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13th Annual Golf Outing April 29 2013

You have reached the former home for MBSA - The Manalapan Baseball and softball Association.  


Please update your links and visit our new site at:



Welcome to the home of The Manalapan Baseball and Softball Association


We are currently celebrating our 50th anniversary of bringing the great games of baseball and softball to the youth of Manalapan and Englishtown!! Every year we have approximately 1000 players swinging bats, throwing & catching balls, making new friends, seeing old friends and keeping Legion Field and The Manalapan Rec filled with our neighbors enjoying our national pastime. We are proud of the tradition MBSA continues each year and will work hard to make sure it endures well into the future for our neighborhoods. MBSA is working extremely hard to continue bringing our town the very best youth baseball and softball experience possible and have some very exciting things in store for the coming year.  


MBSA is chartered under Little League Inc. of Williamsport, P.A., Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken of Trenton, NJ, and Little League Inc. Softball and is subject to all rules and regulations contained in their Official Rule Books.
















  v Registering On-line is Simple      v      


1.  Select ON-LINE REGISTRATION from the menu to the left

2.  Enter your login credentials from previous seasons or create a new account.

if you've forgotten your credentials you may email and they will be forwarded to you.

3.  Once logged into the system, select REGISTER ME NOW and follow the prompts.


Payment can be made with a major credit card (visa, mastercard, Discover) or eCheck





















Upcoming Travel Events


The 8U braves will be hosting a fundraiser at The Max of Manalapan on 3/1 at 8 AM.  $10 to work out and it’s only for 45 mins to 1 hour. Please wear appropriate gym attire. 

Manalapan Baseball and Softball Association's new



Interested candidates must attend a 2-session clinic.  Upon completion of the clinic umpires will be assigned to games in our 9 year-old Pony division.  The junior umpires will be subject to adult supervision and will be paid for their efforts.  Umpires will be scheduled on a First-Come First-Served basis.

Limited spots are available.  Click Here to Register

For more info contact


Program is available to all kids aged 13 and Over




February 23 from 11-1PM


  at Legion Field  


    SESSION 2 - Field Work    

Date and Time TBA  






March 15th & 16th




Don’t miss MBSA’s 2nd annual Meet Your Manager Day.  All Managers and Coaches from T-Ball up through the 9 year-old Pony Division will be on hand to introduce themselves and answer any questions you might have on the coming season. 


  • Get Advice on Equipment Purchases
  • Meet your new Teammates


MBSA Presents


Ages 5-8 and Softball




20% off all in-store merchindise




at Sports Authority

55 Route 9 South Manalapan, NJ

(732) 625-8111




Also around town....

The Manalapan High School Coaching Clinic led by Coach Brian Boyce will be offering the following clinics in coming weeks....


Braves Pre-Season Baseball Clinic -  TAKE YOUR LEAD AND GET A GREAT JUMP ON THE SEASON.  This clinic will get kids 8-13 ready for the coming season.  

Gain a better understanding of the game through:

  • High intensity Fielding Drills
  • Swing Analysis
  • Pitching Mechanics
  • Increased Baseball IQ

The cost for the clinic is $50.  All skill Levels are Welcome.   

DAY 1 - March 3   4:45-7PM  MHS Gymnasium

DAY 2 - March 4   4:45-7PM  MHS Gymnasium


Coaches Clinic - This comprehensive clinic, offerred by Brian Boyce and the Manalapan High School Coaching Staff, demonstrates to volunteer baseball coaches the best ways to teach the games fundamentals to youngters.  Whether new to coaching or with years of experience, this clinic will provide insights and efficiencies that will have profound impact on how you run your team practices.

The clinic will prove a treasure trove of valuable info including drills that address:  Hitting, Infield Play, Outfield Play, Baserunning, Catching, warm up and conditioning, and much more...

March 1  Noon - 2:00PM at MHS Gymnasium 


 Click Here to Download Registration Brochure

  For More information on the clinics email Coach Boyce

This information is provided for informational purposes only.  These clinics are conducted by the Manalapan HS Coaching staff, not the MBSA.










Registration revenue alone does not come close to covering all the expenses related to running a youth baseball league like MBSA.  Our Sponsors play a critical role in helping us close this revenue gap.  In addition, Sponsor support allows us to provide access to an invaluable character-forming program for families who could not otherwise afford to participate.

  • MBSA is operated entirely by volunteers.  100% of your donation goes directly to the league!
  • We promote our sponsors to hundreds of families, which builds exposure for your business.


 For More Information Email:

  • Banners displayed on outfield wall at American Legion Field in Englishtown
  • Banners are 4X8 Vinyl and Full Color
  • Each banner comes with a rotating banner on our website for only $25 more

Banner Price List

New Sign     $300  (includes 1 year)


1 Year$250

2 Years$400

3 Years$500 








To Download a Sponsorship Info Sheet in PDF Format Click Here










 Fancy yourself a Baseball professor?  A Rules Savant?

Think there's more baseball knowledge in that left pinky of yours than last Saturday's ump?  It's time to see what you really do know.  Every few days in this spot you'll find a new scenario that tests your command of even the most arcane baseball rules.   If you think you know the answer, send me an email.  If you are correct and you hurry, you can have your genius broadcast to the world.

The first 5 people to email the correct answer to will have their name and answer gloriously emblazoned on this site for all to see and revere.  And no googling either.  This challange is to test your knowldge of baseball rules, not search engines.  







February 10.  Come on guys, I wanna post some new names up here.  Lets see your baseball smarts...  

With the bases loaded and 2 outs the batter walks.  The catcher throws to the first baseman, but the ball gets by him to right field.  All the runners score with the batter reaching 2B.   The defense appeals that the batter-runner missed first.  The umpire agrees and calls him out.  How many runs score?










Previous Weeks Questions

Question 3:   If the base coach slaps hands with a runner as he passes while the ball is alive, is the runner out?
No.  This is a judgement call.  If the base coach, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists that runner in returning to or leaving the base, the runner is out. Merely a hand slap or pat on the back is not grounds for an out.  Rule 7.09(I).
Question 2:   The shortstop has the ball much too far from the runner advancing from 2nd base to tag him.  The runner zig-zags 6 feet to each side of the baseline as he retreats to second.  Is he out for running out of the baseline?

Wow.  You guys really struggled with this one. Congratulations to Greg Guarneri who was the only one to get the correct answer.  Rule 7.08(a)(1) applies at the time the runner moves out of the baseline "to avoid a tag", not before.  The key here is that if the runner is not directly avoiding a tag he may take whatever route he wishes including all the way to the outfield wall.  








Correct Submissions
The batter is entitled to first base.  A pitch is a ball delviered to the batter by the pitcher.  It doesn't have to be in-flight to be a pitch.  The batter can hit a ball off the ground and it is a legal hit.  The ball is dead when it hits the batter.  The batter is awarde first.  Rule 2.00 Pitch, 5.09(a), 6.08(b).

Lucas Ayers

Anthony Ghibesi

Brian Graime

Jeff Laxer

Walter Karczewski











Rutgers SAFETY Certification  
   New Session Added  

The next Rutgers SAFETY course will be held on:

Monday, November 25, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. 

  Class will be held in the Court Room located within the Municipal Building at 120 Route 522


Any coach needing to have their picture taken for their ID card will have the opportunity following the clinic.

If you are interested in attending you may call 732-446-8355



REMEMBER: All Managers and Coaches are required to have their Rutgers badges on their person and visibly displayed at all times while on the fields.  This holds for both the Rec and all school fields.  

Spot checks by Rec and MBSA personel will be conducted throughout the season.  Any Manager or Coach not in compliance will be asked to leave the field immediately.  No warnings will be given.  



November 3, 2013



When coaching players ages 9 to 12, it's always a good idea to begin each season by reinforcing a few fundamental skills.Players will be joining your team with different levels of baseball experience and it's important to make sure each player understands basic skills such as throwing and catching before trying to teach them anything more advanced. Because most kids are playing multiple sports at this age, going to back to the basics will help to re-focus their attention on the upcoming season.

The level of detail you present to your team will be dependent on the age you are coaching.  For younger players, basics like keeping the ball up with the elbow at the same height of the shoulder and making certain the players knee, hip, and shoulder are pointing to the target should suffice, where with older kids the more subtle components of throwing like grip and wrist action should be emphasized.  

Remember, when it comes to throwing a baseball, repetition is key. Give each player plenty of repetitions and be sure to continually emphasize balance, direction and follow-through. 





The best way to grip the ball is across the seams as pictured above. The fingers are placed over the top of the seams to provide a good grip on the ball. In the first picture you'll notice that you can see 2 seams running horizontally. The back of the ball not visible will also have 2 seams running horizontally. By gripping the ball in this fashion, those 4 seams will help to keep the ball in the air longer and keep the ball traveling straighter (assuming the player can throw it with 12-6 rotation).

Keep Reading












 BASEBALL                   SOFTBALL 





















 Click for District 19 Tournament Info









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