Last Updated: July 30, 2015

MVP Blue Hen Tournament 2015

Mission Statement



Team Goal: 

These next few years are critical for the development of our boys.  Our goal is to build a cohesive team coached by experienced Lacrosse coaches (not a parent) with dedicated players and parents who are all united in the mission to develop players’ skills and love for the game.  The objective is for the team to begin reaching its full potential by the summer before 10th grade.  Since we will be striving for individual player development, we will not be concerned with wins and losses in the short term. The team roster will be kept small for each tournament we attend to ensure a lot of playing time for each boy.  There will be equal playing time and the #1 priority will be for all of the boys to learn the game and grow as players.  The focus will be on individual development, team development and building team chemistry in a positive, family oriented environment where we can build a cohesive unit for the boys as well as the parents.  Parent coaching from the sideline will be strongly discouraged, while support and positivity with respect to all of the boys – your own and their teammates - will be strongly encouraged.  There will also be a parent liaison to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed.  There will also be a parent liaison whose purpose is to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed immediately.  


Coaches’ Creed:

All LIT Blue shark coaches will adhere to the following guidelines when coaching:

There will be equal playing time, since skill development and team chemistry is paramount over wins.  There will be no “negative” berating or demeaning of the boys; the coaches will instill discipline, hard work and have set expectations of the boys and the team.  The coaches will not have a set “man up” or “man down” team so that each player will have a chance to learn and participate in those roles.   The coaches will implement a team-based offense, not one based on individual play.