• Head Coach Adam Henderson
  • Assistant Head Coach David Stuteville(tenative)
March 30, 2015

Hey guys great games this weekend! Would have liked to come away with a split but for our first Tournament of the year 1-3 ins't too bad!


Pitchers we will be working on pitching control Tuesday and Thursday this week outside on the mounds.

We will call it our Black and Gold system and we will do this every single time we throw a bullpen.


What Luke Town and myself teach all of you  guys is a step forward in the right direction of becoming high school and collegiate players.


Advanced Baseball Academy website.


Coach Henderson.


March 21, 2015

Sunday's layout will go something like this.

I realize that the KU game is at 4:15. Which that game will most likely be pushed back to 4:30 due to the delay between games! So we should get out of practice before the game starts to a little after the game starts!

Game prep: Run/stretch/throw.

Infield drills and outfield drills.

Infield/outfield. hit the cut off man every single time no matter what!

PFPs. Pitchers fielding Play!

Game prep again: pray/break it down and sprint out to your position.

We will play 21 outs as a team focusing on clean plays. And hitting the cut off man every single time no matter what the case!

After all this is done we will play blitzball if we have time.

We will also go over base signs and catcher/pitcher signs!

Tuesday whatever we are doing for Tuesday's practice I would like the following players throwing a bullpen on Tuesday.

Tommy Burns.

John Harrick.

Riley Bolen

David Sommers

Tate Kiehn

Alex Wisecup

*** I may have forgot a player as well but I will get all this information to you on Tuesday as well!

Coach Henderson.

March 21, 2015

Advanced Baseball Academy Rules and Game prep:

1. Game information I would like all players to show up an hour and half prior to game time. At the latest I would like them to show up 1 hour prior to game time.

2. We will show up fully dressed in our baseball uniforms. During warm ups I will not argue if you show up in your uniform with a long sleeve fleece or pull over to warm up in. Once game time starts obviously you must remove your pull over/fleece.

3. Game prep(run/stretch/throw) will go on as we have done in our practices at ABA.

4. I do not know at this level if we take infield/outfield or not. If we do then we will do so prior to game start. Infield/outfield will go as followed. EVERY player must know this.

Round one: outfield cuts to second base on a line drive/pop fly.

Round two: outfield cuts three on a line drive or pop fly.

Round three: oufield cuts home on the last cut to home plate our catcher takes over.


Round one: Four corners two times: Once the throw from the outfield comes in to home plate the catcher will proceed with 4 corners.

Round two: infield throws home.

Round three: infield throws to first base. Then the catcher throws twice to first base.

Round 4: infield rolls a double play. Then the catcher rolls a double play.

Round 5: slow roller to home plate SPRINT off the field.

Round 6: Catcher get two pop flys above his head.

Now that this part is done and over with. We will regroup as a team and get down on a knee in a circle and pray then break it down! ABA on three! We will then sprint to our positions if we are the home team. If we are the away team we will head back to the dug out and get ready to hit! Keep in mind if you against the praying please keep in mind that I would understand and all I ask is that they participate and respect his teammates by doing so! They do not have to pray along with us if that is they're choice to do so.

 REMINDER************ If the Temp is below 70 you are required to wear sleeves! If you do not wear sleeves you will not play!

Thanks Guys! Hopefully all of you see this as I will send out an email directing you to this site!

13AA Advanced Baseball Team

February 7, 2015

If you saw the email welcome to the page more updates will follow when I have the information.

Keep in mind I'm primarily keeping this site open for stats and rosters and updates. All other information will come from teamsnap or myself or directly from Luke Town.



Coach Adam Henderson and David Stuteville.