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2015 Registration Information and Indoor skills camp



Our new and improved web site is NOW LIVE, so please visit and bookmark

This site will be shut down very soon, so make to visit and bookmark the new site. 




Annual General Meeting

Everyone is invited to attend the London Minor Football annual general meeting on Thursday May 21st at 7:30pm. 

The meeting will be held at the North London Optimists Community Centre
at 1345 Cheapside St, London, ON N5V 3N9

We hope to see everyone there.



Sport Western football camp

Sport Western football camp will take place at TD Stadium from August 10th to August 14th. 
DOWNLOAD the flyer with all the information,  or contact Sport Western directly with any questions. 

Players registered for this camp AND the 2015 LMFA season will have their equipment issued
in time for this camp at no extra charge. 
Players NOT registered for the 2015 LMFA season can rent equipment for this camp for $45
on the date indicated on the flyer. 



LMFA media and sponsorship



Thank you to Twist Sports Conditioning Centre and Lloyd's Roofing for joining the LMFA
as our newest sponsors.


Thank you also to the Lambeth Optimists for sponsoring the Rams tykes this past season.




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The LMFA facebook page will have all the lastest LMFA information as well as lots of football and youth sports links and articles.
In addition to your team facebook page, please "like" the LMFA page to stay up to date. 

Our new official twitter account is @LondonMinorFB, follow us for the updates as well as scores during the season. 





Game action from 2014 - If you have any short video clips you would like to share, visit our facebook page or contact us.





2015 Coaching and Training Policy

If you are interested in coaching with the LMFA in 2015, please complete the LMFA Coaches Application Form.
Then, submit the completed form and return it along with the appropriate completed police background check.
Information for police checks is located on the Coaching menu.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) are still being completed by the London Police.
Applicants may attend London Police Service Headquarters:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, between the hours of 8:30am to 4:00 pm – closed on Wednesdays and holidays.
The cost increased by $5 to $15 as of May 1st 2014 if you bring in your volunteer letter from LMFA.

While we understand that everyone is busy, it's important to keep developing and learning as a coach. 

That's why LMFA is committed to paying 50% of the costs of approved clinics (up to $100 per coach per year) to make sure our coaches can continue to get better.
Coaching clinincs coming up include a Safe Contact clinic for LMFA coaches - details will be available soon.

Here is the 2015  LMFA Coaching Training Policy.

Please contact us with any questions. 

Game Day notes and news


Championship Sunday results:

Tyke Championship Game: Panthers 32, Hammers 22
Atom Championship Game: Panthers 40, Hawks 8 
Peewee Championship Game: Hawks 16, Red Storm 14

 2014 regular season tie breaker results:

tyke: 1. Red Storm, 2. Hammers, 3. Wolverines, 4. Panthers (coin toss)
atom: 4. Wolverines, 5 Rams (head to head) 
peewee: 1. Hawks, 2. Red Storm (coin toss)

The LMFA all stars vs WMFA (Windsor) results:

Tyke: Windsor 22, London 14 
Atom: Windsor 44, London 0
Peewee: London 26, Windsor 0

The all star games were played November 29 at Windsor.
2015 WMFA vs LMFA all star games will be played in London next November.



Thank you to everyone who attended and donated to our "Friday Night Lights" series.
We have raised $1275.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society !!!!! 

HERE is the link for the LMFA fund raising page for the Canadian Cancer Society. 




Concussion and Safety Information

CFL concussion Poster

On this LMFA web site you will find a dedicated menu item for Concussion and Safety.

There is information for parents and coaches on what LMFA is doing to make football as safe
as we can make it for young players.

All LMFA coaches have been asked this year to follow practice guidelines limiting full contact drills in practice to a maximum of 33% of total practice time. For example, a team practicing six hours a week should have no more then 2 hours of live full contact drills for any player.
Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding this important issue.

LMFA has started working with CBI Health Group to provide follow up care for any concussions,
contact them for full details.



London Weather

Click for London, Ontario Forecast


Check out the Photo Albums for Action shots

The photo albums have pictures from past LMFA seasons. 
As well, many more pictures from every week are posted on the LMFA facebook page.
If you have any photos you would like to see shared on the site, please email them to us.

Sponsorship and Promotion

We are looking for people to help us out with sponsorships and promotions in 2015.
Sponsorship opportunites are listed here. 
If you can volunteer helping us recruit sponsors for teams, players, web site, program,
or player of the game awards then please contact us to join our sponsorship team.

Interested sponsors can contact us at 519.852.4465 or

We are also looking for people able to help us out at any sign up dates or any other events such as equipment hand outs, or camps.

Please contact us if you can donate some time to help the LMFA. 


Contact Us

To Contact us, Email or call or text us on our cell 519.852.4465
As well, you can contact us to be added to our 2015 registration information email list. 
We will email you with all the latest registration information as it becomes available.