Last Updated: April 19, 2015
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  • Serving the Youth of Middle Country Since 1960
Opening Day
7 Days
Picture Day Sunday May 3rd 2015
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"It's All for the Kids"!!

Middle Country Youth Association

Opening Day Ceremony

Will be held Sunday, April 26, 2015 at Unity Drive School

Free Breakfast will be served starting at 9 am.

(Assorted Danish, rolls, buttered bagels, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice boxes)

Managers should be there around 8:00 for set-up


The ceremony will begin at 10 am Sharp!

“All Teams are required to attend in full uniform!”

All teams announced!

    Celebrate the Spring of 2015 with entire Middle Country Baseball family and friends! 



Last Chance to Register *Few Spots Open* 

Jr Babes & Farms Division is Closed

 Register HERE TODAY for 2015 Online !

You should have heard from your coaches  practices are starting










 Picture Day Registration is now online!

All parents please take a minute to register for Picture Day online now!

No more long forms to fill out...Take your time and pick your package.
Click the link below and you're ready to register   


Questions? Visit Sportography

All of families of Middle Country Youth Association would like to thank our largest and primary sponsor for their generous support of our kid's and the league!

Our Opening Day and Award's Day would not be possible without out their support!

Thanks to.....


Upcoming Games

Monday,  Apr 20
Diamondbacks @ Marlins 5:30pm Smith 3
Friday,  Apr 24
Marlins @ MC Yankees 5:30pm Smith 3
MC Mets @ Diamondbacks 5:30pm Smith 4
Sunday,  Apr 26
Tee Ball
Yankees @ Cubs 12:00pm Unity 4
Pirates @ Dodgers 12:00pm Unity 5
Tigers @ Giants 12:00pm Unity 6
Marlins @ Nationals 12:00pm Unity 7
Yankees @ Mets 2:30pm Unity 4
Pirates @ Tigers 2:30pm Unity 5
Dodgers @ Marlins 2:30pm Unity 6
Dodgers @ Giants 12:00pm Unity 3
Yankees @ Mets 2:30pm Unity 3
Monday,  Apr 27
MC Yankees @ Diamondbacks 5:30pm Smith 3
Marlins @ MC Mets 5:30pm Smith 4
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Mets @ Dodgers 5:30pm Oxhead 2
Giants @ Yankees 5:30pm Oxhead 3
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Tee Ball
Mets @ Yankees 5:30pm Unity 4
Cubs @ Dodgers 5:30pm Unity 5
Giants @ Nationals 5:30pm Unity 6
Tigers @ Marlins 5:30pm Unity 7
Thursday,  Apr 30
Mets @ Dodgers 5:30pm Unity 4
Pirates @ Yankees 5:30pm Unity 5
Tigers @ Marlins 5:30pm Unity 7
Giants @ Mets 5:30pm Holbrook 1
Yankees @ Dodgers 5:30pm Unity 3
Friday,  May 1
Tee Ball
Yankees @ Pirates 5:30pm Unity 4
Nationals @ Cubs 5:30pm Unity 5
Dodgers @ Marlins 5:30pm Unity 6
Giants @ Mets 5:30pm Unity 7
Marlins @ Diamondbacks 5:30pm Smith 3
MC Mets @ MC Yankees 5:30pm Smith 4
Monday,  May 4
Tee Ball
Tigers @ Yankees 5:30pm Unity 4
Mets @ Dodgers 5:30pm Unity 5
Marlins @ Cubs 5:30pm Unity 6
Nationals @ Pirates 5:30pm Unity 7
MC Yankees @ Marlins 6:00pm Smith 3
Diamondbacks @ MC Mets 6:00pm Smith 4
Tuesday,  May 5
Dodgers @ Pirates 5:30pm Unity 4
Marlins @ Mets 5:30pm Unity 6
Yankees @ Tigers 5:30pm Unity 7
Giants @ Dodgers 5:30pm Oxhead 2
Mets @ Yankees 5:30pm Oxhead 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!