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This site has not been updated since 3/19/2012 6:27:00 AM and will be removed from the LeagueLineup network shortly. If you'd like to keep the site active please log in to the administration section.
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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Official Website of the 2012 Local AAU Travel Baseball League(York, Harrisburg, Lancaster areas). Please direct any questions, comments or interest to the District Baseball Director.

Thank you to all coaches, players, parents and fans that supported the first season in the league. I would like to send a special thank you to the members and parents who were committed to fulfilling their obligation to play. Also, thanks to Bret Wagner, Kevin Schade, Brian Helsel, Kyle Wagner, Chad Farmer for agreeing to serve on the committee and a special thank you to Ryan Hartman(Harrisburg & Cumberland), Ken Hershey(York) and Tom McDonald(Lancaster)for assigning Umpires for AAU games.

As any first year venture, there were obstacles both good and bad yet we were able to move on. Based on the good, we will build and the bad, we will correct and progress. I ask all who participated to remain positive and look for future information that will give you the same opportunity(weeknight league play)as 2011 and Intra-District League play(weekends) for 2012.

Once again, thanks to you for your interest in The Real AAU Baseball.

Everyone knows that AAU stands for outstanding travel ball tournament play. But did you know that AAU also advocates travel league play? This is real travel baseball: a league that features the best of the best. AAU league play offers an alternative to travel/select/tournament teams having to pay a large tournament entry fee every weekend, while still offering them the best competition out there. Say goodbye to entry fee after entry fee and hello to affordable travel ball. Join an AAU travel league today. AAU Baseball also offers league programs for High School players and for teams in Park and Recreational programs.
Do not forget to register your clubs, athletes and non-athletes at AAU Baseball
AAU membership is required to participate in all AAU Events.

Who or what is The Real AAU? The Real AAU is the largest Non-Profit, volunteer, multi-sports organization in the United States dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. The Real Amatuer Athletic Union(AAU) has been raising champions since 1888. “Sports For All, Forever” has been our focus and drive for over 118 years. Today, the AAU boasts a nationwide membership of over 550,000, plus a vital body of volunteers 50,000 strong. It has expanded to encompass 57 AAU Districts sponsoring more than 30 sports programs, over 250 national championships, and over 30,000 age division events annually. The Real AAU
See More FAQ's Below......
Are you interested in participating in other AAU Athletics like SOFTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, BOYS & GIRLS BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, LACROSSE, HOCKEY? With one membership, an athlete can participate in AAU Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Football, Soccer or any multiple of the 35 sports the AAU offers. The athlete can participate in as many AAU sports they like all with only one inclusive membership. Memberships as low as $12.00(per year) and valid from September 1 through August 31. The AAU is one of the world's largest NON-PROFIT multi-sports organizations. Each year we sanction over 15,000 local, regional and national competitions. Join the millions of AAU members across the country as they strive to acheive their dreams. AAU, Sports for ALL, Forever. The Real AAU
1. What is the cost to join as a player and coach? Basic youth athlete membership is $12 and $14 w/ the Added Benefit. Basic adult non-athlete membership is $14 and $16 w/ the Added Benefit. Click the following link to view Membership Fees

2. What exactly is covered by the AAU membership insurance? The following summary highlights the benefits offered once an AAU membership is obtained Insurance Summary

3. If I purchase a membership for my son to play baseball, do I have to purchase another membership for him to play hockey or any other sport? No, one membership is valid to participate in any/all of the 30+ sports the AAU offers to amatuer athletes and for the entire AAU calendar year(September 1- August 31).

4. I would like my Club/Organization to join but do not know the cost? The Real AAU offers three levels of club membership. Level 1/$30.00 per year, Level 2/$60.00 per year and Level 3/$300.00 per year. Click the following link to view Club Membership

5. I have 9 teams in my Club/Organization. Is it required I purchase a club membership for each team? No, all teams would be registered under your one Club/Organization membership.

6. If I register my Club/Organization, do my players and coaches have AAU membership and benefits? NO, although you registered you club/organization, all of your athletes and non-athletes MUST be registered members in order to participate in all AAU Events.

7. If I registered my club/team for the AAU Club Level 3 Membership will we be able to accept donations as a Non Profit entity and is there some type of receipt that is acceptable to provide to those who donate? Yes. Our club Level 3 members will receive an official letter proving their 501c3 status and provide as proof to corporations for tax exempt contributions. They can make copies of the letter and provide the letter with a receipt to the donating entity.

8. Will the AAU membership insurance cover all our practices? Yes, provided that the practices are properly supervised by an adult.

9. Will the AAU Membership insurance cover all exhibition games against other AAU teams and does it matter if we are home or away? It will cover scrimmages. The key is whether or not a paid umpire is present, and if there is proper adult supervision. If paid umpires work the game, it is not a scrimmage and should therefore be sanctioned.

10. Does the AAU insurance cover exhibition games against Non-AAU programs if we travel to their fields our play at our field? What constitutes our home field? Could we play at a neutral field? See above #9 answer.

11. Does the AAU insurance cover all tournaments that we enter? The AAU extended benefit (AB) membership comes with insurance that will cover you in both AAU-sanctioned events and other organizations’ events.

12. If we host a game or tournament, should all teams that play be affiliated with AAU? Any time a club hosts an AAU event, they need to sanction the event and ensure all participating teams are members of the AAU.

13. If we host an AAU sanctioned tournament, will it be posted on the National AAU website? Does the AAU receive any additional fees and does our club receive all revenue minus tournament expenses to host an AAU Event? Yes,your event will be posted on the national website provided the event is properly sanctioned. Once sanctioned, upon your request it can be eblasted to the AAU membership in your district. There are no additional fees for this service; it is included in your sanction fee of $50/day up to a maximum of $350 if your event is more than seven days. So, for example, if you run a tournament on Saturday and Sunday for 4 age divisions and 100 teams attend, your total fee due to the AAU is $100. You keep 100% of the remainder. There is no per-team fee, no fee for e-blasting, and no fee for listing it on the AAU national website or the district website. It’s the best deal going!

14. Does the AAU help us contact other AAU programs or provide contact names, phone numbers, and email addresses? As for sanctioned events, we will e-blast from the National Offices. Otherwise, we do not provide contact information of any kind.

15. As an Non-Member, can I use the AAU logo or name to promote my team/club/organization/independent league in order to attract teams and players? No, contact your District Director to discuss the benefits of becoming a member of The Real AAU.