the board and funding from the city we have a brand new field where the old Constitution Pool used to be.  The Fall Season 8U girls broke it in and it'll be great for the Spring Season.  With two fields we'll have double the practice time slots in Constitution Park and double the play slots.  It's going to be a great Spring Season.

The old field (with lights) is Field #1 and the new field (without lights) is Field #2, so when your coach tells you the field you're practicing/playing on, now you know ;)

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Our Text Alerts were cleared out of the system and we need people to sign back up again.  If you already have a login on League Lineup from before you can sign in with that same login and add yourself to the new list.  If your number has changed please update your profile, or if you have forgotten your login you may need to recover the login information or sign up new.  Thank you!!

LFPS has shifted to a new communication system that will reduce the number of emails you get from us. When you sign up here on the website for our email list, you can choose which types of messages you want to get by choosing which email groups you join. If your player is in the 8u division, you'll no longer need to read emails about 14u schedule changes, or 10u all-stars tryouts. If you're not a coach, you won't have to read about coach meetings.

This system will also give you complete control over whether you're on the list or not -- you sign yourself up, and you can take yourself off. You will not be automatically added to the list.

To sign up for email groups, look at the left-hand navigation bar, down below the FaceBook and Twitter symbols. Click where it says "Join Our Email List -- Click here."

Slightly more complicated, but very useful if you rely heavily on your cell phone, is the new text/email alert system. Below the spot where you click to join the email list is a box with a picture of a storm cloud and the heading "Game Cancelled?" If you click on the "Get Started" button in that box, you'll be able to sign up for text and email alerts. These will be used for time-sensitive messages only; less urgent news will be sent through the regular email lists.

The text/email alert system does require you to set up a free account with League Line-Up, and they do have you confirm your email address and cell phone number as part of the process. This is to prevent someone from signing you up without your permission! Signing up for this system requires more steps than the email list, but it took me less than 5 minutes.

If you have any questions about either the email list or the text/email alert system, I'll do my best to answer them, just email me!

Kroger Card Fundraising Program

This is an easy, no-pain fundraiser for our league! You don’t have to sell anything, and you don’t have to make any donations.

We have Kroger cards that are pre-loaded with $10. You give us $10, get the card, and then go to Kroger and use it to buy $10 worth of gas, medicine, or groceries at your convenience. The card may be re-loaded as often as you like, for whatever amount you want. Just be sure to re-load the card before you make your purchases.

Anyone can use these cards at any Kroger store, even in another city or state. Kroger tracks the dollars spent using the cards, and at the end of the month they send us a check for 4% of the total purchases. We don’t pay any extra or any fees, we just do our regular shopping.

If you’d like one or more cards, contact Dawn Farris at, or 859-489-8539

General Info about LFPS
Lexington Fast-Pitch Softball (LFPS) was incorporated as a non-profit softball organization in late 2009. Our mission statement was approved on November 11, 2009:

Lexington Fast-Pitch Softball, Inc. (LFPS) aspires to be an organized and structured organization that provides a high-quality experience for all female athletes. LFPS is committed to providing a positive and safe environment, an environment where sportsmanship, development of fundamental skills, teamwork, commitment, and discipline are important and valued. The emphasis of Lexington Fast-Pitch Softball is on playing the game of softball and using the game as a forum to help teach "life lessons" that have value beyond the playing field. Our hope is that each player will have fun and enjoy the experiences they walk away with, as they will be memories for a lifetime.

LFPS pledges to its players and parents:
• To provide a healthy, productive and structured environment for its players to learn and compete in the game of fast pitch softball;
• To promote team chemistry and teach the importance of achieving success through teamwork;
• To provide a unique, positive atmosphere for beginners to accomplished athletes to develop their skills while building confidence, self-esteem and mental toughness;
• To treat each player, parent, coach and spectator with respect and dignity;
• To stress the importance of academic excellence as it relates to competitive sports and to a successful future;
• To develop highly competitive softball teams with players that exemplify the meaning of selflessness and teamwork.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 17
Bolts @ Suns 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Cyclones @ Tsunami 6:15pm Constitution Park Field 2
Thunder @ Vortex 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Friday,  Apr 18
Starbursts @ Tropics 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Ice @ Storm 6:15pm Constitution Park Field 2
Tsunami @ Vortex 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Saturday,  Apr 19
Lil Tornadoes @ Lil Twisters 12:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Tropics @ Heatwave 1:30pm Constitution Park Field 2
Storm @ Bolts 1:30pm Constitution Park Field 1
Vortex @ Cyclones 3:30pm Constitution Park Field 1
Tsunami @ Thunder 3:30pm Constitution Park Field 2
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Tropics @ Starbursts 6:15pm Constitution Park Field 2
Suns @ Ice 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Tsunami @ Cyclones 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Thursday,  Apr 24
Bolts @ Storm 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Ice @ Suns 6:15pm Constitution Park Field 2
Thunder @ Cyclones 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Friday,  Apr 25
Heatwave @ Tropics 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Suns @ Storm 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Cyclones @ Vortex 6:30pm Constitution Park Field 2
Saturday,  Apr 26
Lil Twisters @ Lil Tornadoes 12:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Starbursts @ Heatwave 1:30pm Constitution Park Field 1
Bolts @ Ice 3:30pm Constitution Park Field 1
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Lil Tornadoes @ Lil Twisters 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Tropics @ Heatwave 6:15pm Constitution Park Field 2
Vortex @ Thunder 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Thursday,  May 1
Suns @ Bolts 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Thunder @ Tsunami 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Friday,  May 2
Heatwave @ Starbursts 7:45pm Constitution Park Field 1
Storm @ Suns 6:00pm Constitution Park Field 1
Vortex @ Tsunami 6:30pm Constitution Park Field 2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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